Messages from Spirit via Intuition and Clairaudience

Last  week my husband and I went on 2 different hikes and in each and every hike I received powerful messages from Spirit via animals and  birds.

During one of these hike a bird was screaming so loud that was quite annoying.
This usually means ‘WARNING!’

So I had to stop, connect and ask Spirit:
“What’s the message?”
I clearly heard the bird saying: ”FIRE, GO BACK. FIRE GO BACK” numerous times.
The message was received via clairaudience (psychic hearing).

We are all different, although I believe we are all born with psychic gifts.
Some people feel when something is not right, some people ‘just know’, others have premonitions or visions. Some people receive messages via more than just one psychic sense. In my case I knew that something was wrong (intuition) and I heard the bird clearly (psychic hearing).

Clairaudience is usually the hardest psychic gift to develop.

This was also my weakest gift and now it is developing beautifully. It is connected with the throat chakra. I have been doing a lot of work on my throat chakra lately and I listen to a lot of audio guided meditations, so I believe this is the reason this gift has greatly improved.

So, once I have acknowledged the message, the bird stopped screaming. I have tested my intuition again, by ignoring it, but not for long. I have learned my lessons in the past the hard way by not paying attention to intuition and messages from Spirit. Not this time.  I was prepared and ready to respond immediately. But like many of us wanted a proof first.
So, only a few minutes after hearing the bird screaming, a thunder storm started.
We immediately decided to turn back.  As we were hiking back, the thunderstorm intensified.
The bird was totally right. There was a fire in the mountains which started to grow and by the time we got back to the car we could not only see the smoke but also could smell it. That night the mountain was evacuated and roads to the mountain were blocked.


Intuition is a gift we all have. It is a priceless gift to master.







Many times when we listen to Intuition, we can prevent dangerous situations. It also helps us manifest, become successful, have great relationships and stable. People say to me “yes but you are a psychic, you can see it but I cannot” .  Let me tell you, we can see, feel, hear, know.  It is not easy though, it does require individual work.
Society tries to suppress, hide, ignore or even make fun of the psychic phenomena. Lately, more and more people are awakening to the reality that there is more then the physical eyes can see. There is an invisible world of spirit that is very real but cannot be proven by science. And this world is made accessible via intuition and psychic awareness..


Meditation helps increase very rapidly intuition and psychic awareness.

However many people find it quite hard to meditate.

So, I have developed a few guided meditations that are received straight from the Source and are very helpful in developing the intuition gift. Check out these great MP3 downloads that can help you deepen your spiritual work, connect with your Higher self and Intuition easy while feeling good.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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Messages from animals


Yes! If you choose to listen to Spirit you can shift from low to high vibrations. It is not hard; it is just a matter of your belief system.

deerWent on a very long hike yesterday (over 17 miles with about 5000 feet elevation gain).  It was a hot day and all my thoughts at the beginning of the hike were not so high in vibration. I was watching and listening to myself and caught up saying in my mind: “Ohh… it’s too hot, I am not going to make it, why did I wake up so early? I am so tired…” and such…


BUT and I love when the positive BUT’s intervene:

As I was hiking my intuition guided me to look to my right. There was a deer just looking at us. I stopped and smiled. She was so beautiful. She stared walking slowly and gracefully, passing the trails just in front of us.
I said Thank you and kept hiking. After a few minutes I saw the deer again on my left side, moving up, like saying “come on guys I am here, I am guiding you” … I smiled even more.


We stopped and watched her. She was looking at us and started to move again, going up.
I reached for the camera to take a picture, but couldn’t find it in my backpack. It was not meant to happen.

We started to move again and when I thought the deer disappeared I see her again this time very close to us. She started to jump around inviting us to be happy and joyful like her. It was such a delight to just watch her joy! The moment I saw that my energy shifted immediately:  from being cranky about the hike into being so joyful.


The message she brought to us was: BE PRESENT and Observe the Nature. She has so many treasures hidden and you can see them by just being observant and present. Immediately I started to see with different eyes, like I had HIGH definition glasses on where I could see each and every detail and smell and feel everything. NOW this is the way to live life!!!

We walk in a disempowered state throughout life without really living it. That’s why nature is such a great reminder ‘we are alive’ because it forces us in such a delicate way to see, feel, hear and be in the NOW.


Later that day, we encountered a very loud bird, I mean super loud. I asked: what is the message and the answer was: ‘warning clouds coming ahead’.
The sky was perfect blue with no clouds, but at the end of the hike clouds started to form and after we finished the hike thunders were present.


Messages from Spirit via Animals are very powerful and very accurate.  Next time when you encounter a wild animal or a bird talk to their spirit and ask for the message.  I am always in awe about their messages.

Enjoy Nature and BE in the present moment where LIFE happens.



Lily Natures Blessings


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As above, So below… As within, So without


As above, So below

Whatever happens out there in the Universe has an impact on our personal life /psyche and vice versa: what happens in our individual lives has a direct impact out there in the world.

Similarly, the “As within, So without” also expresses our inner self connection and impact on the Higher Self, Divine, Source and vice versa.

We are One: one with each other, one with the trees, One with the mountains, One with the earth, One with the Ocean, One with the little critters, birds, and so on and when we truly get it deep within our cells, then most probably Ego has gone through a deep, deep healing process and transformation and ultimately LOVE has won.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Figuring out own shadow


People are afraid to look within their own shadow because it looks dark, grayish and doesn’t feel good.  But the shadow is just our body, mind and spirit blocking the light. It is the fear that keeps us from moving forward. We all have darkness and light within us.

Denying or resisting the shadow will never make us evolve, learn and get stronger.

When we recognize and understand the lesson behind the shadow we can really let the light within shine. And that is beautiful!!!! Ahhhaaaa…

Lilly Natures Blessings


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“How deep the Rabbit hole goes?” – I ask Spirit


You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
– Morpheus, from The Matrix


The beginning of 2012 I almost died on a hike: I fell 40 feet… (more details here) The name of the place I fell is called ‘The Rabbit Hole’

Messages from Spirit are everywhere, strong and meaningful.


We need to open our eyes to really see. We don’t open them we suffer, like I did… Did I learn my lesson? Ohhh Yeah! To listen to Spirit when she/he whispers in my ears “Pay attention, Be aware! Stay centered!”… but this is how we grow and upgrade to new dimensions of reality and understanding, perhaps compassion, surrender to what is.. or whatever the lesson is…


Challenges are portals of entering to new opportunities, infinite possibilities… Ahhhhh…

Do you get messages from Spirit and ignore?

I learned not to ignore them of course the hard way. Now I listen to them, after 40 feet fall, suffering and pain I don’t ignore them anymore… they might seem so unreasonable at first, I even shake my head in frustration when I get them, but after a while it hits me and  A-ha moments keep coming.

Spirit never chases to amaze me. 
It’s so precise, so intelligent, so pure, so wise, so full of LOVE..  She/He/It also has a wild sense of humor; it likes to tease and also teaches patience. 
I love Spirit.

Have the courage to go through ‘the rabbit hole’ with awareness and you will open yourself to a new reality. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, but if you are have the courage to step into it, it holds such tremendous power and hidden treasures.


Within the human potential rests Divinity. You are a miracle,
and a spark of the Creator exists inside you.
~ Eldon Taylor



Lilly Natures Blessings

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Open your heart with blooming flowers

This video really gives me chills everytime I watch.
Each flower is filmed for Two days and pictures are collated within 7 minutes to get this powerful effect that pleases the eye and opens the heart.
Each flower goes from a bud to fully open right before your eyes.

Enjoy it!


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The end of the old world and beginning of the new world

Time to bring back common sense…

Full Moon (Taurus) Transmission Oct 29, 2012





From the Spirit of the Elders:


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In these great times of so perceived ‘destruction’ there is a powerful wave of new energy hidden under this “darkness”. Choose to focus on the new beginnings.
Awareness is key.
In this information age ask your heart to look and tell you the truth. Do not ignore the truth! Do not be fooled! Do not be blinded by the controllers.
Ask for guidance and truth to be revealed to you.
You are the ONE that has been chosen to CONTINUE on this path of awakening and awareness. Speak the truth! And yes it hurts!

Do not be afraid!

Ask the Sun to lend you the power of free will and truth.
R-Evolve! Focus on the word of great power: R-evolve!
Nature speaks to you… Don’t just hear it, listen to it…
Don’t run away from your dark shadow.  Look into it. Honor it for that the teachings will sink into your awareness.
Instead spend time in ceremony, prayer, meditation for self and benefit of All.

The truth cannot be ignored. Ask your body to show you the dark side of yourself. Where are you tense, where do you hurt? That’s where you hold resistance that prevents you from seeing the truth.
Do not look at the news media or any fabricated pictures etc. They are designed to spread fear and throw you off balance.


1. You are protected wherever you are if your heart is open.

2. Angels and spirit guides are always present. Ask for guidance, assistance, help. You are never alone.

3. Don’t be afraid to call in the fierce powers: Kali, Dragons etc … Sometimes these powers help you take action and wake up from ignorance’ sleep.
We will sooner all later be experiencing the 3 days of darkness. Some will feel them physically some more subtly, depending on the spiritual work we have done.

A lot of us have been hit with many challenges. Only what we learned from facing the challenges matters. Apply the teachings, and share with others for the benefit of ALL.

Forgive… Forgive and then forgive some more…
Some are young souls. Forgive them, you cannot force the learning onto them, but you can share your heart by loving them. Send love to their spirit.
Mother Earth is prepared to expel the toxins that are manmade and this should be honored as we cannot longer keep her in manmade poison. We are all in this together. We knew this was going to happen.

Now it’s not the time to get numb by using intoxicants (alcohol or any drugs). It is time to face the truth and go deep into the pain and suffering so you can grow exponentially. Allow and ask Angels to lessen your pain.
These are very interesting, incredible times. We have been preparing for this for many life times, we have been the observers.

Use this rare opportunity to open your heart, heal, transcend lower vibrations and evolve.

Lilly Natures Blessings
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Kundalini,Thunder, Moon and Earth and 2222 frequencies

Just a few nights ago I had a very powerful experience that I would love to share as it’s a message from the spirit for all of us.


Right before going to bed I saw the number 22:22 on the clock.

Repeating of the number 2 has to do with awakening.
22 is a master number, master builder.
22 22 is a double master builder.
For those of us that pay attention to these synchronicities we consider fortunate as we worked on opening doorways to spirit communication.
And what’s more powerful and beautiful than receiving messages from Spirit? Angels, spirit guides, spirit want to be in communication with us.
So I asked Spirit what has in store for me…
The answer was “walk with the masters”.


As I was going to bed I prayed that an answer will be revealed during my dreams.
In my dream I was doing a moon transmission (ceremony) using drumming. The message received from a spirit of an elder woman was to keep drumming to help bring the energies of the moon and earth together to keep the fire of awakening alive.  So I kept drumming and drumming and drumming.
The beat of the drum matches our heart and Mother Earth’s heart.  This will bring a lot of powerful conscious transformation, healing to us and our planet.


The feminine energy is uniting at profound levels:  Moon represents intuition and Earth is the nurturer, the one that provides food, clothing and shelter.
It was such a beautiful message, very rewarding as new energies that are coming in are feminine and are the energies of the heart. If we resist the awakening of the heart we suffer.  Especially the masculine side: if men don’t open their heart, they might end up having heart problems.  Same thing might happen to women that resist opening their feminine side.
As I was drumming I woke up by the powerful sound of thunder bolt and lightning. The thunder was so loud and so close that made me cringe under my blanket. But I heard the spirit saying: ‘Do not be afraid’.
If you do your work and keep your heart in integrity with your spirit you have nothing to be afraid of.’
Next I felt my crown chakra opening powerfully. Then the other chakras start opening so much one after the other, with the entire spine feeling like ‘being on fire’.

I noticed that a split second before any lightening my chakras were buzzing, being so connected with the energy of the thunder.
The more in tune with our natural surroundings the more gifts we receive:  gifts of awakening, gifts of cosmos, gifts of Spirit. It is so powerful and can get scary, but as the Spirit said: “do not be afraid”…
Power comes with great responsibility. Be aware and never ever misuse the power.
The thunder spirit teaches us that strong negative emotions like anger, fear, and hatred are presented on our path and we have a choice to change the vibrations to integrity, truth, wisdom as we are not afraid anymore, because nothing can touch our souls, as they are eternity.


When the thunder comes to our awareness it’s a reminder to look within and see what we fear, what are we angry about, what needs to be changed and learn to open our hearts more, learn to be more compassionate with selves and others, and learn to respect nature and all her living beings.
When we tune into the vibration of the thunder spirit our kundalini energy awakens, for some of us that we have had earlier awakenings it’s a new opportunity to upgrade to higher levels.
Apparently star nations from other planets and constellations show up when there are thunders storms present to harness this powerful energy for their own use.

Rain that accompanies thunder cleanses any harmful pollution effects on Mother Earth.  When this happens mother earth cries. Rain is the tears of mother earth, and when she cries she cleanses, she releases pollution and harm caused by us humans.  We need to remember who she is and that she is a living being and we need to start respecting all life on Earth.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Ceremonies of Purification for Mother Earth

When I see how much damage we do to our Earth and Sky with our pollution my heart cries. That’s when I ask Mother Earth and Father Sky for forgiveness… The vibrations increase immediately.
Even if our brothers and sisters are not awake, we can help by keeping our vibrations high. Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude are High Vibrations…

This video is about awakening by doing purification ceremonies For Mother Earth.


The message came from elder spirits that come to our help in these transitional times…

Hope more will join these ceremonies of purification so we can help Mother Earth detoxify and stop this nonsense pollution that is destroying humanity.

in lak’ech

Lilly Natures Blessings

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When Condor meets the Eagle there will be peace




Before I go to sleep I usually go into a trance where there is
a lot of spiritual insight from the spirit world coming in.

A few years ago, one night before falling asleep I was into this kind
of deep trance where I had a powerful vision.


A big bird came and sat next to my head on the night stand.
I used to be very afraid of birds especially big winged ones:
a phobia that I have carried through past lives.
In spite of my fears I was so calm and very at peace, my spirit recognizing the wisdom of the bird’s spirit.
I asked the bird:
“Are you my animal totem?”

The bird said
“Yes: I am your protection animal totem.  You also have more than one animal totem.”

Then I asked: “What kind of bird are you? You look like a condor.”
“She said: Yes I am a condor.”

Then I asked: “But you also look like an eagle.”
And he replied: “Yes, I am an eagle. “

And then I said:
“What are you then?”
“I am a condor and an eagle.”
I was a little confused at the time as the linear mind wants straight answers.
But I felt at peace knowing that I just have to accept both in my heart as
truth and recognize both birds as one bird or at least a merge, unification between the two.
Next day as I pondered upon my vision and realized this was a protection message
was about recognizing the male (linear world, science, material, physical world)
as well as the female (spiritual, intuition, art, poetry) and their balance.
When we have both we are protected.
When we are off balance, we are not protected.
Since that vision I keep seeing eagles and condors in my life that reminds me
of balance and protection and stay true to my path.
Are you true to your path? Do you resonate?
Today as I was browsing the internet I found this prophecy that made my heart burst
into joyful tears having a huge “A-HA moment”!!!

“When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken.” – Ancient Native American Prophecy


To these days Mother Earth is still abused and trashed and it hurts us all and our beloved Planet.
The message from Mama Earth is that us the awakened ones, the elders, the keepers of peace have to pray continuously for forgiveness and not judge or hate as the condor and eagle have to come and fly together to manifest Peace.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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