Earthquakes, Stars and Labyrinths: Spiritual Work to release tension in the world

Dear Earth Angels, Light and Miracle Workers,

We are called during these intense yet miraculous times to do work with the Earth and the Stars.
By now you know that Earth is shifting and we have to shift and align with her.
She is proving more and more everyday that she is a living being. Awww!

This is what I have received from Spirit and wanted to share with you.
We are called to do sacred work with the star people/nations and Mother Earth via labyrinths and star symbols.
For the past months I keep getting messages about number 5, STAR sacred geometry and lately about labyrinths.
The information from our star brothers and sisters is about anchoring the knowledge from the stars into the Earth via labyrinths.
Labyrinths are portals between heaven and earth and have unique transformative powers. Here the veil is very thin and energy which is trapped inside the Earth needs to be released.
While I was in the middle of the labyrinth in Nevada offering a STAR orgone pendant and a crystal to the portal, a strong wind started to blow and rain started pouring heavily from the sky.
This was one of the magical confirmations that the work was successful, true and real.
I immediately saw clairvoyantly a massive ray of energy coming to the surface from deep within the Earth.
There is much trapped dark energy inside the earth and it is ready to explode. That’s why the earth unrest (Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Floods, – Earth Becoming Unstable).
A lot of sensitives feel shaky, dizzy, spiraling upwards and so on lately. We need grounding, we need centering, we need to do sacred work.
The dark energy is a mix of collective fear, anger, fracking, weather manipulation and so on.
Some might ask why do we need to let the energy out?
Well if we don’t release the tension, when it explodes it can create havoc.
Now mind you, this is work in the cosmic/ethereal/invisible realms, but it needs to be accompanied by physical work such as walking the labyrinth with grace and humility, praying and encouraging the healing of earth. Healing the EARTH is healing our humanity.

Now when the energy that is trapped inside the earth is released via labyrinths, the earth releases the buildup tension.
Ask the star people and angels for assistance and be in the heart space when you do the work.
If we manage to connect more labyrinths that are freeing this trapped energy we can help the shift become more stable and grounded in Love.
If you are close by a labyrinth go work with it.
If not just visualize doing the work and connect portals around the world together. They are release valves that help ease up the buildup tension in the world.
Offer crystals, orgone and star sacred geometry in the middle of the labyrinth or just use whatever your intuition guides you. The most important thing is to do the work.
When I was called to do the work I felt a little resistance but Spirit was way more powerful then my comfort zone mood and managed to go out and do the work.
The conformation was really mind blowing: a strong wind and rain followed by sunny sky after only 5 minutes. Was Fascinating and the energy of this opening really shook my body so beautifully.
Hope this info helps and you go out and do the work.
Walk the Sacred Labyrinths and encourage others to do the same. Lets activate the hearts of Humanity.
We are in this together and it is TIME!
Spread this wide and share the LOVE!
Peace and Much Love,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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Synchronicity: How to Increase Synchronicities


The events that happen in our lives are not random.
There is a great Cosmic Intelligence that we are made of, which orchestrates everything with precision.
Although coincidences happen in life, they are not as meaningful as synchronicities.
Carl Jung defined Synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.
Synchronicities are related to psychic awareness, spiritual growth, telepathy and manifestation.
They are the results of the psychic energy that you have created before with your thoughts, feelings or actions.
Two types of Synchronicities
From my experience there are two main types of synchronicities and for the lack of better term I am going to use the words conscious and unconscious.

1. UnConscious -the ones you don’t know where they come from, they catch you by surprise
2. Conscious the ones that you manifest consciously.
The difference between the two is that: in conscious synchronicities you are aware of your thoughts, your feelings and actions, where in the unconscious ones you are not aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.
So which one is better?
Well, they are different and I like them both.
The one that we create unconsciously is more spontaneous, it can surprise us and can lead us to question what thoughts, behaviors or actions created that particular synchronicity?
And the one that is consciously created reinforces the fact that we do a great job by aligning with the Source, giving us power of mastering own minds and spirit.
What do they both have in common?
An opened mind and heart. You recognized them when you believe in them.
Let me give you two examples of synchronicities for both unconscious and conscious.
Conscious Synchronicity

On our month long trip to Thailand, my husband and I spent 4 days on a live aboard scuba diving trip to Similan Islands, Andaman Sea.

One morning as we were heading to the dive site, I said a prayer asking the sea for permission, to have a magical time underwater, perhaps see something spectacular or have a great encounter.
Every time I visit a sacred site I usually make an offering.
This time I was guided to gift the sea with a heart orgone pendant – a gift from my heart to the heart of the sea and its inhabitants.

The moment the heart pendant disappeared into the water I psychically heard: “watch out for large marine life”.

So I went on the first dive without any expectation but a positive attitude and big smile on my face.
The dive like any other dive in the Andaman Sea was beautiful. However on this dive I got cold and there was a strong current underwater that made me fin harder, so the breathing was harder.
Suddenly out of nowhere I see a big creature flying towards us underwater. It was a manta ray. Mantas are graceful, intelligent creatures; I like to call them angels of the sea.
Once she made her presence everything became completely still: the current has stopped completely, I was breathing effortlessly, I was just floating with no movement whatsoever.
It seemed like everything froze in time and space.
It was absolute magic.
All I could see and feel was the manta ray.
We had an encounter for about 4 -5 minutes, which was profound and we exchanged energy and information.
I felt that she needed some healing energy so I kept sending her energy.
Later I found out from a dive guide that the manta had a fishing net stuck in her mouth. No wonder she was asking for healing energy.
Although I couldn’t help her at physical level, we both helped each other by exchanging healing energy.

Unconscious Synchronicity
Solar Eclipse in Pisces –
The same day I had the encounter with manta Ray there was a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, where the Piscean Energy was activated.
So what was the Synchronicity?
When we booked this trip (about 2 months in advance) we had no idea that there will be a New Moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse while we were on the boat.
Eclipses are known to be stirring and surfacing stuff that needs to be changed.
If you are familiar with my work you know that I send out Healing Moon Transmissions for Full Moons and New Moons.
So I was a little upset for not being able to send out a moon transmission, but then realized, wait a minute I will be sending the Moon Transmission from Underwater!
It is not a coincidence: I am a Pisces myself, Pisces is a water element, the Solar Eclipse is in Pisces, we are in the Pisces month, so Pisces energy everywhere!
Sending the moon transmission from underwater was way cool, unique experience!

Why are Synchronicities Important?
Synchronicities are simply confirmations that we are on the right path.

They remind us that there is a high awareness, a spiritual awareness, a higher intelligence and we have the ability to align with it in order to fulfill our soul purpose.
Synchronicities teach us powerful lessons if we pay attention to them. They teach us what to change or adjust, and reinforce that we are on the right path on our evolution and life purpose.
They help us make decisions in life.
They are great personal development tools.
They give access to insight from the world of the unseen, help us solve puzzles of the mind and give us answers, creating “ahaaa moments”…
How to increase synchronicities?
Synchronicities will increase once you have decided to grow. If you are on an evolutionary path you will see synchronicities, telepathic communication, extraordinary manifestation and magic happen at an increase rate.
It requires work on your awareness: being more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Watch your behaviors. Notice what you don’t like and work on adjusting.
If you want more synchronicities in your life then believe in them. Feel them intensely in your spirit… as the Secret is to be Consciously Aware.
Create a spiritual practice
Meditate – that includes sitting quietly, meditative walks in the nature, spending time with yourself, anything that takes the mind out of the linear thinking.
Prayer is a powerful tool for manifesting synchronicities.
One important thing is to not get caught up in the idea that you must have them. Synchronicities appear when you least expect them. That’s because we let go of the idea of wanting. This is detachment.
Be happy! When you’re happy chemicals are activated, synchronicities abound!
Work on expanding your Consciousness.
Consciousness is about individual experience and Awareness.
So if you want to grow or raise your consciousness go out explore and experience and focus on being aware.
I think traveling is the fastest way to expand consciousness. My husband and I LOVE to travel, see mysterious places on Earth. That has a tremendous impact on growing our consciousness to new levels.
Now traveling with awareness, with a humble attitude of not expecting anything makes it even more powerful and fascinating.
So, Go out and explore. Nature will bring synchronicities to you!
Align and harmonize your internal world of thoughts and feelings with what happens outside of you and you will notice more and more synchronicities.
Listen to the audio (podcast) version of this article:

Once we reboot the entire thinking system and awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings then we can recognize synchronicities. The more love, harmony and unity we put into this beautiful Universe which is alive, the more synchronistic our life becomes.
Happy Synchronicities,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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How Can I Accomplish My Soul Mission?


This is a response that came in a Moon Transmission (Full Moon In Capricorn).
The theme of the Transmission was “the Mission”.
Before you came into this world, you signed a very powerful contract.
Your intention was to experience physical reality and one of the main reasons you came into this life is to find and follow your passion, great purpose and life mission. This is part of your continuing evolution.
If we do not follow our path and learn our lessons, we are forced to learn them the hard way. Lessons are served to us every day until we get them.
If we do not make the necessary changes that the soul is destined for, we are forced to make them and that can be unpleasant. But once we get them an entire new beautiful portal of ‘ahaaas’ and understanding opens up.
Spirit gave us three steps to follow and apply to find our Soul Mission.
Step 1:
Stay Positive.
Do whatever is takes to keep your vibrations high. If you want to know what your mission is, this is crucial.
Negativity will never come up with answers.
When you are in the negative frequencies you are forced to bring your system into positive vibrations so you can be in alignment with your soul purpose. The forcing thingy can get ugly…
However you have the power to change it.
(use the 68 seconds technique to shift from negative to high vibrations)


Step 2:
Focus on your Gifts, Talents and Passion.
What are you really, really, really good at?
That can be anything; don’t get caught up in just ‘skills’. Go deep within yourself and find your talents. You have many; you were born with a set of gifts. It is a reason for why you chose these gifts before you even came into this world. (Hint: your gift and talents have to do with your inspiration).

Step 3
Act upon your gifts and talents.
Put your gifts into practice.
Have the courage to come out and express yourself via your gifts and talents. Do whatever it takes.
Practice Non Resistance.
Allow yourself to be who you are.
Ask your Angels to make this step easy for you. Ask for their guidance and assistance.

All steps are very important. However this is the most difficult to implement as we are programmed in our life time to do what brings us so called safety and not happiness.
That’s why I say: be brave to make the decision to act upon your gifts, talents and mission. Find yourself.


My mission is to stay true to myself and help and empower others find their own truth and mission by healing the past.
What is your mission?
What does your heart want?
What does your passion tell you?
Can you express it?
Post your mission on the comments below and share with others who are on the path of finding their Soul Mission.

Lilly Natures Blessings

PS: more info on Moon Transmissions


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Block in the Solar Plexus Chakra vs. Low Frequency Entities

The other day I had a client who asked me if she had entities in her belly as she was feeling like something inside her wanted to come out.
Although negative entities are real this was not the case.
Although this lady has had a history with entities, I strongly got a “NO” to entities.
There was no entity residing in her solar plexus.
So I asked Spirit to guide us and find what was bothering her.


Usually low vibrational entities speak to people in a very mean and disturbing way using words like: “You are not good enough”, you are ugly, fat, not worthy, looser” etc.
This woman didn’t have the nasty entity speaking to her while the activity was happening in the solar plexus.
This was a different thing: a dense block in her solar plexus that was preventing her from enjoying life.
Her solar plexus was saturated with negative emotional stuff that needed to be untangled and unblocked. As I was scanning her solar plexus I could feel tremendous tension like my stomach became a ‘concrete block’.
She told me she has been through so much in her life…
We all have stories to share… Life happens to ALL of us.
How do we deal with it?
There is a Massive Shift happening in the world, also known as Spiritual Awakening and the cosmic alignments push us to do internal work.
If we don’t do the work we suffer: pure and simple.
I have witnessed many people experiencing ‘the solar plexus tightness’.
When solar plexus chakra wants to tell you to do internal work it will give you some signs like: tingling, buzzing, moving energy inside the stomach, etc.
The solar plexus chakra accumulates negative emotions, trauma and fear from the past. If the solar plexus is weak, this accumulated energy gets stuck in the solar chakra. Then the body naturally wants to get rid of it.
Also what I have noticed is that the belly feels bloated and big.
The more stagnant and negative energy the more discomfort in the belly.

This is a symptom of Spiritual Awakening.
Spiritual Awakening says: ‘hey there is something that needs to be released and solved, so I am showing you where the problem is, so you can take care of it and move on with your life’.
All we have to do is acknowledge the issue and take action to solve it.
In this case I have asked and guided the lady to release this energy through her feet chakras into the earth.
It worked beautifully.
Although the tension was not fully released, she felt immediate relief, as this takes time to heal.
Deep breathing helps with the release…

Solar plexus chakra is the center of will power and if it’s not balanced and strengthened we allow fear, insecurities and low self esteem.
A psychic spiritual tool to help awaken and balance the solar plexus chakra is the solar plexus chakra orgone pendant.

In my Ebook How to Balance your 7 Chakras for Spiritual Awakening, I share techniques and guidelines on how to clean, balance and activate the chakra system.
You can get a FREE copy of my Ebook Here.


May you have a happy and balanced solar plexus chakra 🙂
Share this article with someone who is on the Spiritual Path and needs this information.
Have any comments? Share them below.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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The Matrix: Break Free from Mental Enslavement

The more I travel, meditate, dream, elevate, live and Love, the more I find myself breaking free from ‘the Matrix’.
I got so inspired to write about this due to a dream I had two nights ago.
In my dream I was playing a game with some people.
The room we were in was filled with beds.
There were two types of people standing on the beds: the players and their assistants.
The players were lifted using harnesses by their assistants until they reached the ceiling and then they were just floating there. Ha!
I was like: hmm… what is this weird game?
It makes no sense. But at the same time looks like so much fun!!!
When my turn came to be lifted to the ceiling, I found out I was struggling with the harnesses.
I felt the heaviness of my body and felt resistance.
Then I got an idea and imagined I was a balloon that was very light in weight.
As soon as I shifted my thinking I found myself floating up the ceiling. So much fun!!! It is a total different perspective to see things from above. Really cool!
I woke up feeling so light and so good.
This was an out of body experience. A meaningful one.
I asked Spirit what was the meaning of this dream.
Spirit replied: “The Matrix!!!!
Remember The Matrix movie?
In particular the first of the series?
It was extremely significant as people realized the nature of a controlled society.
What in the world my dream has to do with the Movie The Matrix?
And Spirit goes on…
What is happening right now on our planet is extremely amazing, and at the same time crazy! There is change in frequencies and the controlling factors can be high.
The Control programming continues to break down as more and more people chose to wake up from an unreal dream. Isn’t that what happened in the movie?
So… What is the Matrix?
Some will say it’s just a mathematical system that allows for the computation of equations, just weird math.
Others say: matrix is Control, birth, artificial intelligence, a system, our enslaved minds, a cage, a prison for our minds, perhaps a GAME (a learning tool), a movie, the Church, a computerized dream world, an advanced technological society coming to its full fruition, nothing, everything…
The matrix – “Man made world reality” locks us into past, present and future.
We live in the 3rd dimension and we are chained by time (an illusion). This linear time can create fear, boredom, frustration, anxiety, and tension if we are only focused on it.
I was fortunate enough to swim with wild dolphins in different sacred locations and learned so much from them. One thing that makes them so special and intelligent is that they don’t operate in linear time, as they are multidimensional beings.
Well, they do not have to pay bills, struggle financially, not having to wash the dishes, or take the garbage out …
We chose to come in this world as humans and not dolphins, though.
But we can learn from them: to tap into upper non linear dimensions and find our truth.
In the Spirit world there is no such linear time. When we elevate to higher dimensions we gain a deeper understanding of this past-present-future – timeless concept.
In the fourth dimension and higher, we become unchained from time and space measurements.
There we have freedom in moving around space/time and travel, moving objects with our minds, performing miraculous healings instantaneously and effortlessly.
I personally, cannot do any psychic or healing work if I am fully in the 3rd dimension.
I might go in and out of 3rd dimension, which btw is super powerful, but most of the time the work is done in a higher dimension.
We still live in this 3RD so we need a foot planted into this world and the other planted into the spiritual world in order to keep balance and harmony. Spirit and physicality requires a harmonious marriage.
How can you rich a higher dimension?
By freeing the mind!!!

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself
.” ~ Morpheus -The Matrix
“Stop trying to hit me. Hit me!”… “What are you waiting for? You are faster than this. Don’t think you are, KNOW YOU ARE”. ~ from The Matrix movie:


Remember my dream?
When I let go of the concept of body being heavy, switched perception and envisioned a balloon, I was floating on the ceiling in a split second.
Metaphorically speaking the Ceiling represents the higher world/dimension, higher perspective, seeing the big picture, having clarity, thinking out of the box, out of the Matrix, deeper understanding. Even if my physical body was assisted by physical equipment, freeing my mind made the floating happen.
The bed represents the dream state. Just in case people would fall they would land on the bed, so they would not get injured.
Spiritual Awakening shouldn’t be so fearful or painful.
Awakening doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens in layers; as we all grow and evolve in layers.
Getting out of Matrix (inbox) is not so dangerous.
Even if you decide to come back, you still land on a cushion (bed). In other words just try to see how it is to free your mind from limitations; the worst thing that can happen is having an experience.
Freeing the mind can be achieved in a deep state of relaxation, meditation, when the body travels astraly or in a dream state.
It is about shifting awareness. The not-knowing mind (intuition) is in fact a very high state of consciousness.
Working with different people, I have learned that most of the time someone has a bad or negative experience when in an altered state of awareness is because of fear or mental programming that is closely related to fear. Fear keeps us enslaved and trapped in our own believe systems and minds.
What the balloon symbolizes?
Light energy, freedom, letting go of heavy energy.
It is time to let our minds become light as a balloon in order to roam freely and break free from programming and believe systems that don’t serve us well.
The Matrix exists in this reality because of fake believes created by fake believe systems.
All the helpers and guides from the Angelic and higher Realms cannot help us unless we make a conscious decision to rise above the Matrix, to shift perspective.
This is how healing works.
Free your Mind,
Lilly Natures Blessings­

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People Experiencing Strange Electric Phenomena: Sliders


 We all know that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, right?
Many people do not realize their super charged energy can cause electronic and electric appliances interferences. Really? 
Yes!!! And I want to admit I am one of those people.
Sometimes really WEIRD things happen when I am super excited, charged, loaded with a lot of energy, even when I am super happy or upset, when while asleep or when in the presence of people with high energetic vibrations.
Let me tell you, it can be frustrating, it can get annoying if this type of energy runs for way long,  so it is good practice to get centered, grounded, breath deeply, say a prayer and make peace with these energies, so your energies won’t act up and cause electronic interferences.
Lilly Natures Blessings
Sliders: People Who Cause Strange Electrical Phenomena
Despite the name, Sliders phenomena are not limited to street lights only. Often folks who share your “ability” can’t wear watches; they will stop working within a couple of days, regardless of how many new batteries are put in them.
They also affect other electrical appliances such as headlights and alternators in automotive vehicles, lights/light bulbs and computers. Light bulbs may blow every time a “SLIder” touches a lamp or a light switch.  
Computers may freeze up or experience other problems. CD players may change tracks suddenly whenever a SLIder is near. Magnetic phenomena may also manifest. For example, SLIders may be unable to use credit cards because the cards become unreadable after they’ve been carried on their person. Your irregular EKG is probably your energy causing the equipment to malfunction.
Those who share these experiences are usually relieved to hear that they are not alone. Most spent years questioning what was happening, until eventually they were convinced that something unusual was going on. Like you, all independently report that high emotion plays a key role in such experiences. When they are upset, angry or simply very excited, the phenomena really kick in.
Super-charged bioenergy fields (auras) seem to be the cause. The human nervous system is chemical and electrical in nature. (Neurotransmitters are electrical impulses). When we are emotionally wound up, our nervous systems light up like a busy switchboard. While in most people this does not affect street lights, etc., in people who already have very high energy, getting revved up can boost them to a level where they actually affect electrical systems around them in noticeable ways. Many electrical appliances are easily affected or damaged by sparks of high voltage electricity. We might say that high energy people who are revved up send off “sparks” that trip or blow fuses.
As for what causes this, the theories vary. On the down to earth side of the spectrum, theorists suggest that these phenomena are entirely explainable in bioenergetic terms, though why some people seem to have higher energy than others, no one knows. As I see it, everything is related, so it’s impossible to explain anything on a purely physical level.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything that appears to be solid is in fact almost entirely empty space with patterns of energy running through it. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Should our frequency become abnormally high or low, unusual things might begin to happen such as what you describe.

This shift in frequency could have a number of different causes. Many who have had near death experiences report SLIder phenomena ever after. Other SLIders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock at some point in the past. Still others claim to have had UFO or alien experiences. Some theorists claim that humans who have lived on other planets in previous lives will be born on Earth with different energy and abilities, including what you’re describing here. For more information, search the ‘net for “star seed,” “Indigo children,” or “Indigo adults.” In any case, it appears that something alters SLIders’ energetic frequencies, thus causing unusual electrical phenomena.
It’s important to note that electrical phenomena following the death of a loved one or following attempts at communication with loved ones in Spirit are often efforts by spirits to get our attention. Just as our own energy can affect electrical systems, so can the energy of spirits. In fact, working with non-physical energy/electricity is the easiest way for them to affect physical reality. Not all anomalous electrical manifestations are SLIder situations.
At the same time, many “electric people” also report a high degree of psychic ability or related experiences. This only makes sense, since “high energy” means “high vibration,” which is the foundation of psychic development. These people not only “transmit” their own energy to other electrical systems, they also “receive” energy from them. They are very sensitive to high energy environments and situations, often painfully so. For example, they may “feel” discomfort if a fluorescent light is on anywhere in the house. As Vick Noble explains it in Shakti Woman, “Whereas it seems that the skin is the boundary of the person in ‘normal’ reality, when that same person opens psychically, the boundary expands. The person feels herself extending out beyond the body, taking up more space, feeling things in an extrasensory way. What we took for granted as a kind of density in the physical realm is suddenly called into question on every level.”
I believe that spiritual “awakening” is the development of heightened awareness of all that is already there. Most people are sleepwalking through life, filtering out all but the most obvious stimuli. When we awaken, we become more aware not only of dense physical reality, but also the subtler energetic reality underlying (and creating) the physical. As we begin to move into this higher level of awareness, we become energetically supercharged and sensitive. In traditional spiritual terms, this might be called a “kundalini experience.” (There’s another good search term for you). Many who experience a surge in kundalini include electrical phenomena in their list of “symptoms.”
As we are ever evolving on an upward spiral, it’s a good idea to learn how to work with your high energy. Since this phenomenon is closely tied to high emotion, one way to try to control it is to simply be calm. Before you go to the chiropractor, spend some time in meditation or yoga cultivating inner peace. If you worry that the machine won’t work again, you’ll only get emotionally revved up and produce the same experience again.
There are many gifts in having a high vibration. I encourage you to research further, and to explore how you might use your “electric personality” in helpful, positive ways.
– Julia

A few Things that can help with this Type of intense energetic transition:
~Peace and relaxation orgone pendant which is effective for relaxing in ordinary as well as unusually stressful situations, promoting harmony and tranquility.
~ blue lotus lily elixir or rescue remedy
~deep breathing
~ grounding and centering, connecting to Earth (feet chakra balancers orgone pieces will not only help with grounding but offer protection)
~ yoga
~ meditation

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Sacred Mandala Universal Grid Project


Why Sacred locations (power Spots on Earth) are so important?

Well… because they lend powerful energy in the form of information to be put into practice.

They are POWER SPOTS OF MYSTERY and subtle fields of spiritual energy.

When we visit them we rediscover the Medicine of the Earth and how to work with, respect, honor and heal each other and The Earth.

This year in April Spirit called my husband and I to visit a few Sacred Locations in Mexico (Ruta Puuc) in order to receive Important Insight from our ancestors from Mayan, Atlantean and Lemurian Civilizations.

The information when we visit Sacred Locations and we visited quite a few, is absolutely mind blowing!!! It is filled with truth, crazy powerful Ahhha!!! Moments and a lot of gifts in the form of healing, psychic insight, spiritual empowerment, abundance and much more…

One of the most powerful insights received during this visit transformed into a Sacred Project: ~ Sacred Mandala Universal Grid Project ~

This Project it is about connecting own individual grid (mandala) with the Universal Grid to ACTIVATE Awareness, Unity, Peace, Consciousness, Harmony, Centerdness.

Ancestors are telling us that it is CRUCIAL to develop these qualities in as many people as possible.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate, by the way.

The beauty of this is that we can connect with these sacred locations and receive information from advanced civilizations and ancestors.

In this podcast I invited my friend Yasmine to discuss together the Importance of creating our own mandalas to create a spiritual practice that connects with everyone’s practice in the world.

It is TIME!

We are required in these powerful times to create our own sacred locations and connected them with the Universal Grid with the flow of the collective.


Sacred Geometry

Highly evolved civilization like Lemuria and Atlantis used sacred geometry: circles, pyramids, torus, merkaba, Golden Mean, cube, etc.

Nautilus is the perfect example of sacred geometry: spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies to lower frequencies of thought.

Nautilus represents the Golden Mean, the beginning of ALL spiraling beautiful representing the evolution. And what is magical and synchronistic about this is that only two months before visiting Mexico I was gifted with a Spiral Shell of a rare Nautilus in Fiji while visiting another Sacred Spot on Earth. Still to this day I am in such Awe!

So what is a Mandala?

Mandala is a round, circular image representing wholeness.
It is a cosmic design found all around us.
It represents peace, Oneness and harmony.

The insight received was to Create individual grids/mandalas using Sacred Geometry which will eventually become vortexes that connect us with the Divine Spirit, God.

Use any type of mandala you are guided to.
Spirit whispered that the 7 pieces arrangement works for 2014.  However use whatever your intuition, Spirit, Angels are guiding you.

This information waited for the divine time to surface and it is supposed to reach MANY people in order to raise global vibrations and raise consciousness.


Purpose of the Grid

~ rapid awakening – mass awareness.
~ bring feminine energy awareness and balance it with the masculine.
No more wars, harmony instead. Law of Oneness!
~ connect everything to raise vibrations of PLANET, amplifying positive Energies
~ connect with Sacred Locations and become Sacred Locations,
~ create our own sacred circles, vortexes of positive energies
~pull divine energy into the physical world


Steps in Creating the GRID/MANDALA

1. INTENTION/prayer/meditation/thought – it has to be in alignment with Truth, wisdom, peace, Love to serve the Greatest Good. Any intention that comes from power struggle, selfishness, fear and so on, will simply not work. Work light and PASSION!!!

2. Creative Essence:
ask yourself : What do I want to bring into the world?
What is my contribution to the Soul of the planet?
Your talents, your gifts, your hobbies, basically who you are.
Awakening and Activate these Energies

3. Sacred Geometry:
bring intention–we found out the circle is the perfect geometric structure as it represents feminine energy, healing, compassion and has subtle powers. Other examples: Flower of Life, Merkabha, Pyraminds, Diamond, Cube, Triangle

4. Sacred objects used:
symbols that remind you of your sacredness, or divine seeds

Yasmine and I gathered for many years a multitude of sacred objects.
Instead of collecting shoes, makeup, fashionable clothing, we collected and created spiritual sacred objects that we work with and get attuned to their energies: Gemstones, rocks from the tree nations and plant kingdom, Sacred orgone amulets and pendants, crystals, >Lemurian Crystals, talismans, different realms objects: Angelic and Faeries Realm Objects, Dolphins and Whales, Dragons, Fossils, Herbs, elements and elemental objects, psychic and spiritual empowering objects, shamanic objects, sacred feathers, native drums, sacred musical instruments, powerful elixirs from the Earth, blessed water and more.

5. Actual Individual Work

act upon knowledge
Every mandala created is never duplicated.  Mandalas also change.
Individual mandala is created with attention, creativity, uniqueness.
The Beauty is we need very little to do this activity.

6. Actual Connection with the Grid:
via Intention


7. Spreading the Knowledge to RAISE AWARENESS:
post picture, spread the word, so we connect with each other, create your own circle, communities circles, connect with the grid

Facebook: SACRED PROJECT: Create own Mandala and Connect with Universal Grid


We need reminders, we need triggers, we need nudges.



Universal Grid is reminding subconsciously of our conscious.
This is part of evolution, becoming more aligned with our divine purpose.

Working with energies is the Master Key in Spiritual Evolution.

Strongly suggest taking part in this project!!!
It brings so much spiritual growth, psychic insight, amazing ideas, vitality, empowerment and so much good stuff… Totally go for it!

Sacred Grid Blessings,

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Spiritual Awakening Symptom: Deep Longing to Go Home

One of the most challenging symptoms of Spiritual Awakening is the “deep longing to go Home”.
I have had them, some of my clients and friends had them. The deep longing is an overwhelming desire to leave this planet and go back “Home”.

Mind you. I am not talking about the suicidal thoughts, or wishing you want to die and it is not caused by negative emotions like anger or loss. It is just a very simple feeling of wanting to go home, feeling like you have finished your mission on this planet.
This is usually very strong for those on a very deep spiritual path and went through many life cycles and feel like their karmic cycle is now complete.
This is quite natural and it happens because you are cleansing old illusions while transforming, welcoming the truth.
What is interesting, although you feel like you have completed the karmic cycle in this life you are ready to begin a NEW life. However the new life is still happening in this present life incarnated in this very body.
Some remember previous lives or have flashes of memories from previous lives, some know how is to go between dimensions.
These are the New Light Energies that are coming to Earth and have been roaming the planet for a while and they remind you of home.
And yes sometimes can be challenging and yes sometimes you can feel lonely or depressed. But remember there is a reason why we are here and you we are never alone.
We all have a home. It is our Soul Home, and although your contract is completed your work has just begun.
Spirit is always with you. Angels are always watching over you and guide you. Ask for their assistance when needed it.
Go easy on yourself, go with the flow, RELAX, allow and accept the fact that you go through a Massive Awakening, the biggest of ALL times and it is beautiful.
Lilly Natures Blessings

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Full Body Relaxation Technique

~Destructive tension is your enemy, relaxation is your friend~

We live in a “fast food” society.relax

Stress, destructive tension, fatigue are the main causes of discomfort in life.
Healing comes when the body is totally relaxed. Meditation allows the body to relax. There are many meditation techniques, I am offering one of my techniques.
Choose a place where you will be undisturbed.

Lie down on the floor, with arms resting at your sides, assuming a comfortable position with the weight evenly distributed on the floor. Breath slowly and normaly.
Now stretch your arms, legs feet or any part of your body. (choose one). The muscle will contract.
For example: clench your hands then let them unclench (relax) slowly. Do it again but now take your time letting go very slowly. Notice how it feels when letting go. Stop clenching any part of your body and focus on your breathing. Breath in relaxation. Breath out any problems or anxieties.

Focus on your left foot toes. Relax them one by one. Next, move up your foot, relaxing and letting go any tensions. Focus on the ankle and let go. Keep breathing slowly and normally the whole time.
Move up and relax the knee joint. Relax the thigh muscles and the buttocks. Relax the pelvis.
Focus on the right leg and do exactly the same you did with the left leg, breathing slowly, relaxing , letting go.
Focus on the front of the body, relaxing the abdominal muscles, chest muscles and shoulders.

Return to the back of the body, slowly relaxing the lower back, middle back , upper back and shoulders. Spend as much time as you need on the shoulders as here most of the tension gathers.
Relaxing the left shoulder go down to the left arm, relaxing the elbow, wrist, palm and fingers one by one.
Do the same on the right hand.
Return to the neck very slowly , relaxing and letting go. Relax the back of the head.
Focus on the face. Relax the jaw, mouth, nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead and top of your head.
Continue breathing slowly and normally. See if any muscle in your body is tense and relax it.

If your mind starts wandering bring the attention back to your breath and think : ”relax, let go”.
In this state you can bring your attention to your problem areas and focus more on them relaxing and letting go.
You might experience all kinds of phenomena: seeing colors or images, feel your body heavy, light or elongating, falling asleep sensation, sounds etc. Some people leave their bodies and travel astrally. It is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion it’s beneficial. Just make sure you get grounded after you finish the relaxation technique.
Start moving your toes and/or fingers slowly, stretch yourself slowly, moving slowly side to side or whatever feels comfortable. When you are ready turn on your right side and slowly push yourself up.
In a deep state of relaxation healing takes place and the act of letting go allows energies to get balanced.
Enjoy the power of relaxation and don’t forget to look in the mirror after a deep relaxation, you’ll look much more relaxed and younger.

Check out this powerful Deep Conscious Relaxation Meditation MP3 Download that was birthed from Spirit during a powerful Moon Transmission.


Orgone chakra balancers and feet chakra balancers (orgone) are amazing powerful tools which promote very deep states of relaxation.
Lilly Natures Blessings

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Words of Encouragement from the Spirit

sanctuaryThis came in a profound Moon Transmission where quite a few people tuned in energetically to receive this message from the Great Spirit.

In the beginning of the transmission 18 people showed up at the same time, and then more and more people came and tuned into this amazing Unified ENERGY.
The more of us doing light work at the same time, the more empowered our lives and PEACE making on our beloved planet.
We were asked by the Great Mystery to sit quiet and focus on high vibrational thoughts and affirmations for 68 seconds. It was deliciously beautiful: none of us were connected physically but telepathically. Even if consciously we didn’t know exactly what to do, our souls were connected to the highest levels of awareness and we did an amazing light work as ONE.

68 seconds was enough to shift the energies that needed shifted at that moment in time and tip the scale towards more vibrant and positive life for us ALL.

(Read more about the 68 seconds technique here)

We were provided with a very beautiful visual for this work: a massive pink lotus flower was placed on the heart chakra to awaken our hearts to deeper levels of awakening and love.
White lotuses were placed on the upper chakras and dark colored lotuses placed on the lower chakras.
You might ask: dark colors? Hmmm…
Regardless of colors the message was of MASSIVE AMOUNT OF LOVE.
“Love is everywhere even in the darkness.”
You might be familiar with the Buddhist story of lotus. It is a very beautiful flower but its journey of growth starts underwater in mud, in not so clean waters, basically in the darkness and in rough conditions.
However despite of these conditions the lotus grows strong and manages to push through the dirty challenges to come clean, graceful and majestic to the surface. Like the lotus we should not be afraid of the darkness, but embrace it, recognize it, acknowledge our obstacles and push through to come to the surface, clean, beautiful and strong, releasing the fears in order to grow, evolve and gain wisdom.  Tap into the infinite potentiality.
The messages about darkness and light being part of ONEness.

Go into the darkness, face your fears, look at your challenges, be grateful they exist, look at them as allies and not enemies because they teach us how to overcome what is stagnant.
We all have different gifts and some of us have a mission to go into the depths of the darkness and find the treasured lotus and bring it to the surface to shine bright.

During a personal retreat in Fiji I was gifted by the Spirit of the Ocean (a squid brought for me on my birthday from the depths of the ocean to the surface) with a huge Nautilus – a rare shell.
Since then, I tune into it daily to receive messages for self as well as share them with the world.
In this transmission the insight received via Nautilus was:

“Keep staying in touch with your light. Keep radiating your internal light. It matters more then you consciously realize. Every single act of kindness, every prayer, every smile, every meditation, every high vibrational thought, every conscious meal you eat, every conscious breathe you take, every good work, deed, regardless of how small it is, it MATTERS and ads to the COLLECTIVE energy of the world.”

The above is very powerful, that’s why the 68 seconds technique is so appropriate and I strongly suggest everyone use it, specially when you find yourself in low vibrational frequencies.
We were reminded to use this mantra to help the shift of the planet and help raise vibrations in the world.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

which means:
“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”
Chanting this mantra you attract Angels and Spirits of the high dimensions.

Find ways to stay in high vibrations.

A very powerful guided meditation that is similar in energy with the 68 seconds technique is the Loop of Awareness with Archangels. It was gifted to me in a moon transmission and was guided to offer it. When you do it shifts negative perception immediately, like switching a button off and on.  Very powerful stuff, as Archangels are the highest order of Angels.

Stay more connected with Higher Self, it has so much information to share with you.


Learn to listen more and hear with the heart not just ears.


Stay calm. Do not rush, be active and energetic but do not rush.


Be in the NOW, Be in the NOW, Be in the NOW.


Stay tuned from more updates from the Cosmos.

May the Angels Brighten your day.
Lilly Natures Blessings
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