Spiritual Cleansing to Open Blocked Heart Chakra


In one of the Moon Transmissions I sent out to friends we have got this powerful message regarding cleansing and releasing our individual as well as mass energetic ‘scars’ on a few levels: history, DNA and ancestral levels.


Apparently a lot of buildings, construction sites, large projects and ancient pyramids around the world were built based on suffering and pain. I had this visual where a lot of people died in the process of building the ancient pyramids and the energy of suffering has been carried through our cells to this day. There were also sacrifices involved including human sacrifices.


Energetic and emotional trauma remains trapped in the body (bones, blood, skin, tissue, cells etc) as I mentioned it can be carried from ancestors or history. If this kind of energy of suffering and pain is not released illnesses can occur. This is one of the reasons some people have heart chakra partially or fully blocked at the historic, DNA or ancestral level. At the body energetic level, heart might be opened but at the history, DNA, ancestral, even soul level heart might be blocked. As we continue to change our cellular structure due to this powerful evolutionary fast transformation we definitely need more heart chakra opening.


Love and forgiveness are the greatest healers.


During the last transmission there was such a powerful heart center cleansing.
We were aligned with the heart center of the earth to encourage us to open our individual heart centers.    That’s why I keep sending these moon transmissions out as to me they are gifts from God via Granma Moon. It is also so helpful as we receive not only messages but also tools on how to continue our beautiful work.


During the Moon Transmission we were given a cleansing spiritual technique to use so here it is:


*When you find yourself stressed out by the entire shift/quickening that is happening just close your eyes focusing on your deep calming breaths.
* Turn your left palm up to receiving energy from the Source and with your right hand fingers, circle your heart chakra (middle of chest) until you feel peace in your heart. It is very simple: all you have to do is actually do it.
* It helps if you add some love affirmations.


I like to use this method while listening to this powerful high energy download: “self love meditation”.


A lot of people that I have worked with that had a blocked heart center, their main challenge was opening the heart chakra to ‘self love’.   Once you start loving yourself everything starts to make sense, new set of eyes are born, you suddenly understand your soul statement and self healing happens fast. Only when the heart awakens to self love and peace we attract our soul mate (significant other) into our lives. Passion, joy and great ideas are all born from a heart that is balanced and whole.    Now that you are reading this, it might resonate true to you and you might want to continue to do deeper spiritual cleansing.


I strongly encourage you to do the technique above and use the ‘Self Love’ meditation download.


If you have the love orgone pendant or heart chakra orgone pendant you can place it on your heart center and circle the pendant as you would circle your heart center.



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Love Yourself Meditation


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Who says we cannot see beyond 2012? Perfect Soil…


fertile soilIt was fall of 2011 during one of my life progressions (future traveling with a group of people), I have seen what happens beyond 2012.  Interestingly enough when we finished our future travel all of us sat together and reported very similar visions.


In my vision there were people revolting against governments; alien activity, as well as disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods. However the good news is that our world is not ending.

It goes through a period of calamities and it’s the result of humanity destroying the nature and its resources.



What fascinated me after the world was destructed but not entirely was the ability of Mother Nature to rebirth and heal itself so fast that was absolutely incredible.

In my vision I saw people working on their own gardens cultivating and growing their own foods without struggling.

Their work was so easy and beautiful to watch as there was such an incredible connection between nature and humans. Gardening was absolutely spiritual.


fertile soil  - garden of edenMy eyes were fixated on the soil.

I couldn’t get enough of the energy of that powerful, nurturing and healthy soil.

The soil was complete dark, consisting of all healthy nutrients.  I touched it and felt the vibration of the soil and my body was energized only by tuning into its vibration.

A year goes by after having this powerful experience and one day I receive an email from someone asking me to watch a video called: “Back To Eden

When I watched this movie I cried, as it was exactly what I have seen in my vision.

“BACK TO EDEN movie shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The organic growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. However, never until now have Paul’s methods been documented and shared like this!”

Here is where you can watch “Back to Eden” movie.


I am convinced that more and more people will adopt Paul Gautschi’s incredible methods of organic growing system.

Hope you’ll watch, apply and spread the word.

Have a blessed journey,

Lilly Natures Blessings

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The Great Ocean of Gratitude

gratitudeWhen life feels dull, when nothing satisfies you anymore, when all bad things happen to you, when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, when you feel like you have lost of your soul, your passion, when you catch yourself complaining or nagging MAKE A BIG GRATITUDE LIST.
 List all the things you are grateful for.
Trust me the list is HUGE and you cannot run out of things to be grateful for.
Allow yourself to immerse into the deep ocean of gratitude and life will start to make sense, you will see life with clear head and FEEL the LOVE and Power of the Great Wisdom.
Lilly Natures Blessings

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The Shift: Awaken into Awareness

Energy WavesLast night I had a lucid dream more of a ‘channeling’.

In the past channeling has got a bad reputation, but people are more open and aware of this.

Let’s say channeling was more of message from intuition, guidance, higher self, although I was given information and saw myself writing it down in order to remember it when I wake up.

The whole message was about the shift that is happening. Apparently there are other interdimensional beings that want to assist us in knowing ourselves and the world better, communicating with us continuously via telepathy.


So here it is:
The shift that is happening is affecting everyone on this planet as well as other planets. It’s a massive galactic shift.
Each and every Human on Planet Earth has “officially “completed the 4th dimensional transition.

Congratulations for the safe transformational shift.
Raising your personal vibrations helped others raise theirs. Honor yourself!

Not everyone has felt the 3rd to 4th dimensional shift. Now as you are shifting to the 5th dimension and above, more humans have already started to feel the shift more profoundly. You are vibrating at a higher level and speed.

Some people might experience nausea, bloating, dizziness, some might feel exhausted at times alternating with sudden bursts of energy, strength and a desire to exercise more, do more, be more.

Some might feel anxiety, restlessness; some might feel like doing nothing at all. Some feel like they have lost their soul, some feel moments of sadness and depression alternating with bursts of unexplained happiness and joy.
Some women might experience irregular periods and symptoms pregnancy. You are ‘impregnated’ with new energies and your physical body is going through a very deep transformation.
The energies come and go in massive energetic waves.

Other experiences:
Emotional drama surfacing
Feeling like you have lost your heart, your soul, your connection with self.
Felling attracted to people that you think are your soulmates
A desire for being more poetic, more artistic
A massive awakening: you notice people around you waking up to awareness…

It is not an easy process nevertheless but there is a great purpose and greatness beyond what feels weird and intense.

You are not only transforming, you are also awaken into awareness.

Just be aware, be observant, and know what’s going on so you make the right decisions. Time to tune into your intuition and your heart.

As the entire planet is rebirthing, you are rebirthing into your new self. Honor your body for completing such a powerful task of shifting.
Surrender to what is, go with the flow.
Sometimes “Less is More”.


Lily Natures Blessings

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The shift, the cosmic rollercoaster and your participation

cosmic awareness


A multitude of events are happening right now.
There is darkness and light happening at the same time.

There are a lot of ups and downs, confusion, feelings of dying, sudden surges of energy followed by extreme tiredness, winning and losing.
It’s the game of duality.
If you get too excited you win and at the same time you loose.


I keep hearing from friends and clients about the intensity of this Summer that drives them crazy. There is no secret that there is a major shift happening in our human evolution in particular our consciousness.

Be aware of the shift creation that is not only happening on our planet but the entire Universe.


Get Prepared Spiritually:
Go deeper within your spiritual practice. If it’s meditation be more present if it’s cooking, bring more awareness and blessings to the food you cook. When you drink a glass of water bless the water. If you talk on the phone with someone dear, listen with your heart.  Add extra awareness into your daily life.
Make it simple but profound.
Close your eyes and send a blessing to someone in need.


Stay conscious in subconscious mind… if that makes sense.
If you have ever had a dream and you were aware of the fact that you were dreaming in that dream than this is the type of awareness that keeps you alive.

Be aware of your awareness.


Know that there is something going on and adapt to the changes with grace.

Stay away from confrontation trying to prove that you are right. Don’t let your ego win. Remember you are tested and there are lessons to be learned during these intense periods of change.


Know your Gifts
It is your job to wake up to the true you and embrace your gifts. Each and every one of you has a unique gift.
In order to be part of the shift you have to use your gifts. In order to use your gifts you have to know what they are. In order to find out what they are you gotta go deep within and find out.

The easiest way to find out is to Ask!

You already know what your gifts are but by asking you are remembering.

An intelligent, genuine answer is always preceded by a strong intelligent mindful question.
Go into silence for a while and ask spirit to show your gifts and talents.
Put your gifts into service of humanity.

Only by giving and spreading beauty and light this entire planet and galaxy will not only survive but thrive.

Remember all starts with you, with your ability to shine your gifts to the world. All you do and who you are is a blessing to your environment and the world.

If you are a cleaner put some love into your cleaning services. If you are a teacher teach your hearts experience. If you are a healer spread your healing vibes everywhere you go. If you are a leader “be integrity”.



mask offEverything is changing: all masks are required to be removed in order to evolve as human species.

Control your emotional ups and downs, catch yourself when you blame or criticize others. These are so low vibrations that bring disharmony and keep you in ill vibrations. You want to be healthy.  Bless yourself, your water, your food, and others. Give thanks for everything in your life.

Every day is a learning day. If you don’t learn you die. Appreciate your learning lessons. They are for your highest purpose possible.


Stay calm, focused and center no matter what the sun, the earth, the neighbor, the dog, the stock market is doing. These are tests for your mind. There is no winner or loser, there is only learning.


How do you respond to what is happening? What have you learned? How do you shift and how do you stay in your truth? What gifts do you bring to the world? What have you done today to serve?

Stay True,
Lilly Natures Blessings




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Statues on Easter Island have bodies!

I keep getting in my dreams, astral travels, past lives regressions and also progressions (going into the future) new discoveries, artifacts, treasures under water as well as underground, new animal and birds species.
Most of them are In South America: Peru, lake Titicaca and Easter Island.



I was blown away to see this discovery and it’s quite fabulous: The Stone Statues on Easter Island have bodies ! WOW! These statues are absolutely huge!

New energies keep arriving on the planet. This shows that we are not only in the head but also in our body, heart and spirit.
They also have writings on them… Ancestors kept the secrets from us until now that we are ready to embrace these new energies.


Hoping to get more insight from these discoveries.
We’ll see more of these artifacts, crop circles and species of animals, birds and even unknown tribes.

Enjoy the new discoveries pictures:


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How to Still Your Mind – Shift from Mind to Heart Meditation

When we get too busy we forget to ‘feel’ and that leads to depression that disconnects us from the spirit. Check out how to shift from mind to heart with this sweet yet powerful guided meditation in the podcast below.

Lilly Natures Blessings



“I just woke up not to long ago and decided to try this wonderful guided meditation! I never really meditate but know I have been needing to for years!!! I loved this and wanted to thank you for posting it was so simple and made me feel great!! Millions of hugs, light, and love!!! “~ Chrissy J
If you like this meditation you might want to try the guided meditations created with special effects to connect the subconscious with conscious mind easily.
If you also find the meditation helpful please post your comments below.


Lily Natures Blessings


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Hearing Spirits Singing

Hearing Voices???

Well …  not those kind of voices … 🙂
This one happened while I was hiking with a group of friends.  It was right at the end of a long but very beautiful hike in the gorgeous Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.  The desert has a very meditative quality and can make put one in touch with the native ancestors beautifully.
At the end of this hike I started to hear beautiful voices singing.  The chants seem to be out of this world, pure angelic.
I‘ve asked the others I was with if they could hear women singing. My friend said she could hear it too. Sometimes I have hard time distinguishing between psychic hearing (clairaudience) and physical hearing. So when she said she could hear I thought it’s my physical hearing. But then her boyfriend said he couldn’t hear any singing. Hmm.…
After a while as was still hearing and enjoying the chanting I’ve asked my friend if she could still hear the angelic singing and she said not anymore. Interesting, as I kept hearing and it was very clear and quite loud.
The mystical chant stayed with me for about 20 minutes until we left the canyon.
What surprised me is the fact that when I related this to my husband who was also on the hike, he said he has also heard the women (spirits) singing for a little bit.


During this period of chanting I started to ask the spirits questions and this is what I got.
There were 3 spirits (women): spirit of the canyon, spirit of the wind, and spirit of the abundant nature chanting for peace and protection.

They wanted their singing to be heard by the hikers. In the past, mostly ‘psychics’ or ‘mediums’ could hear, see or talk to the spirits, interpreting their messages.
These days everything is changing super fast. Our DNA is being remodeled to channel own truth and connect with the spirit world like never before. The more we awaken the more we can communicate with the spirit world. The veil between dimensions is very thin and people that have never had profound mystical experiences can access what’s behind this veil very easily now in order to follow their destiny, grow and evolve the soul.



As many don’t know what’s going, ignore or deny the unseen world of spirit when it is revealed it might be frightening. However once surrendered to the spiritual experience the truth is revealed, heart opens and fear disappears.

Lily Natures Blessings


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Grow Angel Wings from your Spiritual Heart



Thank God for the Ministry of Angels and Spirit Guides!
Every time we ask for assistance they rush to help us, delivering tons of “goodness”.
On one of the moon transmissions which happened on 11-11-11, I invoked Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides as usual.
This time they shone their magnificence stronger than ever.
I have found myself crying, with tears rolling down my cheeks as their energy was so pure!
They have empowered us and if you were present at the time of the transmission and felt it, you know what I am talking about. Two days after the moon transmission their magnificent energy was vibrating really high!!!


Along with the empowerments they have gifted us with, they also showed me a dynamic heart meditation to sprout wings from the heart center in order to connect with our angel. 
I am happy to share this with all.
So check out in the video below, to find out more about this Angel Connection Meditation.
Enjoy it, share with others and leave a comment if it helped you!



Dear Lilly,
For the full moon transmission let me just say that your insights on the angelic realm and angels and the technique regarding growing angels wings on your heart chakra was right on in its effective-ness. I have been doing that since for several weeks and its results are amazing. The spreading of the wings during troublesome emotions reminds you of your true nature as a being filled with light! and helps you shake off any negativity and fly above it with brilliantly shining energy…Its become my favorite technique :)” – Ashley


Angel Blessings,


PS: More info on Moon Transmissions – to receive them sign up our newsletter here:


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How to shift from ego to heart to manifest internal peace

To me the most powerful investment is in myself, in learning. I am a continuous life learner and LOVE the process of learning, because I grow fast, and the woman I was yesterday I am not today, I keep expanding. The more I learn the more value I add to my offerings and serving others including you.

The month of August was dedicated to a vast amount of learning. I was part of 3 boot camps that happened to be back to back and let me tell you I GREW A LOT! I met amazing people, I made profound authentic relationships and boy it was intense!!!

And if you haven’t noticed yet, this year is the fastest year at all times!!! Technology is skyrocketing and time speeds up like never before.

In my last Newsletter I didn’t want to mention the retrograde as the intention for the last new moon was to go with the flow and be opened to whatever surface. If we stay grounded and shift from Ego to heart nothing can affect us, including the Mercury retrograde.

Was the past month’s energy intense? Absolutely!!!

Energies changed from external chaotic mind, craziness, egoistic energies to internal, grounding, wisdom, joy and learning experiences. Ask yourself what have you learned this past month? You will be surprised with the findings… Just allow the flow of energy to speak through you.


Shift from Ego to heart… Ahhhhhh!!

open your heart

Do you agree that this is the way to find peace in our society? I not only believe in it, I have had a very deep profound experience that enhanced my life learning process… Let me share with you.

As I mentioned in one of my past newsletters the two places of ego reside in either solar plexus and/or third eye (brow) chakras. It’s okay to be there for a while because we are human, don’t need to be hard on ourselves or judge for being mind centered instead of heart centered.


I had the opportunity to sit and be present with people (about 20 people) one on one and look into each other’s souls. Some were functioning from the heart some functioned from the place of ego. The ones that were centered in the heart were so open and vulnerable that we immediately merged our soul energies into one Blissful energy!!!
The ones that were centered in the ego places (either solar plexus or third eye or head area) I would feel and see very heavy and dull energy leaking heavily creating damage to the energetic field. What I have noticed was that immediately I shifted to those centers of Ego when I entered in contact with these people. So be very aware of negativity around you and how can affect you. However, my Higher guidance didn’t let me down. First thing after noticing their energy was to close my eyes and take a deep breath, then shift from the ego place into my heart, being present 100% with them.
Centered in your heart simply means bringing awareness to your heart chakra (the middle point between your nipples or slightly above).

As soon as I shifted into my heart the ones in their Ego that I was sitting with immediately shifted from their place of ego to their heart, opening their heart to unconditional love. Let me tell you, it happened in an instant!!! I could not believe how fast the higher energy influences lower energy into merging with the high one. Tears were present to each and every human being that shifted from ego to heart. For a minute or two, while the soul connection was established the heart was speaking and not the ego. They only shared beauty with me and it was a true authentic beauty and not fluff that ego enjoys.

Intelligently you might know of this feeling, but when you open your soul to strangers and let yourself be vulnerable, miracles happen indeed. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness; it only allows the greatness to come into your life. That instant moment becomes history because unconditional love takes over anything and by being opened like this we create beauty in the world; we become part of the higher realms.

Imagine what would happen in the world if heart would be the leader and not the ego… Again Ego has its role in human evolution, being in control of ego and not reacting to more ego instead acting with wisdom that flows from the heart will make the difference in the world, I truly believe it.

Having troubles shifting to your heart? Heart chakra orgone pendant can help open your heart energetic field, spiraling and tingling some juicy energy into your heart.

New Moon Transmission: August 29 at 6:00 am PST:

New Moon in Virgo – the time for new beginning is the time to plan sensibly. What I ask you to do for this New Moon is to tap into your heart, the place of unconditional Love and stay there for as long as you please and let the heart energies fill your entire space with the new moon transmissions. If it is only a minute, please do it, but do it fully with intensity, passion and commitment. You do it for yourself and for the loved ones.

I will just stay in my heart for as long as the Moon Transmission will last. Don’t forget to breathe deeply into your belly and the heart. If you cannot be present at the time when the transmission is send, just tap into the energy after as I will create a ball of energy for you to tap in. The energy (chi) ball will be available 24 hours after the moon transmission has taken place. Sounds good?

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More about Moon Transmissions here

Would love to hear about your experiences…

Have a miraculous New Moon!!!



What happened on the last Full Moon Transmission (August 2011)

I was in Squamish British Columbia, the majestic home of the eagles… The beauty and high energy of this place is absolutely breathtaking. If you are interested in visiting sacred places on Earth, this is one of them…

Power of the glaciers in British Columbia

Channeled messages for us during the full moon transmission:

“Rapid healings happening in Rapid Ways- your time of healing is NOW”

“When you want to be authentic shift energy from heart to your throat and speak the truth – it is the only way”.

“Think “eagles” when you want to tap into the place of wisdom”.

“If you pray from the heart the Mountains will open to your prayers and light will shine through the cracks”

“Ring on your finger means nothing if you don’t shift into your heart”

“Your heart is my heart, my heart is your heart, we are all heart”

“You need your truth Now more than ever”

“There is a ladder for you to climb in order to achieve your life’s purpose. You decide to climb it or not to climb it”


Check out Tools for awakening the heart’s energy field


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