Cancel Man-Made (Evil) Contracts

Attention: Sovereign Spirits

Download this ‘contract cancellation’ to find peace of Mind

From: Lilly Natures Blessings

This evil contract cancellation intuitive insight came during a channeling session.
During this session a lady spiritual guide handed us “pen and paper” to cancel all evil/man-made contracts we have signed in this life or previous lives.


“How this Contract Helps You Get Rid of Unwanted Energies

  • helps to protect against harmful unseen energies
  • reclaims sovereignty over psychical body, subtle bodies, aura
  • blocks intrusive vibrations
  • empowers your mind and energetic field
  • helps to listen to God’s and intuitive guidance
  • connects you with your true self
  • brings peace of mind


“This Contract has worked for many people Like You and Me”


One of my customers recently told me:

Dear Lilly, I wanted to tell you, I came across the cancelling evil contracts agreement and I was very attracted to it.
Finally I read it as if I was committing to it and, to my astonishment some strange and very unpleasant heaviness that had been on my spirit ‘lifted’ off and has stayed off… what was that? I have since printed and signed it. Thank you for making it available. ~ L.C.

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To get access to the downloadable cancellation contract, right now, click the button below:


Blessings and Peace,

Lilly Natures Blessings


Cancel Etherically Man Made or Evil Contracts

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