Be Assertive, Say No when you mean it, Listen to Intuition


In our month long trip to Thailand and Cambodia, we got many messages and lessons and we are still spinning high from the trip… Everything was perfectly magic and beautiful until the last day when we had a motorcycle accident. Ouch!!!
It wasn’t that bad.
But something big surfaced from the entire “thing”.
We decided to go check out a secluded beach and in order to get there we had to go off road. When we got to the top of the hill, we stopped and got off the motorcycle. I told my husband Constantin. “I don’t like it, I don’t feel good about it, let’s go back”.
But he didn’t “hear” me. All he said to me was Let’s go.
I just couldn’t say “No”.
We got back on the bike and went downhill.
Seconds before the accident, I had foreseen it, and still couldn’t say NO.
…and the motorcycle did not stop. We fell.
I hurt my tailbone and scratched my right butt cheek and some other scratches.
My husband got some scratches and bruises, however I was the one in more pain.
After the accident I was upset and angry because I didn’t stand my ground and said NO to Constantin.
My upset came because I could have prevented it.
But then Constantin with a smile on his face said: “well that was all part of the plan. The big plan.”
Deep down I realized that although I saw it coming and let it come it was to realize that I was aware,
awakened, I knew how to be present. I was alert and in control. And that was enough.
Yes we don’t need to suffer and go through pain, but we chose this life, we came into this life with a mission, and whatever is supposed to happened to learn the lesson will happen.
On our life journey we travel from point A to point B in different ways: dancing, spinning, laughing, and smiling or via accidents or challenges. We still get to the destination regardless of the medium of traveling. Perhaps it is time to change the medium into something light and happy.

Its part of Divine plan why we are on this earthly plane.
Lessons Learned – I hope you resonate to some or all:
1. Say NO when you mean it!! Be assertive!
Say No with grace without putting up a fight.
I could have said to Constantin: “Hey I don’t feel good about this, I decided to stop here and if you want to go by yourself then I will wait here.” Period.
No more, no less, no harsh feelings, no taking it personally.

Empathic, sensitive people just cannot say NO when we really mean it.
Although I have been working on this for quite some time, I needed a rude awakening to finally start to say NO to what is not in agreement with my soul and intuition.
2. Listen to that Gift you have: Intuition.
We all have it, yet we don’t listen enough.
Although I received a message in the shower that very morning about the accident I didn’t do anything to stop it.
Do you resonate?
How many times you ignored your intuition and cost you something valuable?
3. Use protection when on a high mission.
The higher the light the more the darkness is trying to balance it.
A day before the accident we received some powerful messages of light from Spirit about working with sacred geometry (sand dollar medicine and 5 pointed star) Powerful stuff, we’ll release soon.
The day we had the accident we completely forgot about protection and left our orgone pendants at the hotel. Although we have an energy protective field around us and angels are always with us, we need to pay attention to common sense, safety and use some spiritual protection.
4. Grounding, Grounding and more Grounding
Tailbone is the root, the grounding chakra.
Sensitives need to ground themselves on a regular basis.
We love roaming in the higher dimensions and it takes a Spiritual Slap to realize that we are still human and we belong to our beloved planet Earth.
When we spend time in high realms, we need to come back to earth and consciously ground ourselves.
Although I had the feet chakra balancers with me on this trip, (we take them everywhere), I was way too comfortable to wear them. Grounding takes work and dedication, but makes an empath’s life easier.

5. Lesson Reinforced:
Be responsible for all your actions, thoughts and behaviors.

6. Manifest with High Precision.
As my tailbone hurt, it was hard for me to sit down.
Let alone sitting for so many hours (24 hours and 3 flights).
So I asked Spirit for solutions. I sent energy out to my goals: manifest extra leg room on all 3 flights.
Everything worked as magic: I got extra leg room seats on all 3 flights!
What was the secret?
Determination and Focus! When your butt hurts like hell you better find the solution!
7. We create our reality – it might sound cliché
As soon as we fell, I heard the word “creation”
Did I create this?
Yes we both did. How?
Some negative vibrations prior to this.
We are human and negativity is part of life.
However we need to have the courage to recognize and break the ‘spell of negativity’ in an instant.
A friend of mine told me: Ask Universe to go through this Awakening Process easier.
And don’t forget that You are the Universe.”

Have you ever learned any of the above lessons? If so which one?
Was it the hard way or the easy way?
Would love to know. Comment below.

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The hidden beauty and power of the Word Psychic and its hijacking…


The word “Psychic” and the energy around it, still has a bad reputation and is denigrated by the mainstream society. Oh well…
Choosing the Psychic path is a huge responsibility and takes TONS of courage.
Telling someone you are psychic can induce different negative reactions in people: being called charlatan, delusional, mentally ill, crazy, or even being envied for your gifts.
I have to agree that there are charlatans out there who pretend to have super powers. There is always a rotten apple or two amongst a bunch of other apples.
On many occasions I was asked from the get go: “what do you do?” which I find it annoying, as it feels so shallow. I usually respond fast and shocking: “I am a Psychic”. I get in return some grins, funky frowns, eyebrow raises, even arrogant laughter and more questions like: “so can you read my future? and more blah blah’s…
In the past I had my moments of low self esteem and had to do a lot of thinking before coming out as a “Psychic”.
But Spirit said: use it anyway…
The society has brainwashed and controlled society for eons. Luckily there is a mass awakening of truth.
It is very easy to lose confidence in self if you are not standing your grounds. It takes practice, it takes courage and it also takes love to learn to stand your ground.
But when Spirit is stronger than any of the low energies of guilt or shame, the courage and profound understanding takes over.
Like Gandhi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 😉
There is so much beauty in the energy of the word “Psychic”.
So what is the definition of the word Psychic?

“The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos (“of the mind” or “mental”) and refers in part to the human mind or psyche… The Greek word also means “soul”. In Greek mythology, the maiden Psyche was the deification of the human soul.”
To me the meaning of the word Psychic is the merging of three powerful energies into one: soul, mind and spirit.
Like any word, psychic word has energy and extreme power. It all depends how the power is used: to create, evolve or to destroy, become stagnant or die.
A lot of people are more comfortable using the word “intuitive” more than Psychic from fear of being judged.
Although Intuition is also a beautiful word, the vibrational word “Psychic” is more profound, hence it holds more power of manifesting. I like to combine it with the word “awareness” ~ “psychic awareness” as it increases the vibration of the soul…
I had people screaming at me, literally, for using the word psychic, and quite a few of “unsolicited advices” to change the work “psychic” with “intuitive”. Sometimes being stubborn sets you on a pioneer journey… Even the world was known to be flat before it emerged into a round world… Right?
I had to stand my grounds and reclaim this word/energy as it holds tremendous power.
If you are psychic, then you know what I am saying, and you might want to take your gifts/ powers back.
Do not be afraid to use this word; in fact use it with confidence. This way we awaken the truth in this energy and stop pretending the world is what we see with our physical eyes only. It is beyond that and our souls know it…
Like many other words of power, its energy was hijacked by the dark side to keep us trapped into the world of illusion… Psychic Energy needs to be reestablished, accepted, embraced, honored, rediscovered.
After all it is of the “Soul”… What is more beautiful than the “soul”?
Seriously… Souls is eternal.
Breathe please as you read this…
Repeat the word Psychic with a high awareness and see how powerful this can be!!! Aha…

My belief is that we all have psychic abilities, which are creative, beautiful gifts from Creation. They come from our Spiritual Nature.
We always had them, before we even came into this life and will always have them as we leave this physical life.
Some of us use, honor and recognize them more than others simply because we have awakened to the reality of who we are, some are still questioning as they are in the awakening process, and some deny them as they are still in the sleepy dimension of illusion.
Some have more advanced psychic abilities, some have less.
Some have the gift of psychic seeing, some have the gift of psychic hearing, some are more in the knowing, some are just feeling…
You obviously came so far reading this article… that means you are vibrating with this energy…
As you are Psychic, use the word psychic more and more…
Let’s change the vibration of this word together! It is TIME!
Much Love and Psychic Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings


Tools to assist your Psychic Powers:
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Psychic Energy coming out of this…

Can you sense Psychic Energy from this Orgone Pendant?
Many Empathic, Energy Sensitive, Intuitive People feel energy coming out of this Psychic Tool.
This is a Clairvoyance Orgone Pendant.


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Leave a comment if you sense Psychic Energy.

What Alkalinity has to do with Psychic Abilities, Third Eye, Pineal Gland?


The Third Eye chakra is the seat of the soul where mind and body meet. It is considered the Psychic Chakra and is closely associated with the Pineal Gland.

An awakened third eye chakra leads to psychic awareness. If the pineal gland is dormant or calcified then third eye is inactive, hence no psychic awareness.




There are foods that help awaken your pineal gland and help with your spiritual growth or foods that are detrimental.

Your body’s ph which is the alkaline – acidic balance, influences your well being as well as has effect on your pineal gland. Foods that are more acidic contribute to calcification of pineal gland. Foods that are more alkaline help to decalcify the pineal gland and open psychic awareness.

In general grains and animal products are acid forming and fruits and vegetables are alkali forming.

greenAvocadoGood, fresh, organic food boosts the immune system and it creates alkalinity or maintains the body natural ph level.

Junk food is acidic!!!

That causes to slow down the spiritual growth and psychic awareness.
Greens, cucumber, avocado are very alkaline forming. If you want to make your pineal gland happy start eating these foods.
Do your own research and google acidic vs alkaline foods.
There are foods that are fresh and might have the ph acidic but that doesn’t mean that they are the bad type of acid. For example lemon might be acidic but inside the body it is extremely alkaline – the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.
USE your common sense (intuition).
Eat what feels good and truly natural.
Do not eat what is GMO, have way too many ingredients or chemicals in it.
Eliminate anything that is in a “box” or can.
Of course this will not happen overnight, but if you want to increase psychic abilities you might want to switch to a more alkaline diet.
Not only food is categorized in these two types: acid forming and alkaline forming, but also water/drinks.
Avoid bottle water. Most of the bottle water has fluoride in it and fluoride is the main culprit well known to calcify the pineal gland.
Avoid fluoride in toothpaste.
Even thinking can influence your ph. Thinking that is negative, emotional stress, toxic overload lead to acidity in the body while thoughts that are positive create alkalinity in the body.
Recite, work with your affirmations and stay in high vibrations as much as you can.
(Do affirmations work?)
Check out the 68 seconds technique – a very helpful way to shift your mood immediately.


Benefits of a more alkaline diet:
Intuition increases
Remembering dreams, more vivid dreams, more pleasant dreams
Psychic skills increase
Positive thoughts
Increase overall well being
More spiritual awareness and understanding
Lilly Natures Blessings

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Make your own Gemstone or Crystal Elixir

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGemstones and crystal are the link between the heavens (Angelic Realms) and human beings.

All advanced cultures and civilizations knew the powers of the crystals and gemstones.
One way to connect with the energy of gems and crystals is via elixirs.


Gem elixirs are used to balance your chakras, aura, protect energy field, cleanse your space, open psychic awareness and connect with the angelic realms and much more.


The best time to start making your gem elixir is during New Moons.


Items Needed to Make a Gem Crystal Moon Elixir
Pure, Spring or distilled water
Glass jar, glass bowl, glass pitcher (do not use plastic)
Cover for the jar (might be plastic or lid cover)
How to make your elixir:
Say a prayer/set intention that the energies of the elixir you are making will serve the highest purpose and greatest good. Ask the Moon/Angels/God to bless your elixirs. I like to create a sacred space before I start making my elixirs. The higher the intention and prayer the more powerful the outcome of your elixir.
Wash your crystals/gem first.
Place the crystal/gem in the glass container and pour water over it.
Take your glass containers with gems and place them outside under the sun, moon and stars for 3 days.
After 3 days of capturing the powerful energies of the New Moon, the gems and crystals infused the water with their qualities.
Some people only leave the glass containers for a few hours and then use them immediately in their bath, spray their aura, some even drink the elixir. However caution is needed when ingesting these elixirs because some gems and crystals can be toxic. I like to use them externally to be on the safe side.
After 3 days you can add some strong alcohol to preserve the essence of the new elixir created. Elixirs can be stored for a long time in a dark place.
Enjoy the power of your gem elixirs.
We offer a variety of gem elixirs made with love and very high awareness during powerful New Moon Rituals. Check them out.
Blessings and Peace,
Lilly Natures Blessings


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Messages from Spirit via Intuition and Clairaudience

Last  week my husband and I went on 2 different hikes and in each and every hike I received powerful messages from Spirit via animals and  birds.

During one of these hike a bird was screaming so loud that was quite annoying.
This usually means ‘WARNING!’

So I had to stop, connect and ask Spirit:
“What’s the message?”
I clearly heard the bird saying: ”FIRE, GO BACK. FIRE GO BACK” numerous times.
The message was received via clairaudience (psychic hearing).

We are all different, although I believe we are all born with psychic gifts.
Some people feel when something is not right, some people ‘just know’, others have premonitions or visions. Some people receive messages via more than just one psychic sense. In my case I knew that something was wrong (intuition) and I heard the bird clearly (psychic hearing).

Clairaudience is usually the hardest psychic gift to develop.

This was also my weakest gift and now it is developing beautifully. It is connected with the throat chakra. I have been doing a lot of work on my throat chakra lately and I listen to a lot of audio guided meditations, so I believe this is the reason this gift has greatly improved.

So, once I have acknowledged the message, the bird stopped screaming. I have tested my intuition again, by ignoring it, but not for long. I have learned my lessons in the past the hard way by not paying attention to intuition and messages from Spirit. Not this time.  I was prepared and ready to respond immediately. But like many of us wanted a proof first.
So, only a few minutes after hearing the bird screaming, a thunder storm started.
We immediately decided to turn back.  As we were hiking back, the thunderstorm intensified.
The bird was totally right. There was a fire in the mountains which started to grow and by the time we got back to the car we could not only see the smoke but also could smell it. That night the mountain was evacuated and roads to the mountain were blocked.


Intuition is a gift we all have. It is a priceless gift to master.







Many times when we listen to Intuition, we can prevent dangerous situations. It also helps us manifest, become successful, have great relationships and stable. People say to me “yes but you are a psychic, you can see it but I cannot” .  Let me tell you, we can see, feel, hear, know.  It is not easy though, it does require individual work.
Society tries to suppress, hide, ignore or even make fun of the psychic phenomena. Lately, more and more people are awakening to the reality that there is more then the physical eyes can see. There is an invisible world of spirit that is very real but cannot be proven by science. And this world is made accessible via intuition and psychic awareness..


Meditation helps increase very rapidly intuition and psychic awareness.

However many people find it quite hard to meditate.

So, I have developed a few guided meditations that are received straight from the Source and are very helpful in developing the intuition gift. Check out these great MP3 downloads that can help you deepen your spiritual work, connect with your Higher self and Intuition easy while feeling good.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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Body speaks the language of Intuition

Tune into your body and you will save frustration, illness and pain.
Your body has intelligence. The modern society encourages the separation of mind/ body and spirit /body by estranging us from our feelings. All the poison in our foods (GMO), chemicals (fluoride, chlorine) in our water, pollution of the air (smog, chemtrails) affect our bodies and their functions.
First step to take is to eliminate these pollutants by being aware.
Breathe consciously, learn about pranayama.
Start exercising. Move your body daily: dance, any form of aerobics, running, swimming that keeps your body active, so you can feel your body. If body goes to sleep when is designed to stay awake your spirit, your mind goes to sleep. Keep your body active, keep your spirit active.
When you get in touch with your body you know what food is good for you and what’s not. Stop listening to food gurus and start listening to yourself.
The truth is we are all unique and we should eat what feels good for us.
You are your own master, you are your own guru, teacher and healer. Yes we listen to others teachings but ultimately we gotta take life in our own hands so we can live our lives and not what others say how we should live.
The body has intelligence. Body knows how to answer to your mind very simple: Yes or no. ‘Feel good’ means YES, ‘feel bad’ means NO…
When we dig too much into the intellect trying to find answers we complicate our lives and never get straight answers. But when we ask the body a question we get the perfect simple answers.
For example for me when somebody is either not saying the truth or I feel her/his negative emotions towards me, my solar plexus starts tensing and contracting. But when I feel someone’s love and happiness towards me I feel my heart tingling. It is very simple, and always proved right. You can find your own body signals and learn how to listen to them so you can choose people you want to be around, make wise decisions, authentic choices.
Trust your body, respect your body, honor your body, give it the right food and water and amount of exercise and deep conscious breath. You will feel empowered, confident without being arrogant, feel good in your own skin and happy with your life.
For spiritual counseling and intuitive healing sessions contact me:
Lilly Natures Blessings


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Can psychics, intuitive people be meat eaters?

I get this question a lot.

SpiritualFoodWell a lot of psychics and intuitive people I know eat meat.

Let me be very clear from the start.
I am not here to tell you what to eat and not eat. It is a personal choice, also do not let anyone tell you what to eat or not to eat.


Either way it’s where you have to be right now.

Your truth is yours and yours only.

I grew up in a country where meat was one of the main ingredients for main meals. My psychic visions and feelings were present since childhood.

My body and intuition told me to stop eating red meat so I did many years ago. I have noticed a lighter body and more increased positive visions. When I gave up meat for good I have started being even lighter in my body and had more clear visions.

Our ancestors ate meat. Native Americans, elders and spiritual people still eat meat. However they do pray over it, bless it and give thanks.

What I personally noticed after I gave up meat was that my heart opened even more and the level of compassion and forgiveness I have experienced was even stronger.

No matter what your preference is make sure that you give thanks for the food you have on your plate, honor it, take time to chew it and make sure it is natural, organic. Cook more from the scratch and put love in your food. Food is spirit.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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5 Ways to Awaken your Psychic Powers


Psychic – still a controversial word that starts to be recognized and used all over the world with less and less limiting belief systems resisting it.

For most of the people that do not believe that they are psychic, there is good news.  There is a dormant psychic energy in all of us that awaits surfacing. Why dormant? Because it is not used.
We are tapping and unlocking more than ever the mysteries that our minds and universe has to offer.

Learning to tap into psychic reception area can be amazingly helpful in any creative thinking and become your own counselor, asses people, events, circumstances in our lives more effectively.

You find answers and guidance through challenges in life, seek Truth, find who you truly are, what your life purpose is, find more about past lives, future experiences, gain clarity and insight in any area of your life including health, relationships, answers regarding your carrier, spiritual path, enhance spiritual and personal development, spiritual guidance, develop as  a whole human being, being able to be in charge of your own LIFE.
Here are 5 tips on how to unleash your dormant psychic powers
1. Attitude of Success is MUST!
Behave like you are already psychic. And this is true. You are Psychic!!! All of us have this innate ability which requires exercise of spiritual and psychic faculties.  So now that you know that you are psychic behave like one.
It is important to expect success, and you will because the laws say if you keep practicing and stay focus on your success goals you will achieve them no matter what.
2. Ritual and Creation of Sacred Space
Ritual is very important in psychic work or any spiritual practice.
Do your ritual before you start your work and after you finish.  Create sacred space by invoking your guides, angels, helpers, teachers, God.  The session should always end to giving thanks to your guides, elements, visible and invisible helpers. Ask them to go on peace after you have ended the session. Also If you worked with someone, give thanks to them and their higher self and also make sure they leave the space in peace.
Deep relaxation is key to shift consciousness and enter altered states. Relaxation is the first thing you should master first, because without a relaxed mind we cannot move forward in increasing psychic powers. Do that until it becomes second nature.
4. Use Tools to Awaken the Dormant Psychic Powers
Tools are great to be used to increase and help in developing psychic awareness. They can give a boost in the right direction, increasing the speed and working through blockages.
Example of psychic tools: crystals and gemstones, orgone (life force generators), tarot cards, pendulum, meditation, breath work, yoga, being in the nature, chanting, drumming, being in the presence of high elevated psychic beings, etc.
Meditation is one of the most important tools
An untrained mind flies in all directions and created confusion to the self and others. Stability and control over mind can be achieved through meditation. Only then you can be clear, grounded and able to reach altered states of consciousness.
5. Journaling
Is one of the essential tools for psychic growth. Write down an answer before you go into your altered state including dream state and make sure you write down everything that you have experience during your travel, meditation, dream  etc:  words, symbols, draw pictures, smell, taste, anything that you have encountered during your travel session. These records are very useful for the future, to notice how much you have grown, what to improve, and can help in answering your questions.

Lilly Natures Blessings
Tools to assist your Psychic Powers:
~Psychic development and Intuition orgone necklaces – infused with high psychic energy
~Intuition Affirmations Download


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5 Steps to Connect with your Spirit Guide


spirit guide1.Be Ready

If you are not ready to explore the spirit world than you will never get to feel, see, hear your spirit guide.

When you are ready spirit guide will definitely come to your awareness.



2. Believe
Doubt kills the spirit. It kills creativity and passion.
Kids are so easily connected with the sprit realm as they are so pure and not programmed with doubt or fears.
Doubt usually comes from social conditioning. Acknowledge this fact and choose to stay strong in your own decisions.


3. Spend time in the spirit world

That means nature, sacred space, meditation, reflection, poetry.
We connect with the world of spirit when we are in our right side of the brain: poetic, intuitive, artistic side.
Linearity is good for mathematics and logic (left brain) but not for tapping into our intuition.


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4. Align with the spirit vibrations

That means read and educate yourself on the subject.
“Where attention goes energy flows.”

I like to use different symbols and an altar where I have different spiritual toys that remind me of different energies.  No I do not worship statues or pray to idols.  These are just objects of power that have consciousness and help us connect and tap into our intuitive side.


5. Ask, invoke, welcome spirit guides into your world
Once you are ready, believe, got rid of doubt, educated yourself and choose to connect with the spirit world, it is so much easier to connect with your spirit guides.
When you are sincere and from the heart and you ask for help, the answer will come in miraculous ways.  Listen to the messages you get.  Pay attention to synchronicities and symbols. Some connections might come out of nowhere when you less expect, some might come in dreams. Some people hear their spirit guides names. Others know it without explain it the “knowingness”.

No matter how you get the connection, embrace it and welcome it with all your heart.



Spirit guides can help with healing, can help bring your soul mate into your life, can warn you of dangers ahead and so on…
However they will not do the work for you as they are only assisting you on the journey. You must put the work into it.

Lilly Natures Blessing

Contact me for a spiritual counseling to help you connect with your spirit guides

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