Spiritual Awakening, Symptoms and Solar Flares


Spiritual AWAKENING is a HOT subject these days.


Solar activity has been intensified since summer 2012.
There is a very close connection between solar flares
and spiritual awakening also known as the Shift.
These energies are a blessing in disguise. 
Although at times is hard to deal with the intensity of these energies,
the beauty is that we know when they are being intensified and
work with them instead of resisting them.  
Also we can be of help and guidance for others, once we have an understanding
about what’s going on.  
These energies open our psychic centers (chakras); help us resolve issues from
the past so we can heal and move forward on our journey.

Understand we are detoxing a lot of junk: physical junk as well as psychic junk.

Some people feel dizzy, nauseated, heart palpitations, pain and body aching, ringing in the ears, surges of energy in the body, visual disturbances . Some have hard time sleeping, shifting between happy to sad/depressed moods. Some are very tired while others are super energized.
I even heard of people fainting.
Sometimes when the flares are very strong if I close my eyes the entire world spins around.  
It is such a struggle at times, and I know so many go through these symptoms.  Hang in there if you also feel this intensely. You are not alone.


How to deal with the intense solar flares:

Make Peace with the Sun and Leo
When the planet Leo makes its presence, in a zodiacal chart, make peace with it.
Meditation on the energy of Leo as it is the Sun ruling planet.

Wake up in the morning and salute the sun. 
Do the same for sun set. These times are very potent.
Ask the Sun to lend its power to you to make the ascension easy.

Yoga Sun Salutation or any physical activity is great to strengthen your body.

If you feel tired, rest.


Pyrite and Orgone
Personally I wear an orgone pendant and a pyrite bracelet to ease the electromagnetic shift that is happening right now.  It helps a lot. All orgone pendants I create now have pyrite.  Last year before Dec 21, 2012 I received a message from Spirit to use pyrite in all orgone creations that I am making.
It is a stone of positive vibration and protects on all levels.  What orgone does it magnifies its effects, so it becomes like a power house generator of protection positive healing energy.
Chant/Recite mantras

Gayatri Mantra


This mantra is a universal prayer, one of the most ancient ones.
It is Vedic prayer to illuminate the intelligence.  It helps heal the physical and subtle bodies. It is a meditation and prayer at the same time on the Divine Light.

Face the Sun when you recite/chant this mantra.
In my free Ebook I share more about Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
and the connection with chakras.
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When is hard to meditate on my own I use guided meditations.
This is one of the very reasons I have started to create meditations and offer them. I knew how hard it was to just sit quietly when I was in pain and tried to meditate. 
Guided meditations put me in that clear state of mind so I can go through the day when the shift days are intense. 
It is not happening as much as it was in 2012 but when it happens it’s good to have a tool in handy.


Wear Gold and yellow colors.


Drink LOTS of good water with lemon.

Here is my favorite drink:

Water (alkaline)
Lemon, Cucumber, Mint, Basil (all organic).
Add a teaspoon of chia seeds as they are good for hydration.


Eat Yellow fruits and ORGANIC CORN.
More than 90% of corn on the market in the US is genetically modified which is BAD!
Do your homework and research GMO.


A powerful yogic technique to cool the heat in the body

Make a small “O” with your mouth, (slightly opened) and inhale – you should hear a whistle sound and then exhale forcefully through your mouth. Keep doing this for a few good minutes and notice the fast results. If you want to add a mudra (hands gesture) hands should be shoulder level facing each other with thumb and index touching.


Troubles sleeping or sleeping too much

When the solar activity is in full force many have problems sleeping.
What helps my husband and I greatly are the feet chakra balancers. My husband wears them religiously and he sleeps very well. I have to admit, although these are absolutely amazing tools, I prefer not to use them every night. But when I need a good nite sleep, as soon as I put them on I am already snoring… It is absolutely amazing how many times I have done this with the exact same effect.  Strongly suggest them if you have trouble sleeping.

Sleep as much as you need if you are tired.
Your body needs to recover from intense purging and healing.


Laugh, Smile, Feel Good

This way you raise your vibes. Sometimes is hard to do this. Fake it until you make it… 🙂

Wishing you Peace and an Easy Shift,


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  1. Tracy Uphold says:

    Well this definitely explains a lot!!! Thought I was the only one feeling a little “off” for no apparent “physical” reason. <3
    Thank you.

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