Affirmations: do they work or not?

Did you know that average person’s thoughts are 80% negative???

This is one of the reasons some people say affirmations do not work. I have heard it over and over again.
I mean just think about how we came into this world. Most of us suffered and went through a lot of trauma at birth. Don’t you think the body remembers that?
We are energy and the body stores all kind of memories, in particular negative ones.
If it’s too much negativity stored the body gets sick and Connection with Spirit is lost when we dwell in negativity.
We have a duty to change if we want to live a happy joyful life. Nobody can make the choice but you! No one can make you happy buy you! The Power is within.
Affirmations do work!
There is no such a quick fix. It takes a lot of patience and practice to change from a negative state of mind to a positive one. The brain or mind if you will takes quite some time to be recalibrated to how you want it to be. Some would say you need 21 days for recalibration, some would say a month, some a year. I think it all depends at where you are in your life right now.

In order to capture inspiring thoughts and stay in high vibrations you have to stay in that vibration constantly. Some might take longer than others to sink in, some might work immediately! Just keep digging! Most of the people tried for a couple of days and completely gave up and then scream out loud affirmations do not work! It takes work people! It does!
When I deal with negative and traumatic issues in my clients, I always suggest to STOP watching the News. There is way too little positivity to be found in the “News”!
I tell them to create their own News that is positive and just quit watching TV for a while to get their brain recalibrated. Instead I ask them to rent comedies or watch funny youtube videos and Listen to uplifting songs! Then it is much easier to work with their affirmations.
Also try to avoid as much as possible people that are negative who try to involve you in their drama, gossip and negative vibrations. If you keep staying in a high vibrational state you will notice that these negative people will choose not to be around you any longer or choose to change themselves which is amazing, because when you work on yourself you can also help others change!
Affirmations cannot be repeated robotically and expect results! NO! You gotta believe in what you are saying, you gotta feel it in your bones and blood.
Choose affirmations that work for you, make your own.
To affirm means to “state positively, confirm”
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