Cold and Flu Rule. What Would you do?


“What would you do when you want to go skiing so bad!!!!! but you have a cold, sneeze like a kitten and your head feels like a heavy pumpkin on your shoulders?”
I asked the above question on my social media page .

As I love Nature so much, I developed such passion for skiing.

Many of people who know me are familiar with my orgone work.

I travel and gift orgone to locations that need it.
Orgone Energy not only transmutes negative energy to positive energy, neutralizing the bad EMF’s but is also a great tool for assisting humanity with mass awakening (a thing that I am very passionate about).

So as I was doing some cleansing spiritual work with orgone in Ukraine, I took advantage of the weather and went skiing.
The Whiteness of snow takes me to another state of consciousness fast.
It is so calming and purifying. It feels like everything slows down and impurities are being cleansed.

But …. After a few days of skiing I got the flu! Ohh no!

So late at night my partner asked if I was going to ski the next day.
So I said: I will know tomorrow morning how I feel.
The next morning I didn’t feel any better but decided to go.
I wasn’t feeling beat up, just weak.

I went on FB and asked the question.
And of course got quite a few responses.

People are awesome! I love empathic people who want to help out.
Some said Yay, some said Nay!

So here are a few responses:

“Go ski. Joy will cure you”

“Sauna sounds good too! Feel better. ”

“No colds no flu shall ever stop what I am doing good company fun laughing “

“…I chose the latter get vicks inhaler take some pain relief ie: gin and rhubarb juice and skiing lulu awesome x”
“I’d go I mean lol sneezes or not …life is for living after all wrap up, get vicks inhaler …Problem solved x”

“GO!! My way of thinking is its way more fun to go out feeling shitty and enjoy yourself than to stay home and feel worse than shitty! Sweat that out of you!”

“Here’s the rule: if you’re sick from the neck up, hydrate lots and sweat it out.
If you’re sick from the neck down, you may have the flu and you need serious rest.
Take care ”

“Not a good idea to go skiing when you feel like that especially with your head”
“Bundle up and get going!”

“Take a shot of Jagermeister and go skiing anyway!”

“I create Sacred Space for healing and ask, what is it that needs to be cleared?”
“maybe cozy-up in bed and daydream!”

So this is what I did:
Bundled up and went skiing!!! Lol

It was around a powerful full moon and I instructed my orgone necklace to help me with extra boosting energy. It did!
I got enough strength to enjoy my day of skiing.

I think it is a matter of how you really feel in the moment and listen to your inner voice.
There is a time where you need to rest and there is a time when you need to push forward.

Flu is testing if our immune system is working.

Getting a flu or cold is not always a bad thing.
It can make us stop and think, rethink about our health, our nutrition, our spiritual practice.
Have we ignored it lately?

Flu offers an opportunity to get rid of toxins, garbage, mucus, even critters like fungus and bacteria while we renew and boost our immune system.
It gives the opportunity to bring the entire system back into balance.

The detox left me with so much energy.
After I got rid of the flu, I got compliments on how good I look. 🙂

Stay healthy, detox and be happy,

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Mantra to Uplift Spirit during intense time

Sometimes darkness takes over our minds and it is hard to see the light again.
I was on my divine journey into the unknown and felt sad, alone and a bit depressed.
So I asked Spirit to give me a new tool to work with.
We are guided to use different tools at different times in our lives.
So the tool was received gracefully.
I heard the Sanskrit mantra: “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” and started to chant it.
All I needed was a spark of light and Boom! Here I was back on my feet again, filled with positive energy, gratitude while I regained my confidence.
Imagine how much awareness and vibrational shift we bring into the matrix if we raise our vibes. Try it. It is absolutely magic!
We help with the consciousness shift as we serve. Seva is the Sanskrit word for “the art of selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment.
In ancient India seva helps with spiritual growth.
We cannot allow the negativity to take over our lives. We need to stay present, extremely aware and catch the negative thoughts and be ready to change them immediately. Otherwise we risk falling into the spiral of negativity that hurts our soul. So be mindful of your thinking.
I am inviting you to not only to try but be the mantra. Sing with me (video below)


I believe Spirit wants us to use it during times of intensity. Let’s face it. 2016 has been such an unstable and wild year! Crazy people, crazy world, darkness, fears, high intense emotions surfacing everywhere in the world.
We need to go back to who we are: beings of light. We need to practice being happy.
This Mantra is such a positive mantra that helps you move from the sadness of your soul to the greatest of your soul.
Sanskrit language describes states of consciousness. It is the language of the mystics, the language of thought and consciousness, like poetry but have precision in the words.
Om (AUM) is the sound of the Universe where the word human comes from.
Chants awaken spiritual qualities in us. The energy lifts us above the mind, where thoughts can’t seem to reach us. Worry and stress melt away.
Someone asked me and you probably have asked yourself the same question:
“Do you have the English translation? In order for me to come from a sincere place, it would help if I know and understood exactly what I am saying each time?”
I totally understand, as I was there. First time I participated in a live music kirtan (chanting mantras) I had the same question and my yoga teacher who seemed to have read our minds came up with the answer and invited us to feel the mantra instead of looking for the English translation.
Our ego wants to know all the time, our minds want to be in charge all the time and we forget about how we feel, we forget about how to tap into our heart and let Spirit guide us.
Translations of mantras vary due to the fact that Sanskrit language is a vibrational language that has so many layers of meaning. So here are some translations but then again you have to find your own interpretation that comes from heart and not mind. You have to experience the mantra and feel its transformational power, rather than trying to understand it intellectually.
“I bow to the Lord who lives in the hearts of all”
“OM and salutations to the Indwelling One, substance of the Divine”
“Salutations to the Indweller who is omnipresent, omnipotent, immortal and divine.”

Please let me know what your experience with this mantra is.
Inner Peace,


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Dark Forces attacks on the free will and how to counteract them



Free Will, some call it Karma is “the ability to make choices without external coercion”.
Dark side can manipulate our free will, but it is extremely rare or almost impossible to crush the free will.

Even dark forces know there are Universal Laws that cannot be broken and as a consequence free will is respected.

However the only way to break ones free will is through manipulation.
We allow to be manipulated when we are complacent, when we are in fear, when we lose faith, when we operate in low vibrations of guilt, fear, jealousy, victimhood, greed, etc.
The Universe is built in such a way that Light and Truth prevails. But before we reach the light we go through darkness so we can “earn” the light.
Darkness attacks through different forms: manipulation, programming, amnesia, distortion of truth, hypnosis through mainstream media, chemicals in our food, water and environment to keep us submissive and asleep, alcohol, drugs, psychedelics, any form of addiction etc. The main goal is to keep us asleep so manipulation of the free will is achieved easily.
Being awakened breaks the spell of manipulation and illusion.
Being Aware
Awareness breaks us free from karmic manipulation. The more we go through challenges and learn from them our awareness increases.
True Knowledge prevents manipulation. Knowledge teaches us how to operate from our highest awareness to keep us protected.
Being responsible
We are programmed to criticize, judge and blame others for our own misfortune. That is extremely disempowering.
When you take responsibility for your own action, thoughts and energy you operate from your highest self, and higher self cannot be manipulated by dark forces.
Conscious/unconscious contracts and choices
Our life is the result of choices and decisions we made up to the present moment.
Nobody chose for you but you, whether you want it or not.
Along the years we have signed contracts both beneficial and non beneficial to our free will.
Some contracts we signed being unaware or unconscious, some we signed consciously.
The non beneficial ones we signed allow for crushing of the free will.
The cancellation of evil non beneficial contracts is such a great method to use so you can free the damage done to our karma.
When you sign to cancel detrimental contracts, there is a release happening in the karma and the destiny path as well as cleansing of aura and space around you. Here you can find the contract cancellation.

Fear is such a powerful enemy of the free will and the dark side uses all the possible weapons and methods to make us slaves of fear.
Fear of death is the most powerful of all fears. Once we understand that our spirit never dies and body only goes through transition/transformation we change the entire perception about death.
Fear of death can have many disguises. For example fear of not being accepted by society is another form of fear of death, which in fact is the death of ego.
Fear blocks our navel (sacral chakra)and that interferes with the ability to make right decisions. Conscious work and breathing through the second chakra helps to reawaken and balance this powerful energy life force center.
In conclusion:
Free will is our birthright. By continuous work on the self, increasing awareness, knowledge, operating from higher consciousness we can prevent attacks of the dark entities and forces and we can create a life of beauty and magic that we deserve.
Keep heads up, hearts open and free will alive.


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Synchronicity: How to Increase Synchronicities


The events that happen in our lives are not random.
There is a great Cosmic Intelligence that we are made of, which orchestrates everything with precision.
Although coincidences happen in life, they are not as meaningful as synchronicities.
Carl Jung defined Synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.
Synchronicities are related to psychic awareness, spiritual growth, telepathy and manifestation.
They are the results of the psychic energy that you have created before with your thoughts, feelings or actions.
Two types of Synchronicities
From my experience there are two main types of synchronicities and for the lack of better term I am going to use the words conscious and unconscious.

1. UnConscious -the ones you don’t know where they come from, they catch you by surprise
2. Conscious the ones that you manifest consciously.
The difference between the two is that: in conscious synchronicities you are aware of your thoughts, your feelings and actions, where in the unconscious ones you are not aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.
So which one is better?
Well, they are different and I like them both.
The one that we create unconsciously is more spontaneous, it can surprise us and can lead us to question what thoughts, behaviors or actions created that particular synchronicity?
And the one that is consciously created reinforces the fact that we do a great job by aligning with the Source, giving us power of mastering own minds and spirit.
What do they both have in common?
An opened mind and heart. You recognized them when you believe in them.
Let me give you two examples of synchronicities for both unconscious and conscious.
Conscious Synchronicity

On our month long trip to Thailand, my husband and I spent 4 days on a live aboard scuba diving trip to Similan Islands, Andaman Sea.

One morning as we were heading to the dive site, I said a prayer asking the sea for permission, to have a magical time underwater, perhaps see something spectacular or have a great encounter.
Every time I visit a sacred site I usually make an offering.
This time I was guided to gift the sea with a heart orgone pendant – a gift from my heart to the heart of the sea and its inhabitants.

The moment the heart pendant disappeared into the water I psychically heard: “watch out for large marine life”.

So I went on the first dive without any expectation but a positive attitude and big smile on my face.
The dive like any other dive in the Andaman Sea was beautiful. However on this dive I got cold and there was a strong current underwater that made me fin harder, so the breathing was harder.
Suddenly out of nowhere I see a big creature flying towards us underwater. It was a manta ray. Mantas are graceful, intelligent creatures; I like to call them angels of the sea.
Once she made her presence everything became completely still: the current has stopped completely, I was breathing effortlessly, I was just floating with no movement whatsoever.
It seemed like everything froze in time and space.
It was absolute magic.
All I could see and feel was the manta ray.
We had an encounter for about 4 -5 minutes, which was profound and we exchanged energy and information.
I felt that she needed some healing energy so I kept sending her energy.
Later I found out from a dive guide that the manta had a fishing net stuck in her mouth. No wonder she was asking for healing energy.
Although I couldn’t help her at physical level, we both helped each other by exchanging healing energy.

Unconscious Synchronicity
Solar Eclipse in Pisces –
The same day I had the encounter with manta Ray there was a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, where the Piscean Energy was activated.
So what was the Synchronicity?
When we booked this trip (about 2 months in advance) we had no idea that there will be a New Moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse while we were on the boat.
Eclipses are known to be stirring and surfacing stuff that needs to be changed.
If you are familiar with my work you know that I send out Healing Moon Transmissions for Full Moons and New Moons.
So I was a little upset for not being able to send out a moon transmission, but then realized, wait a minute I will be sending the Moon Transmission from Underwater!
It is not a coincidence: I am a Pisces myself, Pisces is a water element, the Solar Eclipse is in Pisces, we are in the Pisces month, so Pisces energy everywhere!
Sending the moon transmission from underwater was way cool, unique experience!

Why are Synchronicities Important?
Synchronicities are simply confirmations that we are on the right path.

They remind us that there is a high awareness, a spiritual awareness, a higher intelligence and we have the ability to align with it in order to fulfill our soul purpose.
Synchronicities teach us powerful lessons if we pay attention to them. They teach us what to change or adjust, and reinforce that we are on the right path on our evolution and life purpose.
They help us make decisions in life.
They are great personal development tools.
They give access to insight from the world of the unseen, help us solve puzzles of the mind and give us answers, creating “ahaaa moments”…
How to increase synchronicities?
Synchronicities will increase once you have decided to grow. If you are on an evolutionary path you will see synchronicities, telepathic communication, extraordinary manifestation and magic happen at an increase rate.
It requires work on your awareness: being more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Watch your behaviors. Notice what you don’t like and work on adjusting.
If you want more synchronicities in your life then believe in them. Feel them intensely in your spirit… as the Secret is to be Consciously Aware.
Create a spiritual practice
Meditate – that includes sitting quietly, meditative walks in the nature, spending time with yourself, anything that takes the mind out of the linear thinking.
Prayer is a powerful tool for manifesting synchronicities.
One important thing is to not get caught up in the idea that you must have them. Synchronicities appear when you least expect them. That’s because we let go of the idea of wanting. This is detachment.
Be happy! When you’re happy chemicals are activated, synchronicities abound!
Work on expanding your Consciousness.
Consciousness is about individual experience and Awareness.
So if you want to grow or raise your consciousness go out explore and experience and focus on being aware.
I think traveling is the fastest way to expand consciousness. My husband and I LOVE to travel, see mysterious places on Earth. That has a tremendous impact on growing our consciousness to new levels.
Now traveling with awareness, with a humble attitude of not expecting anything makes it even more powerful and fascinating.
So, Go out and explore. Nature will bring synchronicities to you!
Align and harmonize your internal world of thoughts and feelings with what happens outside of you and you will notice more and more synchronicities.
Listen to the audio (podcast) version of this article:

Once we reboot the entire thinking system and awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings then we can recognize synchronicities. The more love, harmony and unity we put into this beautiful Universe which is alive, the more synchronistic our life becomes.
Happy Synchronicities,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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The hidden beauty and power of the Word Psychic and its hijacking…


The word “Psychic” and the energy around it, still has a bad reputation and is denigrated by the mainstream society. Oh well…
Choosing the Psychic path is a huge responsibility and takes TONS of courage.
Telling someone you are psychic can induce different negative reactions in people: being called charlatan, delusional, mentally ill, crazy, or even being envied for your gifts.
I have to agree that there are charlatans out there who pretend to have super powers. There is always a rotten apple or two amongst a bunch of other apples.
On many occasions I was asked from the get go: “what do you do?” which I find it annoying, as it feels so shallow. I usually respond fast and shocking: “I am a Psychic”. I get in return some grins, funky frowns, eyebrow raises, even arrogant laughter and more questions like: “so can you read my future? and more blah blah’s…
In the past I had my moments of low self esteem and had to do a lot of thinking before coming out as a “Psychic”.
But Spirit said: use it anyway…
The society has brainwashed and controlled society for eons. Luckily there is a mass awakening of truth.
It is very easy to lose confidence in self if you are not standing your grounds. It takes practice, it takes courage and it also takes love to learn to stand your ground.
But when Spirit is stronger than any of the low energies of guilt or shame, the courage and profound understanding takes over.
Like Gandhi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 😉
There is so much beauty in the energy of the word “Psychic”.
So what is the definition of the word Psychic?

“The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos (“of the mind” or “mental”) and refers in part to the human mind or psyche… The Greek word also means “soul”. In Greek mythology, the maiden Psyche was the deification of the human soul.”
To me the meaning of the word Psychic is the merging of three powerful energies into one: soul, mind and spirit.
Like any word, psychic word has energy and extreme power. It all depends how the power is used: to create, evolve or to destroy, become stagnant or die.
A lot of people are more comfortable using the word “intuitive” more than Psychic from fear of being judged.
Although Intuition is also a beautiful word, the vibrational word “Psychic” is more profound, hence it holds more power of manifesting. I like to combine it with the word “awareness” ~ “psychic awareness” as it increases the vibration of the soul…
I had people screaming at me, literally, for using the word psychic, and quite a few of “unsolicited advices” to change the work “psychic” with “intuitive”. Sometimes being stubborn sets you on a pioneer journey… Even the world was known to be flat before it emerged into a round world… Right?
I had to stand my grounds and reclaim this word/energy as it holds tremendous power.
If you are psychic, then you know what I am saying, and you might want to take your gifts/ powers back.
Do not be afraid to use this word; in fact use it with confidence. This way we awaken the truth in this energy and stop pretending the world is what we see with our physical eyes only. It is beyond that and our souls know it…
Like many other words of power, its energy was hijacked by the dark side to keep us trapped into the world of illusion… Psychic Energy needs to be reestablished, accepted, embraced, honored, rediscovered.
After all it is of the “Soul”… What is more beautiful than the “soul”?
Seriously… Souls is eternal.
Breathe please as you read this…
Repeat the word Psychic with a high awareness and see how powerful this can be!!! Aha…

My belief is that we all have psychic abilities, which are creative, beautiful gifts from Creation. They come from our Spiritual Nature.
We always had them, before we even came into this life and will always have them as we leave this physical life.
Some of us use, honor and recognize them more than others simply because we have awakened to the reality of who we are, some are still questioning as they are in the awakening process, and some deny them as they are still in the sleepy dimension of illusion.
Some have more advanced psychic abilities, some have less.
Some have the gift of psychic seeing, some have the gift of psychic hearing, some are more in the knowing, some are just feeling…
You obviously came so far reading this article… that means you are vibrating with this energy…
As you are Psychic, use the word psychic more and more…
Let’s change the vibration of this word together! It is TIME!
Much Love and Psychic Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings


Tools to assist your Psychic Powers:
~Psychic development and Intuition orgone necklaces – infused with high psychic energy

~Intuition Affirmations Download


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Heal the Past, Heal Your Life

Healing the present moment requires going back into
the past and heal it there.
A lot of emotional wounds come from the past.

The interesting thing is that we don’t even know this,
or better said our subconscious mind keeps this fact hidden.

The good news is that if you have any issues you need to heal,
whether is health, relationships, love life, finances, etc
then you need to go into the past to acknowledge the issue
and take action to solve it.
Heal the Past Heal Your Life

How do You go in the past to heal?

These are the steps I follow during my healing sessions
which I am happy to share with you:

1. Remember situation/event from the past which was
not pleasant, perhaps very hurtful.

2. Spend time with it, go into details, feel the feelings

3. Forgive everyone involved in that circumstance or event

4. Forgive yourself for being part of that circumstance/event

5. Send healing and loving thoughts to everyone involved
in that past event

6. Let it go

7. Do some deep breathing
What is in the past remains in the past.

We cannot change the past, but we can change
the way we feel about the past.

In this video I use a powerful Prayer with Positive Affirmations to help you
heal the past.

Use headsets as it is designed to work on deep levels to impress upon
your subconscious mind and bring into balance right and left hemispheres of the brain.

The audio is infused with strong healing and empowering high vibrational energies.
You should be able to feel it.

You can get the COMPLETE Version of this Audio. CLICK HERE to get it.

Let me know how it works.
Sharing is carrying 🙂 Share with someone who needs healing.
Hope it makes a difference in your life.



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3 Steps to Attract your Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Great Relationships


We humans are designed to fall in love.
But before you fall in love, you have to do one thing:
Love Yourself.
The main reason people keep breaking up and falling out of love
is because they fail to love themselves.
I worked with a lot of people and most of them had this thing in common:
not loving or accepting themselves.
That comes from wounded relationships from the past or
belief systems that are detrimental.
Watch on youtube:

Attract Soul mate, Twin Flame, Love


Steps to Attract Soulmates, Twin Flames, Loving Relationships


Step 1 – Accept and Love Yourself: fully, completely, deeply

This is the very secret in attracting Love and great relationships.
Some people might say: it’s selfish to love yourself.
This comes from an unhealthy belief system that is based on shame or guilt and implies that loving yourself is a bad thing.
To love yourself means to have a healthy self esteem that doesn’t come from arrogance but from confidence. Detrimental belief systems have to be changed to beneficial belief systems.
Example of a detrimental belief system:
“I don’t love myself, I am not worthy”
Example of a beneficial belief system:
“I love myself because I simply Exist”
Think about: your mother and father created you. You are born out of Love. You exist, you made it in this world successfully. This is the very reason why you should love yourself.
When you love yourself you radiate a high frequency.
When you don’t love yourself you radiate energy of fear or insecurity.

Soul mate relationships last if they are based on love, understanding and compassion.
Love is the Higher vibration in Existence and this is LAW that I didn’t make. It is Universal.
In order to love Yourself you have to raise yourself to this High Vibration of Love.
That means love yourself with all the flaws, the dark or shadow side as well as the light aspect of yourself.
This is not the type of narcissistic or selfish love which actually comes from lack of Love. This is the love that comes from within, from your soul, from your heart.
When you reach this high vibration of love, you attract people who are on the same vibration.
People that are on a lower vibration who are willing to shift to a higher vibration might get inspired and motivated by you to rise to the Love vibration. This means that you are not only changing your life, but help other change their life. Cool!
Other people who are not willing to raise their vibration will not match yours, so they will not be part of your reality. Hence you will attract only great successful relationships.

Step 2 – Internal Work

You might ask: If I am perfect why do I need to improve.
A master will always improve him/herself to reaching beyond perfection.
The work starts within – I like to call it the invisible world work.
In other words, work is in your mind, heart and soul.
Meditate on the idea of self love.
Pray and ask Spirit to show you the way.
Do deep thinking on the idea of Love.
Use Spiritual Tools to help you change the false belief system into a true belief system that will change your life.

Step 3 – Letting Go

Let go of the idea that you need to attract the soul mate/loving relationships.
That doesn’t mean giving up on LOVE, No. And this might sound contradictory but when you Love yourself you don’t need anyone to complete you as you are whole.
You feel good and happy in your presence. You feel good in your skin, in your body, in your heart.
When you reach this level you will attract more and more people in your life that are also complete and happy with themselves.
Miracles happen at this level. That’s because we let go of expectations.

Listen to my Free Audio Podcast:

I am vibrating with a high vibration of LOVE that you realize the self love is a powerful energy necessary to be mastered in order to be happy.
If you say YES to Love share this article with someone who wants love but needs a boost to open up to this high frequency.


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The Beauty and Science of Orgonite – featuring Lilly from Nature’s Blessings & a Giveaway

I teamed up with my friend Christina – The Hippy Homemaker and we are GIVING AWAY goodies in celebration of her 2 year successful blog!

There will be 14 Lucky Winners!


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Spiritual Technique: 68 seconds to shift from negative thinking to High vibrations


This Technique is TRUE Spiritual Therapy.

It is a Spiritual Technique inspired from Abraham Hicks ‘Law of Attraction’ and it is filled with yumminess, helps raise your frequencies and UPLIFT the Spirit.


I will explain shortly what this technique is all about and what does to your psyche.. and then I will take you to a 68 seconds powerful high positive journey while we are listening to my podcast
Sounds GOOD?
The technique involves focusing for 68 seconds on pure thoughts. In fact saying your thoughts out loud and writing them down is more powerful then focusing on them mentally. The goal is that you keep the high frequency of good thoughts for 68 seconds which is enough to shift yourself.
So let me Guide you if I may 🙂
Step 1:
Take a deep breath in and exhale out.. ahaaa..
What this does?
It releases tension and cleanses your system while oxygenating your blood and brain. POWERFUL!
Step 2:
Close your eyes:
If you drive of operate heavy machinery DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES.
Step 3:
Take a few deep calming breathes, centering, grounding, aligning with your higher self.
Step 4:
Saying your thoughts out loud or writing them down.
The goal is that you keep the high frequency of good thoughts for 68 seconds
which is enough to shift yourself.
For 68 seconds use ONLY POWERFUL inspirational, motivational affirmations, declarations.
Make sure for this short period of time you keep your energy high and PASSION to the fullest.
Give it ALL you got!!!
See beautiful passionate fireworks coming out of your heart!!!
Listen to the  FREE podcast  where I am sharing this POWERFUL spiritual technique and guide you through the 68 seconds.


ah wow Lilly, you are an awesome, beautiful , incredible soul! a true blessing not just in words!
thank you so much for this technique, i could actually dance even with physical pain
thank you so much for your beautiful energy! love and light
Best Wishes and blessings

Few Examples of Affirmations/Declarations to use:
I am such a wonderful human being!
My life is full of goodness, passion, joy and abundance!
I love and appreciate who I am. I am a blessing to the world.
Life is great. Life is full of wonderful surprises. Life is a great adventure!


I feel Good!!!

Let me know if you have great experiences using the “68 seconds” and please SHARE with the world!
Blessings and Good Vibes,
Lilly Natures Blessings


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The Art of Blessing


Blessing is a Spiritual Gift we all have, it is just forgotten.

But now the vibrations of our beloved Planet are raising and the frequencies of Blessings are increasing.
Blessing is an Art.

When we offer a blessing we connect with the Collective Blessing Vibration of the World.

Bless everything, everyone, every day. Your life will become a blessing.

This is such a heartfelt video that will shift and remind you of the hidden power of Blessing.


“To bless means to wish unconditionally and from the deepest chamber of your heart unrestricted good for others”

When you bless others The Great Mystery blesses you.
Make the Art of Blessing a part of your daily Spiritual Practice.
Lilly Natures Blessings


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