8 minutes cosmic consciousness – Dec 21, 2012

Cannot stress enough the magnitude of this cosmic event that is happening.  All of us have been preparing for this event for many many many lifetimes.
Venus, Sun and Earth will be all in alignment.

For the ones that are consciously aware, the experience of this fabulous Cosmic Moment will mean everything, for those who are less aware consciously; Dec 21, 2012 will probably mean nothing.  An amazing influx of light will be happening, but each and every one of us will experience it differently, yet at super conscious levels will be the same… because “The One is All, and the All is One”

There will be a window of 8 minutes of cosmic consciousness coming to Earth which technology is trying to harness really hard…  We humans have the potential to harness it better than technology as our bodies are true miracles. Be present to harness this powerful ray of cosmic consciousness a unique opportunity.

Elders ask us to spend time in ceremony in nature for at least 8 minutes at noon (4 minutes before, 4 minutes after). Make sure you get out of buildings, out of concrete structure, touch the earth, be with family and people you love, meditate, pray, drum, sing, chant, dance, and celebrate!! Also spend time in celebration for the next two days: Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd.

We are totally entering into a new stage of consciousness – “the golden age”. However do not be disheartened or discouraged if the next day, Dec 22 everything will look the same.
Do not judge or blame your brothers and sisters that are unconscious, unaware, or still asleep.  We all have an agreement before we came into this lifetime, we all volunteered to be in this body in this particular cosmic moment in time.  When we raise our vibrations, others will raise them too because of the law of resonance which says that you will attract into your life what is based on the resonance/frequency of the energy that you are in.
And because some of us are aware and awakened is because of seeing the big picture: that we are not separated, that we are one, that we are truth, that we are love.  Our agreement when we came into this body was to experience the darkness of pain and suffering of humanity. We have chosen this in order to rise above this dense vibration and lift ourselves quickly and with our uplifting we help others lift.
In order not to feel too much pain that is happening to us we closed our heart center. That results in closing and blocking the feminine energies. Now because of the shift energies and infusion of feminine energies coming to our planet, we are being helped by divine beings, and angelic realms. The spiritual side of us awakens; hence the heart awakens so the connection with our higher self and divine Presence is being reestablished.
Physical body is not the only reality. We are awakening to see more than just physicality; we are awakening to remembering that we are also spiritual beings.
No one will be left behind: our souls agreed long time ago. Everyone is going to make it through this shift of the ages, thank to the powerful light energy workers around the world and cosmos.  For some it will be hard, for some easier. It depends on our contracts and agreements before we came in this physical form. However we all agreed to embody to this present moment in time to help raise vibration of Earth and Cosmos. It is a true honor to have been chosen to be in human form in this magnificent moment in time.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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4 Responses to 8 minutes cosmic consciousness – Dec 21, 2012

  1. Brother Sun says:

    Just watched a video of a native Mayan explaining that the 8 minutes will be in the exact middle of the 3 day period (21-23) so that means that it would be 4 min before and after noon on the 22nd, no? Well, for that matter, which time zone? 😉

  2. Elisa says:

    Hi Lilly,

    This was amazing. I did it. And the Universe gave me a present right at noon.


    Thank you, Lilly!!! 😀

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