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Tools of Psychic and Spiritual Awakening ~ Gallery of Life Force (Orgone)

Transference of Psychic and Healing energy into Spiritual handmade Jewelry

Chakra Jewelry Collection Healing Jewelry Collection
Chakra Collection
When chakras are balanced, cleansed and energy flows correctly, a certain frequency will develop and will open up new paths towards spiritual growth, higher dimensions and psychic abilities. Chakra orgone products are designed to help balance, stimulate, clear and align the chakras (energy centers), bringing more vital life force to the physical body.
Healing Products
These powerful orgone (life force) creations are unique, custom made spiritual jewelry. On the outside they look almost the same, but inside they are different. They assist one with healing, strengthening ones aura. The stones and crystals used for these orgone blessings are chosen carefully for your specific emotional and health problems, date of birth and name.
Psychic Development Collection Abundance and Prosperity Collection

Psychic abilities orgone (prana) creations are hand made necklaces designed to help open ones inner awareness, intuition
and enhance psychic skills, insight, telepathy, creativity, meditation.

Abundance And Prosperity Collection
The abundance Orgone (Life force) tools are designed to help dissolve blocks to your prosperity on cellular level and stimulate your subconscious to attract the physical manifestation of prosperity into your life.
Protection and Grounding Collection Love & Confidence Collection

Protection @ Radiation Deflection CollectionThese powerful protection orgone blessings are designed to help protect one against electromagnetic pollution, psychic
attacks, dispersing negative energies, strengthening
ones aura.
These grounding spiritual orgone jewelry products are designed to help ground and align the wearer with earth’s magnetic field, restoring the natural flow of energy.
Love CollectionPeace and relaxation orgone handmade jewelry are designed to help create a deep sense of peace and relaxation.
Love Orgone Products help promote self acceptance and self
love, attracting true, kind love and soul mates. Confidence products are designed to help strengthen ones confidence,
avoiding negative situations.
Dolphin Collection Power of the DRAGON Collection
dolphin pendantDolphins – the keepers of the sacred breath of life, the MASTER HEALERS, teach us how to release emotions, heal ourselves, open our hearts fully and grow spiritually.
Dolphin spiritual jewelry products are designed to help open up to dolphins vibrations, stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination, enhance telepathic communication, bring spiritual strength, wisdom and healing…
dragon pendant Dragons – one of the most fascinating and magically powerful of all totems, the guardians of interdimensional gates and very old Beings of Light. The power of the Dragon orgone products will help raise you to the next level. If you are already developed spiritually, the vibration of the pendant will greatly accelerate your journey.
Shaman Vision Orgone Collection Tools of Spiritual Awakening
shaman pendant-The way of the New Shaman– ~Shaman~ — the one who knows, the wise one, the one who walks between the worlds, a healer, an explorer, a protector — Wisdom of the shaman is the ability to transcend the normal limits of consciousness.

This is a collection of spiritual positive tools for enlightenment
with sacred magickal and metaphysical powers, the powers which are dormant within each of us.
Om Jewelry, Empowerments and more…

Read more about the “science behind making life force – orgone – creations”

What People Say about Orgone Spiritual Tools

Thank you Lilly for the amazing transformation that the orgone pendant has truly done for my overall well being as a person. I wear it like my wedding ring. I never leave home without it. The positive energy radiates my entire soul and I can feel it cycle through me with each breath I take.” ~ Alicia H.


“Dear Lilly, thank you for your expedited shipping of the orgone products. I have ordered from you before one being an Abundance Orgone pendant for me and the Dragon Orgone Pendant. The reiki healer I consulted told me she has not seen such a strong healing energy in an orgone pendant. She was pretty impressed. Thank you for your support. Many Blessings, Martina”


” I love your orgone tools -I feel such sweet energy and tremendous power in them. – Rona


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