True Abundance in Hands of the Right People

AbundanceSpiritualThese Messages came in a Full Moon/Eclipse Transmission.

This year for my birthday I received a very precious Gift: a Nautilus. It came from the depths of the Ocean and it has profound messages for the entire humanity.


One of the Nautilus chambers was being activated for all of us. The chamber is the abundance and prosperity chamber.

The Truth about abundance wants to surface. We need to change our perspective and stop supporting the big corporations based on greed and profit only. We need to start supporting business based on heart and truth and true service. So the message was to shift perspective.
We will survive as human species if we know in our hearts that true abundance is a natural state and that there is enough and more than enough for everyone on this planet.
Big corporations create lack, limitations. We need to start growing our own food and share with others. Plant organic gardens, support local farmers, support creative people and cook from the scratch with good real healthy ingredients.
“I am the TRUE Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth” – The Nautilus said.
This way we shift on redistribution from the corporate greed and dirty deeds to small mama and papa businesses, people who work in integrity with heart and Spirit, with righteousness. It is already happening, and we need to keep the momentum going.
Mantra that came in this transmission:
“SatChitananada” which translates to “Truth, Consciousness and Bliss”. These are three main energies that we need to be aware and stay present with on our journey.
Work and be passionate about your work. And Yes! Work is important, part of evolution.
Serve others, do SEVA work.
Find your passion and follow it.
Put yourself out there and offer your gifts to the world.
Meditate on abundance, go within and feel your abundant Spirit.
Team up with others who have the same passion, integrity and Spirit.
Get really busy with what you LOVE to do.
Do it for free first being willing to pay your dues in the Cosmic Arena at first. This way you gain confidence.Then start using exchange energy in a form of money for now for your goods that you create and services you offer to others.
Educate, educate, educate yourself.
Be happy! Abundance and Happiness are closely interrelated.
After all your hard work, leave ALL to Spirit.
Lilly Natures Blessings
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