Sacred Mandala Universal Grid Project


Why Sacred locations (power Spots on Earth) are so important?

Well… because they lend powerful energy in the form of information to be put into practice.

They are POWER SPOTS OF MYSTERY and subtle fields of spiritual energy.

When we visit them we rediscover the Medicine of the Earth and how to work with, respect, honor and heal each other and The Earth.

This year in April Spirit called my husband and I to visit a few Sacred Locations in Mexico (Ruta Puuc) in order to receive Important Insight from our ancestors from Mayan, Atlantean and Lemurian Civilizations.

The information when we visit Sacred Locations and we visited quite a few, is absolutely mind blowing!!! It is filled with truth, crazy powerful Ahhha!!! Moments and a lot of gifts in the form of healing, psychic insight, spiritual empowerment, abundance and much more…

One of the most powerful insights received during this visit transformed into a Sacred Project: ~ Sacred Mandala Universal Grid Project ~

This Project it is about connecting own individual grid (mandala) with the Universal Grid to ACTIVATE Awareness, Unity, Peace, Consciousness, Harmony, Centerdness.

Ancestors are telling us that it is CRUCIAL to develop these qualities in as many people as possible.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate, by the way.

The beauty of this is that we can connect with these sacred locations and receive information from advanced civilizations and ancestors.

In this podcast I invited my friend Yasmine to discuss together the Importance of creating our own mandalas to create a spiritual practice that connects with everyone’s practice in the world.

It is TIME!

We are required in these powerful times to create our own sacred locations and connected them with the Universal Grid with the flow of the collective.


Sacred Geometry

Highly evolved civilization like Lemuria and Atlantis used sacred geometry: circles, pyramids, torus, merkaba, Golden Mean, cube, etc.

Nautilus is the perfect example of sacred geometry: spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies to lower frequencies of thought.

Nautilus represents the Golden Mean, the beginning of ALL spiraling beautiful representing the evolution. And what is magical and synchronistic about this is that only two months before visiting Mexico I was gifted with a Spiral Shell of a rare Nautilus in Fiji while visiting another Sacred Spot on Earth. Still to this day I am in such Awe!

So what is a Mandala?

Mandala is a round, circular image representing wholeness.
It is a cosmic design found all around us.
It represents peace, Oneness and harmony.

The insight received was to Create individual grids/mandalas using Sacred Geometry which will eventually become vortexes that connect us with the Divine Spirit, God.

Use any type of mandala you are guided to.
Spirit whispered that the 7 pieces arrangement works for 2014.  However use whatever your intuition, Spirit, Angels are guiding you.

This information waited for the divine time to surface and it is supposed to reach MANY people in order to raise global vibrations and raise consciousness.


Purpose of the Grid

~ rapid awakening – mass awareness.
~ bring feminine energy awareness and balance it with the masculine.
No more wars, harmony instead. Law of Oneness!
~ connect everything to raise vibrations of PLANET, amplifying positive Energies
~ connect with Sacred Locations and become Sacred Locations,
~ create our own sacred circles, vortexes of positive energies
~pull divine energy into the physical world


Steps in Creating the GRID/MANDALA

1. INTENTION/prayer/meditation/thought – it has to be in alignment with Truth, wisdom, peace, Love to serve the Greatest Good. Any intention that comes from power struggle, selfishness, fear and so on, will simply not work. Work light and PASSION!!!

2. Creative Essence:
ask yourself : What do I want to bring into the world?
What is my contribution to the Soul of the planet?
Your talents, your gifts, your hobbies, basically who you are.
Awakening and Activate these Energies

3. Sacred Geometry:
bring intention–we found out the circle is the perfect geometric structure as it represents feminine energy, healing, compassion and has subtle powers. Other examples: Flower of Life, Merkabha, Pyraminds, Diamond, Cube, Triangle

4. Sacred objects used:
symbols that remind you of your sacredness, or divine seeds

Yasmine and I gathered for many years a multitude of sacred objects.
Instead of collecting shoes, makeup, fashionable clothing, we collected and created spiritual sacred objects that we work with and get attuned to their energies: Gemstones, rocks from the tree nations and plant kingdom, Sacred orgone amulets and pendants, crystals, >Lemurian Crystals, talismans, different realms objects: Angelic and Faeries Realm Objects, Dolphins and Whales, Dragons, Fossils, Herbs, elements and elemental objects, psychic and spiritual empowering objects, shamanic objects, sacred feathers, native drums, sacred musical instruments, powerful elixirs from the Earth, blessed water and more.

5. Actual Individual Work

act upon knowledge
Every mandala created is never duplicated.  Mandalas also change.
Individual mandala is created with attention, creativity, uniqueness.
The Beauty is we need very little to do this activity.

6. Actual Connection with the Grid:
via Intention


7. Spreading the Knowledge to RAISE AWARENESS:
post picture, spread the word, so we connect with each other, create your own circle, communities circles, connect with the grid

Facebook: SACRED PROJECT: Create own Mandala and Connect with Universal Grid


We need reminders, we need triggers, we need nudges.



Universal Grid is reminding subconsciously of our conscious.
This is part of evolution, becoming more aligned with our divine purpose.

Working with energies is the Master Key in Spiritual Evolution.

Strongly suggest taking part in this project!!!
It brings so much spiritual growth, psychic insight, amazing ideas, vitality, empowerment and so much good stuff… Totally go for it!

Sacred Grid Blessings,

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Ancient Civilizations and Whales

whaleFullMoonOne of the reasons I LOVE Moon Transmissions is the heart base connection with others in the astral realm. Energy can become POWER HOUSE! If you don’t know what Moon Transmissions are check them out.
So this is a report of what happened during Solar Eclipse/ Taurus New Moon Transmission…

At the beginning of Transmission we were greeted by the Spirit of Whales, Eagle Power Totem, Angels, Mother Earth and Nautilus. Some powerful team of High Spirit Allies!!!

There is absolutely no coincidence as less than an hour before starting the Moon Transmission Ceremony, I received a package from a customer and dear friend, Lara.

Lara knew my birthday was coming up and she wanted to send me a gift. It is a mind blowing story of synchronicity that happened perfectly according to Cosmic orchestration. It is about whales. You can read it here: Song of the Whale: The Power of Spirit Synchronicities

WhaleCivilizationsDuring this Moon transmission we received messages of wisdom, blessings and healing from Whales and the magical Nautilus Golden Mean Spiral.

“Peace is around the corner, although it seems almost impossible. Be in the state of awareness… Achieve a within peace state by being in stillness. Only in stillness you receive profound insight and wisdom from Spirit.”

Previous civilizations collapsed due to greed and detrimental ego.   We were reminded not to repeat the same mistake again.

My husband and I returned from Mexico where we were on a sacred journey. There we received some powerful insight regarding ancient civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayan).

Whales and the Nautilus witnessed the big fall of previous Empires. Humans who were heart centered and not blinded by greed, corruption and ego made it. They knew before hand about the downfall.

Some of them decided to go underground and others underwater. The underwater people are the dolphins of today. They promised to help the Whales to keep and maintain peace on Earth. Whales promised solemnly that they will do whatever it takes to keep peace on Planet Earth.

The Whales have very advanced wisdom, knowledge and high psychic abilities. They could see into the future and read the Library of the Universe.   If they see war or disasters they work on neutralizing the destruction.

You are reading this for a reason.


Whales are present with you and ask to close your eyes, feel them in your heart and connect with them. Make them your friends. They communicate with humans via Love.

NautilusSpiralNautilus shell has chambers. Whales ask you to go into the Nautilus chamber of “Relationships and LoVE” and spend some time there working on yourself, specially on self love, not the narcissistic type but deep understanding love and compassion for self and humanity.

Whales ask us to send love to ALL relationships regularly. This will help them maintain peace on our planet.
They need your help, they need human help. Peace can be maintained by being LOVE.
Sometimes is hard to love someone who wronged to you, love them anyway so this way you make room for loving yourself more.

Whales also teach that if you are happy with yourself and happy in your relationships with yourself you will be and are successfully happy in any relationships because YOU are the element of power.

Self LOVE and self work are the most important things one can do to help the planet be at peace.

Just picture this baby (calf) whale swimming joyfully around you:
He is saying:
“I am always present next to you, even if you don’t see me. I am always present in your heart and I want you to know that I am always in your heart. I love you”


Peace and Blessings,

Lilly as Nature’s Blessings


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Abundance and Prosperity Teachings from Lemurians

abundanceBuddahAbundance is a state within. 

The mistake people make is that they focus their entire energies outside of themselves which results in getting off balance.
Focus on what works and replicate that over and over again.  In other words look back in time when you created success in any area of your life, get into that emotional mood and recreate the energy so you can replicate that success in any area of your life.
People think of abundance as money only.
Money is a part of the abundance state as a medium of energy exchange but it is not the entire picture.
Money is a byproduct, a result of the effort, work and energy you put out into the world. However money can create mixed feelings as money was and is still used as a tool of greed, destroying nature and enslavement by lower entities that operate out of fear.
At the same time money is used for great purposes to help and empower humanity.  That is why money has a mixed energetic imprint in your consciousness and you must do individual money consciousness cleansing and healing work on your DNA, ancestral, soul and conscious levels.
Change the vibrations of money energy; see it as your individual value.
How much do you value yourself?
How much do others value you?
How much do you value others?
These 3 questions are very important to ask in order to work on value that is closely connected with abundance.
Another mistake people focus on is the poverty issue.  Focus on “lack of poverty” that creates the opposite which is the state of abundance.
Abundance is the state that Nature exists in.  If you are not connected with Mother Nature you are not abundant.

Think of the trees, animals, birds, plants, mountains, oceans.  See, watch, listen, hear how nature gives birth to itself how it unfolds and learn from it. Let it be your guidance, your teacher, your friend.
Don’t take from the earth more then what is needed. Do not disrespect nature.  Do not waste!

Nature, Mother Earth is a living being. Do not try to change the course of nature.
It has a rhythm, it lives in cycles, respect that.
Respect the low tides and high tides of the rhythm of life.
When abundance moves into the low tide, it is time to go inward, spend less, eat less, perhaps go into fasting mode: physical as well as spiritual. That allows for bringing cleansing into ones thoughts, emotions, mind.
After the cleansing ends, the “fest” begins and you find yourself in the high tides, enjoying your abundance.

Think, rethink, and master the concept of birth, death, rebirth of the nature. 
  Learn, learn and relearn.
Sharing and giving is allowing the flow of abundance in your life.  If you can give, if you can share you have plenty, you are plenty.
Declutter, let go, release: thoughts, emotions, stuff.  The more you release the more you receive…
Knowing how to manage and be on charge of your abundant life is key. Be wise!
Abundance is about balance: give and receive equally.  Do not be afraid to say NO for the sake of keeping the balance.
Learn to Respect balance: it is closely connected with abundance.
Choose to be happy. Have trust and faith always: you have enough, you are enough.

Message received from Lemurian Nation on Abundance on Dec 28, 2012 Cancer Full Moon – brought forth by Lilly Natures Blessings
For energy healing session, spiritual counseling, work on abundance issues check out Lilly’s services.
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New Golden Era: Feminine Energies, New Codes, Lemurian Guidance

New Moon on Dec 13, 2012 was the continuation of the 12-12-12 sacred feminine
This new moon transmission was sent from Arizona’s desert in Carefree location.  I woke up before the sun rise, welcoming the first rays of the sun which are very potent.
The physical place where Spirit wanted me to be for this Moon transmission was in the middle of a large formation of Chrysocolla and Azurite rocks.
Chrysocolla – a stone of conciliation and reassurance, helping with grounding and attuning with the energies of Mother Earth.  It is known to be a great heart opener, and it feels very feminine in energy. Azurite on the other hand is the stone of heaven and has divine masculine qualities which open the third eye.  There couldn’t be a more perfect combination: heart energy combined with mind energy in perfect alignment in this perfect day.


Imagine the energy as I was meditating and sending the moon transmission while sitting on that large energy power house gems!!!
After completing the sacred space I invited Spirit with the message. As soon as I finished the invocation I saw a rabbit passing in front of me.
Spirit said: “Where is the rabbit hole taking you on this powerful day?”


Metaphorically  speaking the rabbit hole is the path which is thought to lead to the true   nature of reality. As Morpheus, from The Matrix is saying: “You   take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
So if you want to know your own truth you have to want it, search it, explore   it, do whatever it takes to find out what is it you want to know.


The rabbit hole took me on a short journey yet super empowering and I am so happy and humbled to share the messages from that unique moment in time that was a big mark on the cosmic calendar.
The rabbit hole guided me to the Lemurians – the ancient civilization which is in continuous communication with people around the world. They are guiding and teaching people from their own experience and help the humanity to move on with the evolution without repeating the same mistakes they did.
All of us were gifted that day with individual codes as well as global codes. I am here to remind you about the global codes. Some of you already had some hunches and knowing after this moon transmission about your individual codes. Now you can connect on a more profound levels and apply the codes in your daily life.
Lemurians have been coming to our awareness lately more than ever.
As I was sending the energies of the new moon to friends my attention was drawn towards the sun.
While welcoming the first rays of sun I see a portal opening that looks like a yellow -gold diamond shape with a beautiful blue color right in the middle of it.
The energy was outwardly beautiful.
FeminineGoldThrough the portal I see a female figure coming to our earthly dimension.  She is the energy of Lady Guadalupe, Mother Mary and Quan Yin or any other female sacred energy you are resonating or believe in.  She comes to the human consciousness to remind of the power of divine feminine: the nurturer, the mother, the forgiving, the blessings, intuition, compassion and Love.  It is time for all of us to embrace and welcome the power of our divine nature as the world is moving towards feminine energies that balance the divine masculine.
There is still a lot of resistance, and if we do not embrace our feminine qualities we suffer. It is time to open our hearts and let the ‘mother’ in.  The shift that is happening is a shift of consciousness.  It will take more years, perhaps as long as 12 years to accomplish what we have been working for many life times. Dec 21, 2012 was a huge shift, as we were preparing and building momentum for many many years. However that day didn’t complete the shift, that day was a moment in time where a lot of people came together in unity and celebrated life. It was the apex of welcoming the shift. For some people it meant nothing, for some it meant everything, it all depends on the level of growth, expansion and consciousness… No matter how old our soul is, we all made it, and this is a great accomplishment. Do not take it for granted.


Messages from the Goddess (Lady Guadalupe, Quan Yin, Mother Mary)
“Your codes that you are looking for, the knowledge that you are searching for is all within you. Teachers and helpers in your life are there for you to remind you that. You are the true essence of God. There are many distractions and obstacles on your path to prevent you from being your true self. They are placed there for a good reason to test your growth and evolution. Have faith and never doubt.
Love Yourself.
Do not try to please everyone with your words and actions. They have their own experiences to go through.  Your sacred duty is to stay true to yourself, raise your own vibrations and stay in high vibrations.
Regardless of your gender, Embrace your feminine side.”
Lilly Natures Blessings
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