Who are these Beings of Goodness and How they Assist Humanity?

Dark forces exist. They are creating havoc and chaos in the world.
Nowhere is safe but in our very heart.
Just came from a month sacred journey and I got so many messages but the main ones are:
1. There is a invisible force of good that is working continuously with humanity to maintain safety, harmony in this world in spite of all the unleashed fury of darkness
2. Regardless of any circumstances or experiences that radiate negativity, don’t lose yourself in fear.
3. Be aware and conscious about the balance/harmony between feminine/masculine, yin/yang, black/white.
Dark forces are using manipulation to divide.
Being fully in the heart allows for protection.
Take time to breathe deeply to release all the pain accumulated in the heart.

I woke up in a hotel room in Montenegro at 1:54 am on September 23rd.

The light from the ceiling that was flashing woke me up. I didn’t know what to make of it.
I tried to go back to sleep or ignore it but couldn’t.
I turned the lights on, woke up my partner to ask him if he sees what I am seeing.
He confirmed he was seeing the flashing light and went back to sleep.

I felt a sense of urgency and so I started boosting.
Boosting is a way of sending heart energy to a circumstance, situation or person.
Then I heard telepathically the word “redirect” and continue the boosting.
After a few minutes I heard: “redirectedd”. “Mission completed.”

Tears of relief were rolling down my face and pillow.
I looked at the watch it was 2:00 am.

Then I started questioning these invisible beings:

“What in the world was that? Who are you?

Then telepathic answers and messages came in…
It was Sept 23rd when an object/meteorite was supposed to hit the earth.

There is this invisible force of good or light if you will, that works with humanity to help and assist us maintain the balance and harmony on earth.

I am reluctant to give it a name because I am at the point where I don’t trust any organized group any longer.

But I believe there is a higher power that is helping us and one has to feel it and experience it to believe it.

Dark forces are working hard to destabilize peace on earth and create chaos.
So I asked this force of Good (beings of goodness) why didn’t they warn me in advance and left it for the very last minute?

They said these dark forces are extremely intelligent and work with artificial intelligence so they can alter, manipulate and even read thoughts.

There was an object or meteorite that was supposed to hit the earth. Many people knew about it and worked on redirecting it. Forces of good, brothers and sisters from other dimensions using high advanced technology worked on this redirection; however human interaction/heart energy was also needed for this redirection to be completed.

And then I asked: why me?
I got the answer: like many others you are a small piece of the puzzle who signed a contract to assist humanity when needed. Apparently I am on call or work for with these beings part time.

Many people who are healers, light workers or simply just good empathic people are also called to the mission.
We all hear the call in different ways. For me this experience was extremely powerful and wanted to share it with you to remind you that you are also part of this mission to keep the world in balance.

Guess what happened next?
After the redirection/mission completed the ceiling light stopped flashing.

These beings that assist humanity might be invisible to us.
They achieved mastery by cultivating qualities such as humility, love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, understanding. They are dedicated to help humanity through the darkest times and main purpose is Unity.

They work individually yet telepathically they are connected.

When we go to sleep we work with other people and also with these beings.

Most of organizations including Spiritual or new age groups have been infiltrated by dark forces that use manipulation, division and so on.

We have to be discerning and question everything.
However heart must remain open and we need to work on raising our vibrations continuously.

I know you are also called to do this work, so my suggestion is to stay centered, grounded, remember to breathe deeply when you are faced with fear.

Do whatever it takes to raise vibrations and stay in the heart.
Blessings and All Good.

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300 Earthquakes in 9 days – Archangel Uriel’s Protection


A lot is happening in the Cosmos as we end the cycle 9. (2016)
Numerous earthquakes, terrorist attacks, accidents and all the unfortunate events.

There is a Massive Transformation, huge Awakening going on.
300 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above on Richter scale happened in 9 days!!!
Mother Earth is shaking and it shakes our believe systems, our truth.
This is Big!
This is a wakeup call!
It is the end game for corruption, lies and deceit.
It is the new beginning of truth, integrity, prosperity, health and love.
It is time to embrace Unity, to be compassionate, to be Love, to forgive.

It is time to stop dwelling too much into the ‘death energy’ and focus on celebrating life and being nice to each other.
Do not feed fears, specially fear of death.
Intensify prayers.
The entire day yesterday I felt the entire Earth Moving, shaking. I felt every single tremor on Earth energetically.
My heart was racing.
I asked Spirit to help me slow down. Deep belly breaths and prayers…
I received the message: the entire world is purging right now and this new profound layer of heart opening is necessary.
It requires us to be present, to be in the heart.
Our heart chakra is opening even deeper.
New Moon in Capricorn invites us to open our hearts.
We are required to release, let go, and move on.
Stop holding onto things that are not serving you well.
Let go, let go, let go and then let God.
It is time. The signs are everywhere!
So many people died in the 9 year (2016).
Celebrity’s death is the main subject these days.
Many of them died of heart attacks. Another heart message here.
Send a blessing a prayer to their soul but don’t take it too personally.
After all the cycle/era of gurus and celebrity worshiping is dying.
We are the gurus, our Spirit is the Guru, our breathe is the teacher.
No I am not saying not to have teachers or even gurus or love celebrities.
But stop putting them on the pedestal as they will fall eventually and then you suffer.
Find your own power, don’t give it away to others.
Never ever give your heart away, it takes lifetimes to get it back.
Dark side wants you miserable, distracted, unhappy, depressed.
Do the opposite.
Raise your vibes: Laugh, Smile, Exercise, Dance, GIVE, make love. Be the Light.
Archangel Uriel

Uriel the messenger of divine wisdom is the archangel whose name means “God is my light “and is known for his wisdom.
Archangel Uriel is a teaching archangel.
He is associated with earthquakes, volcanoes and storms and considered an archangel of salvation.
He is a wise protector and keeper of the sacred mysteries, and the world of magic.
Invoke Uriel to help you transform all negative vibes into spiritual awareness and positivism.
In Unity,
Spiritual Tool:
The Loop of Awareness with Archangels Empowerment
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Shifting Energies are Amplifying and How to stay Safe.

Sisters and brothers in light I feel you…
The Shift (Ascension) happens in layers, gradually, sometimes at a faster pace.
We are going through a really strong Shift and it will intensify even more.
We are cleansing in layers.
We experience extreme emotions that cause expansion in the body (in particular heart). Then it is followed by contraction and squeeze.

This phenomenon keeps repeating until it clears all the old stuff from our cellular levels.

At times it feels so intense that you feel like you want to go home. It might cause confusion in the mind and also you might doubt yourself about your spirituality and light.
We need a physical body in order to grow our soul, that’s why all the symptoms of spiritual awakening are felt in the body.

The matrix is disintegrating at a rapid pace and we feel it deeply.

Truth is being revealed and with it a lot of anger surfaces as the matrix disintegrate. That can bring a lot of pain and suffering in the world.

Light workers, empaths, healers feel it the most.
That’s why is important to release these energies by moving energy.
There is a great amount of stagnant energy to be cleared out and we are required to amp up our work.
When we sleep we awaken, we clear, we work.
However we need to do this work on a more conscious way.
We have to use intention more often specially before sleep and before waking up.
At times it feels like you are suffocating, experience short of breath. Our bodies are changing, our DNA is changing, and because the energies of light are merging with the old energies so fast, the body capacity cannot comprehend the increasing light and our minds can go into shock causing all kind of awakening symptoms.
Detach with wisdom.
If you take on others pain, suffering emotions, make sure you acknowledge there are not yours and release with wisdom, while being stable and centered in your own core.
Dark side has gone extremely insane.
Do not react to the insanity, instead act from a place of heart and wisdom. Remember that. Don’t let the madness escalate, breathe through it and allow kindness and compassion to take lead. Some who are still triggered and react with anger and frustration are releasing lower states of consciousness… Have compassion, have understanding, send light, send love.
Be observant.
Observe yourself on all levels.
How to move energy?
We have to move our bodies to release old stagnant energies of the matrix.
DANCE, yoga, thai chi, stretching and graceful movement. During this great time of shifting stay away from dangerous activities.
These shifting energies are so abundant that we need to stretch a lot to welcome them.
Have you ever seen new born babies stretching?
It is a sign of growing, adjusting with the world.
We experience very similar.
Our bodies need to stretch in order to welcome in the new energies of light while releasing the stagnant ones. We are experiencing a rebirth of consciousness into the new light energies.
Our aura is expanding; our energy field is getting bigger and stronger.
We are being helped by our star brothers and sisters who we are in continuous telepathic communication even if we are not aware of it.
Work with colors/lights, bring your chakras into alignment on a daily basis. Chakra work is very important during intense times.
Sisters and brothers in light I feel you…
We are making HUGE progress; we hold the sacred power while holding sacred space for others.
Sacredness is returning.
Remember by keeping ourselves in balance we help maintain the balance of our beloved Gaia.

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Spiritual monthly Flow: Cycle aligned with New Moon or Full Moon?

WomanMoon1Each of any of the moon phases has a specific quality and an energetic level.
Women have DEEP connection with the moon.
In my spiritual practice I noticed that every time there is a very powerful Cosmic event my moon cycle will do whatever it takes to align with this powerful event.
This time my monthly flow waited for the New Moon (in Aquarius) where I felt there was a battle between the dark and the light/ good and evil.
Usually the energies of the Full Moon are more intense where New Moons are more subtle energy wise.
However sometimes New Moons can be very powerful and felt more profound.
As my lunar cycle was late, (3 weeks) I asked Spirit what could be the reason, as I knew I was not pregnant. I have had a different experience (very powerful) in Summer of 2012 where Venus Planet was making big waves in the Cosmic arena, so a lot of women were impregnated with the Spirit and in particular with the idea of giving birth to ‘new self’ and Mother Earth.
At the time I was still going insane because I didn’t know what was happening to my body, and after numerous ‘forcing the answer’ I gave up. And when you give up, the answer usually comes. It happened that I was at this large spiritual conference and a lot of women included shaman women, medicine women, psychics went through a very similar experience around this time.
In 2013 we gave birth to a new Spirit and helped our beloved planet Earth to give birth to itself although at times it feels like the planet is dying, due to so many abuses, toxins, pollution.
Anyway this time when I asked Spirit what is happening to my body, I got an answer that was immediate, as I was not forcing the answer. By the way if you need an answer from Spirit keep yourself cool and let go of the idea of getting the answer ‘right now’. It will not happen. You have to let go of the urgency of getting it.
So the answer was to allow and embrace my divine feminine with New Beginnings.
Everything in divine timing. So I did. Just a few hours after the Moon turned NEW in Aquarius I got my moon flow! Celebration! 🙂
When a woman is menstruating her psychic powers and Intuition are heightened.
Honor this time where energies are amplified. Men who have their feminine side well developed (talking about intuitive, spiritual, intuition qualities in men) have also their cycle that is to be honored.
So lovely women honor your awesome men and respect their moods.
Women who are very in tune with the moon cycles are usually healers, medicine women, psychics, shamans, and wisdom keepers.
Women who have their cycle aligned with the full moon (Red Moon) their focus is not teaching other women how to give birth but focus on empowering women to get in touch with their intuition and develop wisdom and self awareness.
Women who have their cycle aligned with New Moons (White Moon) are more focused on family, nurturing, home and perhaps giving birth to the self.
Miranda Gray in her book Red Moon says: “A woman with the White Moon cycle, bleeding with the dark (new) Moon, becomes linked to the deepest levels of her awareness, reminding her that there exists more than just the world she sees, because she is the carrier of the seed of life. A woman with a Red Moon cycle, bleeding with the full moon, brings the energies and mysteries of her inner darkness out into the world around her as a gift and an offering of the depths of her learning.”
Trying to translate from Spirit language to English: most of all are aware of “the Shift” (mass awakening). In my case, the energies of the Shift are very present and where before as my lunar cycle was aligned with the Full Moon now is aligned with the New Moon. I have noticed that my focus in also changing: from many to the local community.
I am more active in the local community then before.
Also I feel that the poles (earth, sun, cosmic poles) are already settling into the shift and what was North becomes South and what is South becomes North, if this makes any psychic sense…. It is very interesting to observe where this is going. The body has intelligence and once we are aligned with the moon phases we gain a very profound awareness and wisdom… LOVE IT!
If you are a woman and read this what is your lunar cycle aligned with: New or Full Moon?
Something to ponder upon…
Moon Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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Spiritual Awakening, Symptoms and Solar Flares


Spiritual AWAKENING is a HOT subject these days.


Solar activity has been intensified since summer 2012.
There is a very close connection between solar flares
and spiritual awakening also known as the Shift.
These energies are a blessing in disguise. 
Although at times is hard to deal with the intensity of these energies,
the beauty is that we know when they are being intensified and
work with them instead of resisting them.  
Also we can be of help and guidance for others, once we have an understanding
about what’s going on.  
These energies open our psychic centers (chakras); help us resolve issues from
the past so we can heal and move forward on our journey.

Understand we are detoxing a lot of junk: physical junk as well as psychic junk.

Some people feel dizzy, nauseated, heart palpitations, pain and body aching, ringing in the ears, surges of energy in the body, visual disturbances . Some have hard time sleeping, shifting between happy to sad/depressed moods. Some are very tired while others are super energized.
I even heard of people fainting.
Sometimes when the flares are very strong if I close my eyes the entire world spins around.  
It is such a struggle at times, and I know so many go through these symptoms.  Hang in there if you also feel this intensely. You are not alone.


How to deal with the intense solar flares:

Make Peace with the Sun and Leo
When the planet Leo makes its presence, in a zodiacal chart, make peace with it.
Meditation on the energy of Leo as it is the Sun ruling planet.

Wake up in the morning and salute the sun. 
Do the same for sun set. These times are very potent.
Ask the Sun to lend its power to you to make the ascension easy.

Yoga Sun Salutation or any physical activity is great to strengthen your body.

If you feel tired, rest.


Pyrite and Orgone
Personally I wear an orgone pendant and a pyrite bracelet to ease the electromagnetic shift that is happening right now.  It helps a lot. All orgone pendants I create now have pyrite.  Last year before Dec 21, 2012 I received a message from Spirit to use pyrite in all orgone creations that I am making.
It is a stone of positive vibration and protects on all levels.  What orgone does it magnifies its effects, so it becomes like a power house generator of protection positive healing energy.
Chant/Recite mantras

Gayatri Mantra


This mantra is a universal prayer, one of the most ancient ones.
It is Vedic prayer to illuminate the intelligence.  It helps heal the physical and subtle bodies. It is a meditation and prayer at the same time on the Divine Light.

Face the Sun when you recite/chant this mantra.
In my free Ebook I share more about Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
and the connection with chakras.
Get my Free Ebook about How to Balance your Chakra System for Spiritual Awakening

When is hard to meditate on my own I use guided meditations.
This is one of the very reasons I have started to create meditations and offer them. I knew how hard it was to just sit quietly when I was in pain and tried to meditate. 
Guided meditations put me in that clear state of mind so I can go through the day when the shift days are intense. 
It is not happening as much as it was in 2012 but when it happens it’s good to have a tool in handy.


Wear Gold and yellow colors.


Drink LOTS of good water with lemon.

Here is my favorite drink:

Water (alkaline)
Lemon, Cucumber, Mint, Basil (all organic).
Add a teaspoon of chia seeds as they are good for hydration.


Eat Yellow fruits and ORGANIC CORN.
More than 90% of corn on the market in the US is genetically modified which is BAD!
Do your homework and research GMO.


A powerful yogic technique to cool the heat in the body

Make a small “O” with your mouth, (slightly opened) and inhale – you should hear a whistle sound and then exhale forcefully through your mouth. Keep doing this for a few good minutes and notice the fast results. If you want to add a mudra (hands gesture) hands should be shoulder level facing each other with thumb and index touching.


Troubles sleeping or sleeping too much

When the solar activity is in full force many have problems sleeping.
What helps my husband and I greatly are the feet chakra balancers. My husband wears them religiously and he sleeps very well. I have to admit, although these are absolutely amazing tools, I prefer not to use them every night. But when I need a good nite sleep, as soon as I put them on I am already snoring… It is absolutely amazing how many times I have done this with the exact same effect.  Strongly suggest them if you have trouble sleeping.

Sleep as much as you need if you are tired.
Your body needs to recover from intense purging and healing.


Laugh, Smile, Feel Good

This way you raise your vibes. Sometimes is hard to do this. Fake it until you make it… 🙂

Wishing you Peace and an Easy Shift,


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Awakening Meditation

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Mercury Retrograde? Time to chill…

MercuryRetrograde1 Mercury the planet that represents communication: time to contemplate your feelings and emotions observe your moods and pick up where you left old projects.

Not a great idea to start something new but focus on completing old projects and tasks. Great time to connect with the source and look deep within to re-connect with own Divine.


When planet Mercury is retrograding is a perfect time to learn about ourselves.

Check out the podcast about how Mercury Retrograde affects our lives and how can we work with this energy so we can stay sane. 🙂
Learn about more positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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Solar Energies: part of the shift and How to deal with them

goldenMandalaEverything is shifting and changing to an accelerate speed. We become more sensitive to what is happening in the Cosmos. We have to learn how to tap into these cosmic forces, how to recognize them and work with them.

Eclipses, full moons, solstices, planets retrogrades, all affect our energetic field.
Summer time can be intense for some sensitive, empathic people. The energy of the Sun is a strong great energy but combined with environment pollution as well as psychic pollution can have a negative effect on our energetic field.
It is very important to know that you are not alone and many of us were experiencing similar things at the same time, and it is very comforting to know and share with each other how to better serve us as well as other souls who are suffering.
Old habits, patterns, realities fall away. We are transforming, our structure become more crystalline, we get upgraded. The whole planet is changing and we should go with the flow organically, instead of resisting.
People that come into our lives to annoy, irritate, aggravate us are sent to us to show our true self. How do we react to them? We sometimes need to be provoked in order to understand what dwells deep inside us.
How to deal with SOLAR shifting energies
If you are caught in an argument, feel depressed or in bad mood:

Take long deep breaths, keep your tongue against the upper palate, do pranayama- (the yogic science of breath): close the right nostril and breath through your left, this way the yin (feminine/moon channel) activates and keeps you calm.
Water!!! drink lots of water, the body has a tendency to get dehydrated during these intense times. 

Avoid spicy foods
during those times as they aggravate the “fire within” (fire is good for digestion, balance and keeps the heart warm but if it gets out of balance, it can become destructive)

Many people use Orgone Energy for Relaxation to help with being balanced and centered. It helps to keep one stress free, uplifts the spirit, allowing to stay in the Now!).  

Essential oils like spearmint or peppermint help keeping the Heart chakra centered.
Meditation and deep relaxation help to get your mind to be still, away from the “HOT ENERGY” or destructive thinking. Try this powerful deep relaxation meditation.
A powerful yogic technique

Make a small “O” with your mouth, (slightly opened) and inhale – you should hear a whistle sound and then exhale forcefully through your mouth. Keep doing this for a few good minutes and notice the fast results. If you want to add a mudra (hands gesture) hands should be shoulder level facing each other with thumb and index touching.
May you have a pleasant solar shift,

Lilly Natures Blessings
If you believe this article helped you, it will probably help others you care about.
Please share. Leave a comment.

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8 minutes cosmic consciousness – Dec 21, 2012

Cannot stress enough the magnitude of this cosmic event that is happening.  All of us have been preparing for this event for many many many lifetimes.
Venus, Sun and Earth will be all in alignment.

For the ones that are consciously aware, the experience of this fabulous Cosmic Moment will mean everything, for those who are less aware consciously; Dec 21, 2012 will probably mean nothing.  An amazing influx of light will be happening, but each and every one of us will experience it differently, yet at super conscious levels will be the same… because “The One is All, and the All is One”

There will be a window of 8 minutes of cosmic consciousness coming to Earth which technology is trying to harness really hard…  We humans have the potential to harness it better than technology as our bodies are true miracles. Be present to harness this powerful ray of cosmic consciousness a unique opportunity.

Elders ask us to spend time in ceremony in nature for at least 8 minutes at noon (4 minutes before, 4 minutes after). Make sure you get out of buildings, out of concrete structure, touch the earth, be with family and people you love, meditate, pray, drum, sing, chant, dance, and celebrate!! Also spend time in celebration for the next two days: Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd.

We are totally entering into a new stage of consciousness – “the golden age”. However do not be disheartened or discouraged if the next day, Dec 22 everything will look the same.
Do not judge or blame your brothers and sisters that are unconscious, unaware, or still asleep.  We all have an agreement before we came into this lifetime, we all volunteered to be in this body in this particular cosmic moment in time.  When we raise our vibrations, others will raise them too because of the law of resonance which says that you will attract into your life what is based on the resonance/frequency of the energy that you are in.
And because some of us are aware and awakened is because of seeing the big picture: that we are not separated, that we are one, that we are truth, that we are love.  Our agreement when we came into this body was to experience the darkness of pain and suffering of humanity. We have chosen this in order to rise above this dense vibration and lift ourselves quickly and with our uplifting we help others lift.
In order not to feel too much pain that is happening to us we closed our heart center. That results in closing and blocking the feminine energies. Now because of the shift energies and infusion of feminine energies coming to our planet, we are being helped by divine beings, and angelic realms. The spiritual side of us awakens; hence the heart awakens so the connection with our higher self and divine Presence is being reestablished.
Physical body is not the only reality. We are awakening to see more than just physicality; we are awakening to remembering that we are also spiritual beings.
No one will be left behind: our souls agreed long time ago. Everyone is going to make it through this shift of the ages, thank to the powerful light energy workers around the world and cosmos.  For some it will be hard, for some easier. It depends on our contracts and agreements before we came in this physical form. However we all agreed to embody to this present moment in time to help raise vibration of Earth and Cosmos. It is a true honor to have been chosen to be in human form in this magnificent moment in time.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Torus – the fundamental geometry in the universe

Torus is a geometrical shape that continuously ‘comes back to itself’, recycling its own energy. It represents our consciousness and the power of our thoughts. It demonstrates that Science and Spirituality are one. Torus is a powerful vortex of energy when it rotates.
The One is All, and the All is One.



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What is Your Moon Sign and Why is so Important?

Moon SignEveryone who is interested in astrology or mysticism knows what their sun sign or star sign is.  Your Sun sign is where the Sun was located at birth. It is easy to know what the sign is as it can be calculate by knowing your birthday.

Sun sign describes your uniqueness, your basic nature, the way your express yourself in the world.


Moon sign on the other hand has more subtle attributes: your connection with inner self, your emotions, and your subconscious if you will. Moon has feminine and intuitive qualities.

However Moon Sign is not so easy to be calculated and only a few people know their Moon Sign.

When you understand your Moon you start having an idea how to balance your sun  with your moon energies, predict behavioral patterns, change what needs to be changed, adjust what doesn’t work and understand your relationships and your life.

Here is a link where you can calculate your moon sign:



Lily Natures Blessings



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