Peacock Totem Spirit Animal

PeacockWhiteTotem animals represent the sub-conscious mind, giving the information about the energy held.
Any living creature (including trees or plants) can serve as a spirit animal.

Each and everyone of these beautiful powerful animals have medicine powers and knowledge to share in order to learn, grow and expand your consciousness.


If you are reading this you are blessed with the magic of the peacock totem.
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Close your eyes and tune into the power of this glowing peacock and feel its vibration attuning you.

The peacock totem came to me in a vision during a full moon transmission. The visual that I had a time was of very beautiful radiating white bird, assisting us on our journey.


Beauty: within and without

The peacock energy like anything else has a positive aspect and negative one.

Be mindful and don’t step into pride and arrogance, but instead step into your wisdom with dignity and honor.

Peacock reminds us of our hidden beauty that wants to surface. Your qualities, gifts and talents are inborn gifts and your imperfections make you unique and beautiful.  Use imperfections to your advantage.

The peahen is not as beautiful as the peacock, but close your eyes for a moment and visualize its inside beauty. Without the hen there will be no beauty of the peacock.  Treat others with respect and see their inner beauty.

In order to look for beauty in your life, look within and you will see beauty in the world.


Self Esteem ~ Love Yourself

Peacock helps to reclaim your powers and rejuvenate your self esteem.

This animal totem teaches us how to love ourselves.  Whenever I help people with spiritual counseling or talk about self love I am surprised to see a large number of people resisting self love. This might come from a hidden belief system rooted perhaps in previous lives.

Self love is NOT being narcissistic.
Narcissism comes from fear of failure, insecurity, inadequacy. The focus is on the self, and although it is perceived as self love it is not.  It is a false idea of self love, it has to do with vanity. It comes from ego, wanting to be the best without caring about anyone or anything.
Self Love is closely related to self esteem.

Self Love is feeling good about yourself without being vain.  It is about understanding of the self with kindness, appreciation, compassion, gratitude.

Trust yourself and be confident. As long as you don’t harm anyone and treat everyone including yourself with kindness, don’t be afraid to shine your gifts and share them with the world.   If you feel a slightly jealousy towards others think about why you feel that way. You might want to change and celebrate others because if you do so you will invite same energies.


Choose to ACT

If you find you don’t want to be involved with others and community, the peacock has a message for you: “shine, instead of shying away from situations and people”. You are not a victim; share your gifts and talents with the world. If you hide and choose not to be part of what’s happening in your life, in your community, in your world, you let others choose for you. This is not empowering. You have a voice, you have a gift. Use it. Use it with grace, passion and wisdom.



Whenever the peacock totem visits, it is an invite to take charge of own life and step into your leadership. Be the leader in your field. Inspire yourself and inspire others. Leaders lead by example, bosses tell you what to do.

Peacock teaches us to be happy in own skin and shed any guilt we have about who we truly are. Remove masks and be authentic.  Don’t be afraid to be YOU, to dance, sing, express yourself and wear nice colors even if others might seem to be intrigued by your behavior.  Raise your vibrations so others will get inspired and do the same.  Get noticed!


As a leader you might take some risks when you speak your mind. Some people will criticize or judge you. Remember if you are in integrity with yourself and others, if you are honoring others then criticisms and judgment is not about you, is about them. All you can do let people be.  Sooner or later they will have to learn their own lessons in their own time.  Don’t take things personally and move on fast, without dwelling in the low energy vibrations as it slows you down from your own journey.
Don’t hold back, let your heart and creativity be known. It is time for you to shine and radiate your powers and beauty in the world. Be yourself.  The fake Hollywood is slowly started to fade and loses fans because people are headed towards authenticity, transparency and truthfulness…


Healer, shamanic gifts

Peacock as a power animal can get insights into the past lives and the karmic connection to this life. It also symbolizes inner wisdom.

In Shamanic rituals peacock feathers are used for healing, in particular removing energetic pollution from aura. They are believed to have protective powers. If you have peacock feathers, use them to cleanse your aura, if not just imagine peacock feathers over your energy field dusting off any psychic pollution in your aura.



Peacock can be a protector and a guardian. Work and ask the peacock to warn you ahead about any troubles or dangers. Ask to lend you powers to find the truth and discern in any situation that needs clarification.


There is a great spirit within you. There is an artist within you, a shaman, a healer, a poet, ready to emerge from within and show the world your gifts and talents so you can inspire others.

Allow the Spirit of Peacock to grow within you.


Lilly Natures Blessings
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18 Responses to Peacock Totem Spirit Animal

  1. Lindsey H. says:

    I’ve always wondered what my spirit animal would be. From what this article says, I’ve been blessed with the peacock totem and I must say, it was pretty parallel to the type of person that I am or at least who I want to be. How do spirit animals really work? Can you have multiple?

  2. Alicia says:

    Thank you so much for the peacock article. I really needed that. Love you Lilly _/\_, Alicia H

  3. Felicia Shannon says:

    Having crossed the paths of two peacocks in two days, I felt that a message was being passed on. Thank you Lilly, this rings so true of where I’m now right now.
    Namaste 🙂

  4. pramod says:

    great work keep it up

  5. pramod says:

    i get a lot of messages from unseen. numbrs, places ,names, animals.birds, gopds, psalmms, nuslim surah, hindu stotras, etc. today i dreamty of lot of beetroots in market i9 go for buying beet root.

  6. pramod says:

    peacock feather

  7. Paula says:

    Thanks for this beautiful article. Since a couple of months I see peacocks everywhere 🙂

  8. Girish osho says:

    for valuable knowledge of jhara.
    plesae ,if. posible send me more. information about jhara with peacock feathers and oblige.

  9. carmella says:

    I saw a peahen hit by a car yesterday. She was still alive when I pick her up of the street. I sat with her til she died. She was struck so hard it knocked the eggs out of her :'( what does this portend?

    • Lilly says:

      although that was a sad event, it was so beautiful of you to sit there with her till her passing.
      It was a powerful exchange of energy between both of you, as well as karmic closure.
      Be observant to peacock totem traits. ~ Blessings

  10. Mariama says:

    Thank you for your help.

  11. Marjorie says:

    Thank you, for your beautiful insights. The Peacock is my Spirit Animal Guide, so I have learned through a numerology reading. I have read many different descriptions of Peacock as ones Sprit Animal Guide, yours seemed to really resonate with me. Thank you!

  12. Tammy says:

    With gratitude for you, your service to others and this wonderful guidance. On the Summer Solstice, for a spiritual event, I was strongly guided to wear a beautiful peacock shirt, I had not worn for years…. now I understand why.

  13. Rhoni says:

    A peacock crown appeared in a dream I’ve been researching peacock energy in an attempt to get clarity your article has helped. Infinitely grateful🕉

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