How to open your Crown Center to connect with The Divine


The following Messages were brought forth during a Full Moon Transmission.

Angels want us to know that we are sacred and we have to start creating and working on our sacred relations, sacred union, partnership, healthy relations that support our growth. We are never alone on our path/journey.
It is time for us beautiful souls to reunite with others from the same soul family, co-create our destiny and help make this world the best world that have ever existed.  Our ancestors are proud of us, our unborn are also proud, we just have to let our light shine brilliantly so others can see it and be inspired to do the same. We are the ones that we have been waiting for! It is TIME!
Say no to Drama, it is very toxic. It is super easy to blame, criticize or be sucked into drama if you are not centered.
Take time and sit down quietly with yourself and Ask Spirit to sit with you. Angels are always present they need a sign from you: Sing a song, dance, make an offering, burn incense, buy flowers, smile. Angels connect with us when our energies are vibrant, joyful and happy.

“Radiate from the heart”

‘Radiance’ was the keyword for the entire moon transmission which was guided by a high hierarchy of angels. Repeat this word out loud or in your mind to connect with the Divine Spark within.

Back of the heart opening
During moon transmission I felt the back of my heart radiating the highest loving energy.  Angels mentioned to make it a daily practice: focus on the back of the heart with LOVE… It will help activate your heart fully and also open the crown chakra to receive direct insightful information from the SOURCE.
There are many ways our Source connection can be blocked (toxins from food and our liquids intake, air pollution due to chemtrails, smog, toxic thoughts can block our energy centers). However Angels mentioned if you open not only the front of heart chakra but also the back of this energetic center we can lessen the negativity created by toxins and open the crown chakra to receive Divine insight.

The feelings that I had during the transmission was overwhelmingly beautiful, it is such a humble feeling to be in the presence of Angels.
My wish is that you connect with the Angelic Realms, open your spiritual heart and find your inner call.



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