Dreams and Dark Entity Attacks


If you are a light worker, sensitive, starseed, indigo, crystal, which works continuously with light you could easily get attacked by the dark side.

When do they attack?
All the time, specially during the night in our dreams.
This is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty.

We need to learn to be aware of the dark ones who pretend to be light, learn to discern and become responsible.

When I get attacked in my dreams (not often though) is when I am not grounded and I don’t wear my feet chakra balancers.

The last pair of feet chakra balancers I have gifted them in one of my last gifting missions. (i strategically place orgone gifts at sacred locations or places of energy that need awakening).

Last night in my dream I got attacked by some weird entities and tried to get out of the situation.
I tried to scream but it was very hard, almost impossible. A very weak noise would come out of my throat.
However I insisted as I knew that if I make noise I would come out of the dream.

Have you ever had a dream when you are conscious that you are dreaming?

My partner woke me up asking if I had a bad dream.
I said “don’t worry I am okay”. I said a prayer and thanked him for waking me up.

Next time I will wear my feet chakra balancers, I said.

They are amazing protectors, specially during night when we are more vulnerable to attacks.
If you don’t have yours invest in them.

So I am sharing 2 powerful tips to come out of a nightmare or when you get attacked during sleep.

1. Ground yourself ( feet chakra balancers, grounding mediations, walk barefoot during the day)

2. Be aware that you can change the outcome of your dream.

If you are aware you will remember this during your dream.

So how can you change the outcome?
By waking up.

How do you do that?
In your dream try to make noise like I did, try to move a finger, hand, leg, neck, etc. You will wake up.

Why grounding through feet is so important?
When we are grounded/earthed we develop a protective filed around feet that will block intrusion of unwanted energies (entities).

We draw energy from earth into our chakra system through feet chakras.

Feet chakras are not only the main centers of vitality and grounding they are also centers of detoxification as energy travels from upper chakras to lower chakras and then down into the earth where energy is being recycled. An imbalanced (blocked) foot chakra will affect people negatively and can become portals of psychic attacks, in particular earthbound spirits.
Sweet and safe dreams.


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Who are these Beings of Goodness and How they Assist Humanity?

Dark forces exist. They are creating havoc and chaos in the world.
Nowhere is safe but in our very heart.
Just came from a month sacred journey and I got so many messages but the main ones are:
1. There is a invisible force of good that is working continuously with humanity to maintain safety, harmony in this world in spite of all the unleashed fury of darkness
2. Regardless of any circumstances or experiences that radiate negativity, don’t lose yourself in fear.
3. Be aware and conscious about the balance/harmony between feminine/masculine, yin/yang, black/white.
Dark forces are using manipulation to divide.
Being fully in the heart allows for protection.
Take time to breathe deeply to release all the pain accumulated in the heart.

I woke up in a hotel room in Montenegro at 1:54 am on September 23rd.

The light from the ceiling that was flashing woke me up. I didn’t know what to make of it.
I tried to go back to sleep or ignore it but couldn’t.
I turned the lights on, woke up my partner to ask him if he sees what I am seeing.
He confirmed he was seeing the flashing light and went back to sleep.

I felt a sense of urgency and so I started boosting.
Boosting is a way of sending heart energy to a circumstance, situation or person.
Then I heard telepathically the word “redirect” and continue the boosting.
After a few minutes I heard: “redirectedd”. “Mission completed.”

Tears of relief were rolling down my face and pillow.
I looked at the watch it was 2:00 am.

Then I started questioning these invisible beings:

“What in the world was that? Who are you?

Then telepathic answers and messages came in…
It was Sept 23rd when an object/meteorite was supposed to hit the earth.

There is this invisible force of good or light if you will, that works with humanity to help and assist us maintain the balance and harmony on earth.

I am reluctant to give it a name because I am at the point where I don’t trust any organized group any longer.

But I believe there is a higher power that is helping us and one has to feel it and experience it to believe it.

Dark forces are working hard to destabilize peace on earth and create chaos.
So I asked this force of Good (beings of goodness) why didn’t they warn me in advance and left it for the very last minute?

They said these dark forces are extremely intelligent and work with artificial intelligence so they can alter, manipulate and even read thoughts.

There was an object or meteorite that was supposed to hit the earth. Many people knew about it and worked on redirecting it. Forces of good, brothers and sisters from other dimensions using high advanced technology worked on this redirection; however human interaction/heart energy was also needed for this redirection to be completed.

And then I asked: why me?
I got the answer: like many others you are a small piece of the puzzle who signed a contract to assist humanity when needed. Apparently I am on call or work for with these beings part time.

Many people who are healers, light workers or simply just good empathic people are also called to the mission.
We all hear the call in different ways. For me this experience was extremely powerful and wanted to share it with you to remind you that you are also part of this mission to keep the world in balance.

Guess what happened next?
After the redirection/mission completed the ceiling light stopped flashing.

These beings that assist humanity might be invisible to us.
They achieved mastery by cultivating qualities such as humility, love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, understanding. They are dedicated to help humanity through the darkest times and main purpose is Unity.

They work individually yet telepathically they are connected.

When we go to sleep we work with other people and also with these beings.

Most of organizations including Spiritual or new age groups have been infiltrated by dark forces that use manipulation, division and so on.

We have to be discerning and question everything.
However heart must remain open and we need to work on raising our vibrations continuously.

I know you are also called to do this work, so my suggestion is to stay centered, grounded, remember to breathe deeply when you are faced with fear.

Do whatever it takes to raise vibrations and stay in the heart.
Blessings and All Good.

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WORK during sleep to keep us and the planet balanced and safe


 We do a lot of work during sleep; WE meaning: empaths, sensitives, beautiful souls, light workers, earth angels, healers, nice people.
We interact with other souls: we help, we assist and at the same time we get assistance and help from other souls including our spirit guides.
I say this because with the chaos that happens in the world we need to stay in high vibrations and be protected. We need to remember our light; we need to remember our love.
If you remember the work you do during sleep, that’s awesome because you have an idea on where you need to focus on your life.
If not you might want to work on connecting with and trust your intuition and psychic vision.
Orgone does that. It helps you tune into the Universes’ network and open up our psychic centers.
I get insight about expanding our light everyday.
The shift that we are going through is HUGE!
Lately I feel trapped in my body at times and when I ask Spirit what it is I get the message that the energy that upgrades us is happening so fast that our body has a hard time adjusting.
That’s why we need to move energy by exercising, moving, walking, hiking and specially doing yoga or thai chi.
Old, non beneficial, stagnant energy leaves our body so we can welcome the new healthy, light energies.
And if you are a light worker/empath/earth angel you are helping with the transformation of the old into the new. Old programming that no longer work is being changed into new ways of free thinking for a world that works for everyone.
There are also many dark entities being released into the world to stop this massive influx of light, that’s why we see so much chaos happening at both individual level and global level.
I saw it psychically: the dark entities have power over and feed off negativity, fear and inflated ego. But once they have been hit by light they vanish fast. That’s why our work conscious and unconscious (during sleep) is important to keep the balance of ourselves and the planet.
Expand your energy filed (aura) and send light to these dark entities.
Tip: before you go to bed intend that you will wake up refreshed and revitalized and before you fall asleep send light and love into the world. Fall asleep doing that.
I am very grateful for all the free spirits, light workers, human angles, healers, lovers of life, smiley faces, positive thinkers, peace makers, peace activists, warm hearts for keeping this planet a beautiful place. In this crazy, insane modern world we need to stay positive and in high vibrations. I honor you! THANK YOU for all your work! You know who you are!!! You are unique! You are amazing!
~ Namaste ♥ ☮ ॐ
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The Matrix: Break Free from Mental Enslavement

The more I travel, meditate, dream, elevate, live and Love, the more I find myself breaking free from ‘the Matrix’.
I got so inspired to write about this due to a dream I had two nights ago.
In my dream I was playing a game with some people.
The room we were in was filled with beds.
There were two types of people standing on the beds: the players and their assistants.
The players were lifted using harnesses by their assistants until they reached the ceiling and then they were just floating there. Ha!
I was like: hmm… what is this weird game?
It makes no sense. But at the same time looks like so much fun!!!
When my turn came to be lifted to the ceiling, I found out I was struggling with the harnesses.
I felt the heaviness of my body and felt resistance.
Then I got an idea and imagined I was a balloon that was very light in weight.
As soon as I shifted my thinking I found myself floating up the ceiling. So much fun!!! It is a total different perspective to see things from above. Really cool!
I woke up feeling so light and so good.
This was an out of body experience. A meaningful one.
I asked Spirit what was the meaning of this dream.
Spirit replied: “The Matrix!!!!
Remember The Matrix movie?
In particular the first of the series?
It was extremely significant as people realized the nature of a controlled society.
What in the world my dream has to do with the Movie The Matrix?
And Spirit goes on…
What is happening right now on our planet is extremely amazing, and at the same time crazy! There is change in frequencies and the controlling factors can be high.
The Control programming continues to break down as more and more people chose to wake up from an unreal dream. Isn’t that what happened in the movie?
So… What is the Matrix?
Some will say it’s just a mathematical system that allows for the computation of equations, just weird math.
Others say: matrix is Control, birth, artificial intelligence, a system, our enslaved minds, a cage, a prison for our minds, perhaps a GAME (a learning tool), a movie, the Church, a computerized dream world, an advanced technological society coming to its full fruition, nothing, everything…
The matrix – “Man made world reality” locks us into past, present and future.
We live in the 3rd dimension and we are chained by time (an illusion). This linear time can create fear, boredom, frustration, anxiety, and tension if we are only focused on it.
I was fortunate enough to swim with wild dolphins in different sacred locations and learned so much from them. One thing that makes them so special and intelligent is that they don’t operate in linear time, as they are multidimensional beings.
Well, they do not have to pay bills, struggle financially, not having to wash the dishes, or take the garbage out …
We chose to come in this world as humans and not dolphins, though.
But we can learn from them: to tap into upper non linear dimensions and find our truth.
In the Spirit world there is no such linear time. When we elevate to higher dimensions we gain a deeper understanding of this past-present-future – timeless concept.
In the fourth dimension and higher, we become unchained from time and space measurements.
There we have freedom in moving around space/time and travel, moving objects with our minds, performing miraculous healings instantaneously and effortlessly.
I personally, cannot do any psychic or healing work if I am fully in the 3rd dimension.
I might go in and out of 3rd dimension, which btw is super powerful, but most of the time the work is done in a higher dimension.
We still live in this 3RD so we need a foot planted into this world and the other planted into the spiritual world in order to keep balance and harmony. Spirit and physicality requires a harmonious marriage.
How can you rich a higher dimension?
By freeing the mind!!!

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself
.” ~ Morpheus -The Matrix
“Stop trying to hit me. Hit me!”… “What are you waiting for? You are faster than this. Don’t think you are, KNOW YOU ARE”. ~ from The Matrix movie:


Remember my dream?
When I let go of the concept of body being heavy, switched perception and envisioned a balloon, I was floating on the ceiling in a split second.
Metaphorically speaking the Ceiling represents the higher world/dimension, higher perspective, seeing the big picture, having clarity, thinking out of the box, out of the Matrix, deeper understanding. Even if my physical body was assisted by physical equipment, freeing my mind made the floating happen.
The bed represents the dream state. Just in case people would fall they would land on the bed, so they would not get injured.
Spiritual Awakening shouldn’t be so fearful or painful.
Awakening doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens in layers; as we all grow and evolve in layers.
Getting out of Matrix (inbox) is not so dangerous.
Even if you decide to come back, you still land on a cushion (bed). In other words just try to see how it is to free your mind from limitations; the worst thing that can happen is having an experience.
Freeing the mind can be achieved in a deep state of relaxation, meditation, when the body travels astraly or in a dream state.
It is about shifting awareness. The not-knowing mind (intuition) is in fact a very high state of consciousness.
Working with different people, I have learned that most of the time someone has a bad or negative experience when in an altered state of awareness is because of fear or mental programming that is closely related to fear. Fear keeps us enslaved and trapped in our own believe systems and minds.
What the balloon symbolizes?
Light energy, freedom, letting go of heavy energy.
It is time to let our minds become light as a balloon in order to roam freely and break free from programming and believe systems that don’t serve us well.
The Matrix exists in this reality because of fake believes created by fake believe systems.
All the helpers and guides from the Angelic and higher Realms cannot help us unless we make a conscious decision to rise above the Matrix, to shift perspective.
This is how healing works.
Free your Mind,
Lilly Natures Blessings­

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Peace Manifestation,
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Dream – Addictions – Spiritual Yearning


Some time ago I had an insightful dream about addictions.


In that dream my spirit guides talked about addictions:  sex addictions and any kind of attraction that’s not healthy.


A lot of people are addicted to celebrities. Mass Media created a cult for celebrity that leads to addictions: addictions to teacher, guru, celebrity etc



Spirit guides showed me this technique and I am happy to share it with you.

Ground your feet on Mother Earth and pull this Earth Energy into sexual chakra (bellow navel). Then stop there for a bit, breathe and acknowledge the “addiction”.


Be brave, it’s okay.


Then move up the energy to your heart center and let it out of your system with forgiveness. Forgive the one you are attracted/addicted to and forgive yourself.

Do this as much as you need it.

Spirit guides also mentioned martial arts people know how to control and balance this chakra, so you might want to consider martial arts if the issue is deep and you need to strengthen this chakra. Martial arts also help with self confidence and grounding.


Yoga and other gentle arts open our channels beautifully but at the same time by being so open we can easily be manipulated unless we are centered and grounded. I know quite a few women who are attracted, some quite obsessed with their yoga, spiritual teachers/gurus. And this is because of not having the lower chakras balanced, in particular feet, root and second chakra.


At the base of each and any addiction is the thirst for spirituality, wholeness connection with divinity, God.


There is something missing that needs to be fulfilled and that’s why we crave what we crave. Almost all of us have addictions: starting from foods, sex, alcohol, drugs to smart phones, technology, gossip, criticism, infatuation, ego etc…

When we have the same habit of doing the same thing knowing that it doesn’t serve us well but we do it anyway, then that’s an addiction. Once we accept and acknowledge that we do have an addiction no matter how minor it might be we can work on minimizing it without suffering.

Spiritual practice is the answer.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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What is Lucid Dreaming and How To Lucid Dream…


Lucid Dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming during a dream.

That gives you control over your own reality which can be crystal clear.
You can travel or go everywhere you want during lucid dreaming. Instead of watching your dream you are in control.
Sky is the limit!
Lucid dreaming is a very powerful and can be a beautiful and useful experience.


How to Lucid Dream:
1. In order to lucid dream you can keep a journal and write immediately in it upon waking up. If that happens during the night and you are serious about remembering your dreams that do yourself a favour and write in your journal. 🙂
2. Before you go to bed meditate on lucid dreaming and remembering your dreams.
3. Before you go to bed Keep repeating and tell your subconscious mind phrases like: “I am relaxed and I will lucid dream tonight” “I will remember my dream tomorrow morning” or whatever feels true to you.
4. Stay in the vibration of “lucid dreaming” during the day, in other words where you put your awareness and attention during the day will reflect in your dream state. Read, educate yourself in this subject, practice meditation techniques stay in that lucid dreaming vibration.
5. Also a very important step is to “KNOW” that you can do it. Tell your subconscious mind that over and over until it gets it.
6. Go to bed on time. The more you sleep the better the opportunity to dream.
7. Keep your emotions a little over neutral state. Do not get overly excited and in a high expecting mode or the opposite don’t be in a total passive state. Be happy and excited but not extremely excited. Accept whatever experience come your way.
7. Whatever method you use stay with it for 21 days. Like everything you want to achieve, it takes practice, patience and energy.
Happy Lucid Dreaming,
Lilly Natures Blessings
Suggestion: Mini Orgone Dream Enhancer for safe and pleasant dreams



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Song of the Whale: The Power of Spirit Synchronicities


Connect with Angels through Dreams and Intuition

ascensionThis is a great article about connecting with angels when you open channels of intuition and opened to your dreams.

“Two of the ways in which you can connect with Angels is through dreams and being open to receiving guidance through your intuition, the still-small voice within.
Reaching through the veil between realms can be a challenge if you are resistant to raising your vibration. Angels have a very high energy which is why they are difficult to see with physical eyes. It is much easier to see with your inner-sight or sense Angels through emotion and through energy.

It is possible to connect with Angels during your sleep-time when the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm is thinner, more transparent.
A dream is another type of language, a means of communication by-passing the conscious mind.
One of the best ways to connect with Angels during dreamtime is to meditate just before going to sleep. Try lighting some incense focusing your thoughts on the scent allowing your thoughts to drift softly.
Ask your Guardian Angels to connect with you in a way you can easily understand and recognize, asking for any messages they may have for you while you sleep.
Don’t be surprised if you remember your dreams when you wake. You might choose to have a notebook and pencil to record any thoughts or images before you start your day. Trust what you write down, you can always come back later to ask what the images and thoughts mean to you.

Another way to connect and communicate with Angels is through intuition. Asariel is the Angel of Intuition and Insight, he encourages people to trust their inner-voice and act upon the guidance received. This Angel assists people with developing their creative imagination which is an essential part of manifesting your heart’s desires.
What is intuition? It is a non-thought, a physical sensation which resonates in your Heart or Solar Plexus Chakra energy centers. It is the still-small voice or a thought that just “pops” into your mind.


Intuition is not something that can be validated in the physical realm nor is it easily explained. It is the other voice, emotion or thought that is not from Ego mind chatter.Intuition is a knowing that resonates deep within your heart. It is a sense of absolute trust that what you are experiencing, sensing, thinking or feeling is centered in something, an energy that is not physical in nature. It is the “voice” that nudges forward along your path. It is a way of receiving guidance and messages that are for the most unexplainable.


Whether you choose to connect with Angels through your dreams or choose to develop and expand your intuition, it requires more than practicing meditation. Either choice asks you to trust the information you receive, to have faith as you practice quieting your conscious mind, you open your inner channel connecting you with Divine Source.
Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Terrie_Marie

Have fun connecting with Angels,



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The Spiritual Molecule – DMT in Ayahuasca

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), is produced by the pineal gland during dream. It is found in many plants and animals. It allows us to perceive and interact with the spirit world beyond the veil of illusion of physical reality.


I was fortunate enough to work with shamans in Peru in a very spiritual environment and experienced the miracles of Ayahuasca that contains large amounts of the spiritual molecule – DMT.

Check out my trips to Peru: 2009 and 2010

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Cutting cords with the help of Spiritual Guides


Before I went to bed one night I got an inspired idea from my spiritual guides to place a spirit quartz crystal under my pillow. I knew it was necessary, but why? I had to find out the next morning.

After my usual “blessing everything in my life” morning “ritual”, I suddenly got it!
I remembered my dream. Yay!!! It’s so great to remember dreams, specially good ones!!! I have a great technique for it.

I traveled astrally all night and this is what happened:
In my dream I was watching a kahuna (ancient Hawaiian shaman woman) teaching young children at a spiritual psychic school how to remove unwanted cords. She got me really interested as cutting cords is one of the techniques that I use in my healing sessions.

I politely asked her to cut a cord as I knew I had one.

She asked me “How do you know you’ve been corded?”

I replied: “I just know it”.

After she scanned me she confirmed that I was having a thick unnecessary cord which needed to be released. As she was removing my thick cord I could feel a little pain in my solar plexus. After she completed removing the cord she said a “telepathic healing prayer” which I totally understood without hearing it with my physical ears to complete the healing process.

Speaking about telepathy, lately I find it so amusing reading people’s thoughts now and then…

Kahunas are a great inspiration to me: I am really grateful for their spiritual teachings and guidance, they my spiritual healers that work with me during healing sessions.

The energy that this spiritual guide was putting in the healing process was very intense.
She had also placed a pouch with wild high vibrational herbs on my solar plexus to speed up the healing process. After she finished her healing I watched her cleaning a very big crystal she worked with removing the cords. She mentioned to me that the cord I had was connected to three women in my life that did not served my higher level of my excellence and now the attachment was removed, setting myself and the three women free.

I gave her money – equal exchange of energy, I thanked and blessed her and interesting enough I woke up. The dream was so vivid that after I woke up my solar plexus felt like I have had psychic surgery done on it. My higher self (aumakua) knew that I needed the cord removal that’s why I placed the spirit quartz under my pillow to get help from my kahuna spiritual healer.

spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit quartz crystal is one of my favorite crystals, I love their healing energy. I used them in my meditations, healing and spiritual work, moon transmissions and have them next to my bed. They clean and activate other crystals and gemstones. They are used for dreaming and astral projection. They are known to remove fear, they open and activate crown chakra and maintain a field of protection. They stimulate emotional, spiritual and subtle bodies. They are also known as Cactus, Fairies or Angel quartz.

I start working with them after I had a dream about gifting powerful ley lines on a sacred mountain. In my dream I was offering and placing spirit quartz crystals on powerful ley lines on a sacred mountain and in return I was gifted with more spiritual powers. I love my dreams!!!


Lilly Natures Blessings

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How To Astral Project…

There are many ways to astral project or astral travel and this video explains it well.

When I astral travel I usually use one of my orgonite (orgone) pendants to help me increase my vibrations before astral projection and also to make sure I am protected while astral traveling.

Another method I used is activating my chakras to very high levels and I use the set of orgone chakra balancers that help me relax deeply and get into the “astral projection” mood fast.

What method are you using to astral project?

Happy Astral Travels!!! 🙂

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