Sophia Frequency and the Andromedans Concerning Earth



No secret: we are in a spiral of continuous shifting.
The next layer of shifting in human consciousness surfaces out of separation/division of worlds.
Wisdom comes from understanding and mastering duality.
From Duality consciousness evolves and healing happens.

Many of you know about my passion of traveling to sacred locations.
(watch video below)

This summer Spirit guided me to Bulgaria in the old town of Nessebar.
We got there in the afternoon.
There were still tourists visiting the old town so we chose to have dinner overlooking the beautiful black sea.

After the crowds dissipated I started the sacred scouting.
We found the ruins of what looked like a very ancient church.

I felt like a kid: so excited to have discovered a mysterious place that emanated spiritual power.
I was like: what is this??!!!

I heard some giggles and followed the giggles.
There were kids playing and taking “selfies” where the altar once was.

Suddenly I felt heat and I thought there must be a steam bath or hot spring around.
I climbed the stairs of the altar, curiously looking for where the heat was coming from.
As I was approaching the main altar the heat was increasing.
I was really expecting to see hot springs. I could swear that there were hot springs. I touched the stones and they were emanating heat.
I felt heat all over my body.

So much Energy in the form of fire element!

Spirit warns us about the element of fire.
We need the balance the fire; if we don’t know how to handle it we either get ‘burned out’ or have a ‘heat stroke’.

The church is located at the center of the ancient city and it is a strong vortex of energy.
Vortexes of energy speak to us in profound ways.

I was called to this place to discover the ancient knowledge that wanted to surface during these times and share it.

As I was tuning into this vortex I looked around and saw two women who were touching the stones. They were so graceful or at least their energy read grace that I thought they were ancient Goddesses .
I realized I was not alone. We are never alone. More sisters are called to spread the sacred message of Sophia.
Sensitives and Earth Angels are called to bring back humanity into balance.

There is division between male and female, left and right, yin and yang.

Women need to work on bringing back common sense and balance through wisdom and harmony not by channeling anger.

Anger has its place because anger makes things move around, but anger can be destructive when becomes excessive.

We have to tap into the wisdom of Sophia to channel strength through compassion and wisdom. We need heart and mind cooperating.
At first I didn’t know what this place was.
I usually get called by Spirit and later find out why the call.

As you leave the ruins there is some information about this place and I found out those were the ruins of St Hagia Sophia Church. Whoa!
Immediately my mind connected this place with Hagia Sophia in Turkey we visited a few years ago.
Sophia!!! The Goddess of Wisdom and Rebirth!

Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom!
This is exactly what humanity needs right now in order to ascend: Holy Wisdom!

Nessebar one of the oldest towns in Europe and holds the spirit of different ages – Thracians, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines and Bulgarians.

The heat I was experiencing got my attention because we are experiencing so much heat between masculine feminine.
It is a battle since ancient times that is taking place between both energies. And this is happening within us.

As I travel through the world I still see in the eastern countries the domination of patriarchy.
At the same time I see in the western society angry women propagating division and hatred towards men.

There are feminist programs out there that promote “the feminine”, we must be very careful not to fall out of balance by dominating or ruling man.
Sad but true. Fortunately there is an awakening happening to heal this division.

We are reminded to remain grounded and aligned with Gaia-Sophia, the divine being embodied as the Earth.

We are reminded about respect: a true wise woman who knows how to honor and respect a man and a man who knows how to honor and respect a woman. And it all comes down to respecting and honoring yourself first.
Humility is the highest form of wisdom.

Sophia is described as pure spirit, the wisdom of God, the feminine aspect of God.

Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant

It has been such a crazy ride since the presidential elections in the USA.
The dirty ego battle between the feminine and masculine is sort of insane.
It has been going on for eons, now it has come to the surface in order to heal and bring closure.

I say let the man be a man and let a woman be a woman. Equality yes, in the highest sense of the word.

Sophia teaches not to eat our truth by either remaining silent or getting angry out of control.

Instead tune into the heart, tune into your intuition, focus on solutions, find your compassion and operate from there.

The feminine pain is getting healed by going though and honoring the pain making sure we are not becoming the pain.
A wise woman will serve, will heal, will bring harmony and peace, and will embody compassion and grace.

It is time for the feminine to regain its true power.

Feminine was suppressed for so long. The only way to heal the feminine however is by being assertively compassionate and not angry out of control.

By being angry at men and preaching anger does not make us more spiritual as women.
We are all on our journey and it is the same journey of evolution and growing our wisdom. However we are at different levels.

We have to be very discerning.

Human society is controlled by a force that is non human.
The dark side knows how to manipulate, they use truth concepts such ONESS which is the universal truth but they use it to create the ONE world government to submit us into total control.
Feminists vs sexists, men vs women, gay vs straight and so on. It’s all a manipulative game.

Matriarchy is no better than patriarchy.

The answer is the marriage between the two which creates life, creates the ONE.
This kind of suppressed feminine energy is still present and trapped in many sacred locations of the world and needs women to free it.

The information needs to be brought to people and shared it with wisdom.

Like the prophecy of many native nations of the condor and eagle:

When the condor (feminine energy) and the Eagle (masculine energy) fly together freely in the sky there will be peace.

Our global consciousness is rising to new levels and although at times it seems like we are going nowhere, we are in fact growing towards the light…

The wise woman, the Sophia God Frequency knows how to calm the rage.

Woman of Peace take War from the world.

To you lioness of courage, Woman of grace and love this song is yours.

So during my visit to Nessebar I heard the words “Andromeda”, Jupiter, Sirius.

In fact the entire day I was just getting the word “Andromeda”.
The name of the restaurant we dined is Andromeda.
Andormedans are assisting humanity with Ascension on Earth.

I got some concerns from the Andromedans about our earth movement and shift due to crazy frequencies created by angry humans fighting each other.

Not all extraterrestrials have our best interest at heart and open contact with them requires discernment. No one can save us but us, we have to become responsible, work on ourselves, our introspection and spiritual evolution.

Taking a deep breath and allowing and understanding our so called “enemies”.

The dark forces that are behind the global control play humans against each other and manipulate us into division. Our duty is to forgive and understand one another.
Be more compassionate but at the same time be discerning so we don’t fall into their manipulative games.

Eyes wide open!

Planet Jupiter showed up on my journey so strongly as well so I want to share a few positive aspects of Jupiter with you.

Even if you know them say them out loud and own them, own the energy…

Luck, hope, faith, expansion, success, optimism, development, wisdom, sincerity, compassion, trust, confidence, generosity.

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Spirit Guides Messages ~ St. Barbara (Varvara)


We are not alone. We are connected to our spirit guides and soul tribes.
Higher dimensions are guiding, protecting, assisting.

Magnetic Storms bring upgrades to our bodies, particularly during full moons.

So this is what occurred during one of my spiritual outings on a Full Moon.

I usually send an intention before going on a spiritual journey and chose to wear one of my orgone pendants. That sets the spiritual mood/theme for the day.

This time I picked the Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant.
I love all my pendants and each and everyone holds a dear vibration to me that I need to tune into at a particular time.

My ‘orgones’ behave like spirit guides: taking me places, showing me paths that I need to take, lessons that I need to learn, people that I am supposed to connect with, healing vibes that I need to embrace.

Divine Goddess took me to this Church in Romania which is carved inside of a salt mine.
The saint patron of this church is St Varvara or Barbara.

St Barbara is the protector of the miners, underground workers.
Before building tunnels, construction workers set small shrines to Santa Barbara at the tunnel portals to invoke her protection.

Salt is being considered in many parts of the world the white gold of the Earth.
Salt is used for protection, vitality, longevity, abundance, purification, releasing unwanted energies. It is also known for anchoring spiritual energies.

Take a salt bath whenever you feel you need spiritual purification.

Entering the church I felt the gentle sweet divine feminine energy and remembered I was wearing the Divine Feminine around my neck.

The Icon of St Varvara emanated a very strong energy. The altar, icons and the entire church were vibrating high.

My friend and I were the only ones in the church enjoying its silence, peaceful and purifying energy.

I love to send my Moon Transmissions from Sacred Places, time permitting.
This time the Moon was Full in Virgo and I started sending healing vibes to my family, friends and the world.
If you are not familiar with my Moon Transmissions, check them out: I send healing vibes during Full and New Moons.

The prayers were intense. My hands were tingling; my heart was filled with so much peace and love. I felt goose bumps all over my body, up and down my spine.

The Spirit of St Barbara was present.
Energy feels very cleansing here.
After all we were inside Mother Earth’s womb where there is so much cleansing going on.
As I was taking a “selfie”, my friend was also taking a picture of me. As he was taking the picture he saw something strange moving in front of the camera.
I felt a warm sensation.

When I looked at the picture, I saw these lights forming a ‘mandala’ on my forehead: on the third eye, extending towards the crown chakra.
Someone said to me: “It’s your higher selfie Lilly”… 🙂

Regardless of the origin of the lights, to me this is a synchronistic event, a confirmation of communion with Spirit, in this case Saint Barbara’s Spirit.
St Barbara’s message during these transitional times is filled with grace and love.

She reminds us to stay true to our faith and believe in the higher power, to be gentle in a cruel world, to speak the words of truth and never give up on hope.

Mother Earth and Divine Feminine are speaking to our hearts assisting into moving into the 5th dimension.
We have the assistance of our guides and angels.

We are all part of the Divine. Accept that there is no separation.
Live in the vibration of love and harmony and you will attract goodness into your world.

If millions are aware enough to stay in the heart, the world will respond to prayers beautifully. What we see in our world is the result of our consciousness.
We are going through energies integration.

All the painful symptoms that we are experiencing are purging old energies. We are reaching new peaks of awareness, and we are receiving new downloads.
Pray and meditate to embrace your truth and become your true authentic self.

When we pray with passion and genuine heart, Spirit Guides are answering prayers and help us heal.

I was having a cold, stuffy nose and felt pressure in my head when I arrived to the church. I left healed.

I believe in miracles. Do you?
Santa Barbara is a healer and protector.

Have you experienced similar? I know some people did.
So what do you think? Share your spiritual experiences.

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A minister replied: “good question” when he was asked about feminine

The other day we had a friend over for lunch.
He is a minister and officiates wedding ceremonies based on Judeo Christianity.
He showed us some pictures from one of ceremonies he officiated and we asked him to recite us the prayer of wedding ceremony, which was very moving.
I noticed during his prayer he used the words ‘God’ and ‘Father’ quite a lot.
I asked out of curiosity if he sees God as male or female energy.
He answered “God is God, we cannot talk about gender when we talk about God”.
Then I asked about the word Father he was using in the prayer and asked if he referred to God.
He answered ‘Yes’.
Then I asked if he sees ‘Father’ as a masculine figure and if God is not associated with gender why he doesn’t use the word Mother in his prayer alongside the word Father.
My questions were asked out of sincere curiosity so I didn’t look for a challenge or an argument.
His answer was “good question”… and I made him think about…
So why am I sharing this?
The whole idea is not to create an argument but to think deeply and see what’s going on in the world.
In positions of so called ‘power’, like politics, religion or other systems, we still don’t see many women leaders. And I am not talking about women who are dressed in a man’s suit and wear a tie (this being a metaphor for women who are using mostly masculine energy). It’s about women who are well balanced in their feminine/masculine qualities.
I am glad I asked my friend these questions because I believe I planted a seed.
And from this seed fruits will grow.
It is our duty if we are aware of our masculine/feminine balance to first work on it, honor it and also share with others but not in a confrontational way, instead in a wise peaceful way.
Sacred Feminine is being reinstated alongside sacred masculine to create a beautiful peaceful world.
The time has come for humanity to recognize and develop the feminine side in order to accomplish balance between feminine and masculine.
Feminine side is extremely valuable to create peace in individual life as well as in the world.
During a spiritual ceremony in Peru with Shamans I got this strong message:
If we want peace in our lives we need to balance the feminine qualities with the masculine ones, the heart with the mind, yin and yang. Otherwise we tip the balance again in favor of femininity and feminism and we find ourselves in trouble. So we need equanimity and harmony with both aspects of ourselves.
Developing feminine qualities will help us on our evolution to bring balance in our lives.
And if you are reading this you are probably aware of this harmony of masculine/feminine and you have a sacred duty: to share it with the world and teach others about it.
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Prayer by Maya Angelou
“Father, Mother, God,
Thank you for your presence
during the hard and mean days.
For then we have you to lean upon.
Thank you for your presence
during the bright and sunny days,
for then we can share that which we have
with those who have less.
And thank you for your presence
during the Holy Days, for then we are able
to celebrate you and our families
and our friends.
For those who have no voice,
we ask you to speak.
For those who feel unworthy,
we ask you to pour your love out
in waterfalls of tenderness.
For those who live in pain,
we ask you to bathe them
in the river of your healing.
For those who are lonely, we ask
you to keep them company.
For those who are depressed,
we ask you to shower upon them
the light of hope.
Dear Creator, You, the borderless
sea of substance, we ask you to give to all the
world that which we need most—Peace.”
~Maya Angelou


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Shakti: The Fire of Passionate Feminine Creation


Have you heard of Shakti?

I am personally mesmerized and magnetized by this force!

Shakti is nothing else but the Goddess energy – that fiery energy, that passion, that Life Force which creates, that Sacred Sexuality, that Divine Goddess within.

There is shakti in every man and woman. However in some people the passion is hidden or even lost. That leads to depression and illness.
When this powerful force is unleashed we become Wild beyond pure bliss, we feel empowered and ready to Create instead of compete.
I like the way Deepak Chopra describes Shakti Energy

Shakti is cosmic passion, and whenever you feel passion for anything you are expressing Shakti through yourself.

Don’t let anyone steal your shakti!
Don’t let anyone to tell you how is to be done.
I say Step into your Power and let that light shine magnificently for the entire world to see who you are.
Say YES to expressing yourself freely and beautifully.
Listen to that fire within.
The fire of creation and destruction of stagnant and detrimental believes.

Yes it requires TONS of courage to remove the masks of fear and say YES to Passion.

Spirit sent you here, not only to read this, but also to get Empowered with the Magnificent Energy of Shakti.

Now that’s the heart passion my friend…
Close your eyes for a moment and focus on your heart.
Feel that fire igniting. Feel it burning within.
See the fire, feel the fire.
Connect with the fire.
Become the fire.

Stay in the “FIRE energy” for a few minutes…
When we have this fire going in our lives, we allow the heart to take lead and invite the soul to dance.
Fire is very healing. Yes it destroys. But it destroys the negatives in our bodies, minds and spirit.
When we lose our passion we stop leaving.
Nature takes us back where we belong. Go into the nature and celebrate your passion!
This passionate fire makes one move forward in spiritual evolution.
What I am about to share is funny.
I have a martial arts background and my passionate warrioress / shakti energy can be perceived as ‘quite strong’ by some people.
This happened while I was teaching a workshop on Psychic Awareness.
So during the workshop I shared a little bit about my martial arts background and how this great art helped me increase my Psychic Energy.
The very last part of the workshop I was doing some healing work on a few people while they were in a deep relaxing state. After the workshop some people came to me to share their experiences saying they loved the healing transmission at the end.
There was also a blushing woman who came to me very excited saying that not only she loved it but she was absolutely puzzled.
At first she said she imagined me approaching her with a very strong fiery shakti /warrior energy waiting for a “martial arts energetic kick” but when I touched her feet she melted in an instant.
She said the touch was incredible soft, Angels’ feathers softness, ‘melting butter’ soft.
We laughed and gave credit and honored the Shakti Energy that run through both of us during the transmission.

Shakti Energy is the creative life passionate force that when it is cultivated it can touch ones heart with such gentleness that it ‘melts like butter’ 🙂

Shiv Shakti … Goddess of Power and Divine Energy.’


Everyone channels Spirit when insanely connected with Inner Passion…

So what is your Shakti whispering to you?
Leave a comment.
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Spiritual monthly Flow: Cycle aligned with New Moon or Full Moon?

WomanMoon1Each of any of the moon phases has a specific quality and an energetic level.
Women have DEEP connection with the moon.
In my spiritual practice I noticed that every time there is a very powerful Cosmic event my moon cycle will do whatever it takes to align with this powerful event.
This time my monthly flow waited for the New Moon (in Aquarius) where I felt there was a battle between the dark and the light/ good and evil.
Usually the energies of the Full Moon are more intense where New Moons are more subtle energy wise.
However sometimes New Moons can be very powerful and felt more profound.
As my lunar cycle was late, (3 weeks) I asked Spirit what could be the reason, as I knew I was not pregnant. I have had a different experience (very powerful) in Summer of 2012 where Venus Planet was making big waves in the Cosmic arena, so a lot of women were impregnated with the Spirit and in particular with the idea of giving birth to ‘new self’ and Mother Earth.
At the time I was still going insane because I didn’t know what was happening to my body, and after numerous ‘forcing the answer’ I gave up. And when you give up, the answer usually comes. It happened that I was at this large spiritual conference and a lot of women included shaman women, medicine women, psychics went through a very similar experience around this time.
In 2013 we gave birth to a new Spirit and helped our beloved planet Earth to give birth to itself although at times it feels like the planet is dying, due to so many abuses, toxins, pollution.
Anyway this time when I asked Spirit what is happening to my body, I got an answer that was immediate, as I was not forcing the answer. By the way if you need an answer from Spirit keep yourself cool and let go of the idea of getting the answer ‘right now’. It will not happen. You have to let go of the urgency of getting it.
So the answer was to allow and embrace my divine feminine with New Beginnings.
Everything in divine timing. So I did. Just a few hours after the Moon turned NEW in Aquarius I got my moon flow! Celebration! 🙂
When a woman is menstruating her psychic powers and Intuition are heightened.
Honor this time where energies are amplified. Men who have their feminine side well developed (talking about intuitive, spiritual, intuition qualities in men) have also their cycle that is to be honored.
So lovely women honor your awesome men and respect their moods.
Women who are very in tune with the moon cycles are usually healers, medicine women, psychics, shamans, and wisdom keepers.
Women who have their cycle aligned with the full moon (Red Moon) their focus is not teaching other women how to give birth but focus on empowering women to get in touch with their intuition and develop wisdom and self awareness.
Women who have their cycle aligned with New Moons (White Moon) are more focused on family, nurturing, home and perhaps giving birth to the self.
Miranda Gray in her book Red Moon says: “A woman with the White Moon cycle, bleeding with the dark (new) Moon, becomes linked to the deepest levels of her awareness, reminding her that there exists more than just the world she sees, because she is the carrier of the seed of life. A woman with a Red Moon cycle, bleeding with the full moon, brings the energies and mysteries of her inner darkness out into the world around her as a gift and an offering of the depths of her learning.”
Trying to translate from Spirit language to English: most of all are aware of “the Shift” (mass awakening). In my case, the energies of the Shift are very present and where before as my lunar cycle was aligned with the Full Moon now is aligned with the New Moon. I have noticed that my focus in also changing: from many to the local community.
I am more active in the local community then before.
Also I feel that the poles (earth, sun, cosmic poles) are already settling into the shift and what was North becomes South and what is South becomes North, if this makes any psychic sense…. It is very interesting to observe where this is going. The body has intelligence and once we are aligned with the moon phases we gain a very profound awareness and wisdom… LOVE IT!
If you are a woman and read this what is your lunar cycle aligned with: New or Full Moon?
Something to ponder upon…
Moon Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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New Golden Era: Feminine Energies, New Codes, Lemurian Guidance

New Moon on Dec 13, 2012 was the continuation of the 12-12-12 sacred feminine
This new moon transmission was sent from Arizona’s desert in Carefree location.  I woke up before the sun rise, welcoming the first rays of the sun which are very potent.
The physical place where Spirit wanted me to be for this Moon transmission was in the middle of a large formation of Chrysocolla and Azurite rocks.
Chrysocolla – a stone of conciliation and reassurance, helping with grounding and attuning with the energies of Mother Earth.  It is known to be a great heart opener, and it feels very feminine in energy. Azurite on the other hand is the stone of heaven and has divine masculine qualities which open the third eye.  There couldn’t be a more perfect combination: heart energy combined with mind energy in perfect alignment in this perfect day.


Imagine the energy as I was meditating and sending the moon transmission while sitting on that large energy power house gems!!!
After completing the sacred space I invited Spirit with the message. As soon as I finished the invocation I saw a rabbit passing in front of me.
Spirit said: “Where is the rabbit hole taking you on this powerful day?”


Metaphorically  speaking the rabbit hole is the path which is thought to lead to the true   nature of reality. As Morpheus, from The Matrix is saying: “You   take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
So if you want to know your own truth you have to want it, search it, explore   it, do whatever it takes to find out what is it you want to know.


The rabbit hole took me on a short journey yet super empowering and I am so happy and humbled to share the messages from that unique moment in time that was a big mark on the cosmic calendar.
The rabbit hole guided me to the Lemurians – the ancient civilization which is in continuous communication with people around the world. They are guiding and teaching people from their own experience and help the humanity to move on with the evolution without repeating the same mistakes they did.
All of us were gifted that day with individual codes as well as global codes. I am here to remind you about the global codes. Some of you already had some hunches and knowing after this moon transmission about your individual codes. Now you can connect on a more profound levels and apply the codes in your daily life.
Lemurians have been coming to our awareness lately more than ever.
As I was sending the energies of the new moon to friends my attention was drawn towards the sun.
While welcoming the first rays of sun I see a portal opening that looks like a yellow -gold diamond shape with a beautiful blue color right in the middle of it.
The energy was outwardly beautiful.
FeminineGoldThrough the portal I see a female figure coming to our earthly dimension.  She is the energy of Lady Guadalupe, Mother Mary and Quan Yin or any other female sacred energy you are resonating or believe in.  She comes to the human consciousness to remind of the power of divine feminine: the nurturer, the mother, the forgiving, the blessings, intuition, compassion and Love.  It is time for all of us to embrace and welcome the power of our divine nature as the world is moving towards feminine energies that balance the divine masculine.
There is still a lot of resistance, and if we do not embrace our feminine qualities we suffer. It is time to open our hearts and let the ‘mother’ in.  The shift that is happening is a shift of consciousness.  It will take more years, perhaps as long as 12 years to accomplish what we have been working for many life times. Dec 21, 2012 was a huge shift, as we were preparing and building momentum for many many years. However that day didn’t complete the shift, that day was a moment in time where a lot of people came together in unity and celebrated life. It was the apex of welcoming the shift. For some people it meant nothing, for some it meant everything, it all depends on the level of growth, expansion and consciousness… No matter how old our soul is, we all made it, and this is a great accomplishment. Do not take it for granted.


Messages from the Goddess (Lady Guadalupe, Quan Yin, Mother Mary)
“Your codes that you are looking for, the knowledge that you are searching for is all within you. Teachers and helpers in your life are there for you to remind you that. You are the true essence of God. There are many distractions and obstacles on your path to prevent you from being your true self. They are placed there for a good reason to test your growth and evolution. Have faith and never doubt.
Love Yourself.
Do not try to please everyone with your words and actions. They have their own experiences to go through.  Your sacred duty is to stay true to yourself, raise your own vibrations and stay in high vibrations.
Regardless of your gender, Embrace your feminine side.”
Lilly Natures Blessings
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Battle between masculine and feminine must stop…

Regardless of our gender we all carry both energies: masculine and feminine.

When they are in balance our minds and hearts are in balance so our entire being is at peace.

If not there is a continuous battle between the two that creates a lot of tension in our lives.


Feminine powers are subtle and can create things beyond this reality.
Feminine energies hold important keys to our personal and planetary evolution. The calling to reclaim the feminine powers is increasing exponentially in many people. Also our planet is flooded with a lot of divine feminine energies as the entire collective consciousness is rebirthing.


The planet has had enough of the low masculine energies. Divine masculine is a higher form of masculinity. Divine Masculine is not aggressive, jealous, controlling, distant, detached male. Those attributes are of the low masculine energy. Instead Divine Masculine qualities are clarity, focus, humility, courage, strength. No need to battle the masculine. All we need to do as human species acknowledge the differences between lower masculine and high masculine and do the internal work to awaken the divinity in us. Similar with the feminine energies.

The internal work is about awakening the divine feminine powers of compassion, love, intuition while maintaining or developing the power of the masculine- strength, focus, courage. It is very simple. It is BALANCE.

Developing both qualities can be challenging but when they are both awakened we become whole and complete…


It is important to contemplate and meditate deeply and fully on these two qualities and the harmonious relationship between the two. Focus on these qualities how they show up in your life, what qualities are already present and where do you need to do internal work. This is a universal requirement for our evolution as well as spiritual advancement in these powerful times.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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How to Love a Woman

Love a Woman


If You Want to Change the World…




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by Lisa Citore

If you want to change the world…



Love a woman – really Love her. Find the one who calls to your soul, who doesn’t make sense.

Throw away your checklist and put your ear to her heart and listen. Hear the names, the prayers, the songs of every living thing-every winged one, every furry and scaled one, every underground and underwater one, every green and flowering one, every not yet born and dying one…

Hear their melancholy praises back to the One who gave them life. If you haven’t heard your own name yet, you haven’t listened long enough.

If your eyes aren’t filled with tears, if you aren’t bowing at her feet, you haven’t ever grieved having almost lost her. If you want to change the world…



Love a womanone woman beyond yourself, beyond desire and reason, beyond your male preferences for youth, beauty and variety and all your superficial concepts of freedom.

We have given ourselves so many choices we have forgotten that true liberation comes from standing in the middle of the soul’s fire and burning through our resistance to Love.

There is one Goddess in every woman. Look into Her eyes and see-really see if she is the one to bring the axe to your head. If not, walk away. Right now. Don’t waste time “trying.”

Know that your decision has nothing to do with her because ultimately it’s not with who, but when we choose to surrender.



If you want to change the world…

Love a woman. Love her for life – beyond your fear of death, beyond your fear of being manipulated by the Mother inside your head.

Don’t tell her you’re willing to die for her. Say you’re willing to LIVE with her, plant trees with her and watch them grow.

Be her hero by telling her how beautiful she is in her vulnerable majesty, by helping her to remember every day that she IS Goddess through your adoration and devotion.



If you want to change the world…

Love a woman in all her faces, through all her seasons and she will heal you of your schizophrenia-your double-mindedness and half-heartedness which keeps your Spirit and body separate-which keeps you alone and always looking outside your Self for something to make your life worth living.

There will always be another woman. Soon the new shiny one will become the old dull one and you’ll grow restless again, trading in women like cars, trading in the Goddess for the latest object of your desire.

Man doesn’t need any more choices. What man needs is a Woman, the Way of the Feminine, of Patience and Compassion, non-seeking, non-doing, of breathing in one place and sinking deep intertwining roots strong enough to hold the Earth together while she shakes off the cement and steel from her skin.



If you want to change the world…

Love a woman, just one woman. Love and protect her as if she is the last holy vessel.

Love her through her fear of abandonment, which she has been holding for all of humanity.

No, the wound is not hers to heal alone. No, she is not weak in her co-dependence. If you want to change the world…



Love a woman all the way through until she believes you, until her instincts, her visions, her voice, her art, her passion, her wildness have returned to her …

… until she is a force of Love more powerful than all the political media demons who seek to devalue and destroy her.



If you want to change the world…

Lay down your causes, your guns and protest signs.

Lay down your inner war, righteous anger and Love a woman…beyond all of your striving for greatness, beyond your tenacious quest for enlightenment.

The holy grail stands before you if you would only take her in your arms and let go of searching for something beyond this intimacy.

What if peace is a dream, which can only be re-membered through the heart of the feminine, in man or woman?

What if a man’s Love for Woman, the Way of the Feminine is the key to opening Her (and His) heart?



If you want to change the world…

Love a woman to the depths of your shadow, to the highest reaches of your Being, back to the Garden where you first met her, to the gateway of the rainbow realm where you walk through together as Light as One, to the point of no return, to the ends and the beginning of a new Earth…”

To be a man and love a woman like this, she must be the kind of woman that *could* be loved like this.

A woman leading her body, her life with trust, compassion and willingness. A woman that values, honors and allows her vulnerability to be witnessed, plunged into, ravished … A woman who communicates, stands in her center and opens herself wider, and wider … and wider, again. She sings her song and dances her dance in full confident feminine expression – And she honors him, his dance, his direction – yet ONLY because she honors her feminine and His masculine purpose NATURALLY fulfills her… “Here” – she knows she is home…

♥ ♥♥


Mother Earth Spirit


This Mother Earth Chant has a very powerful message. Can you feel it?

Watch it a few times to absorb the essence of the message.

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Suppression of the Feminine – Whole Brain Thinking

Feminine energy was taken out of picture so the entire society became patriarchal. Nothing wrong with masculine energy, it only needs to be balanced by the feminine energy.

The ancient traditions of medicine healers, shamans, psychics were ridiculed and replaced by science, numbers and linear thinking that makes us turn into robots when we only rely on that.

When the left brain (masculine energy) was forced by mainly society education, our spirit slowly dies and we loose the powers within. Psychic and intuition abilities will plunge when the right side of the brain starts functioning to its full potential being balanced by the beauty of logical mind.
Both hemispheres of the brain have to be used in balance, not one to the exclusion of the other.


Here is a video that explains more about Left Brain Vs Right Brain Education


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