Pain in your feet when clearing root chakra?

feetGrounding“Is it normal to get pain in my feet when clearing root chakra?”

Root chakra (located at the base of the spine) is closely related to feet chakras. Root chakra and feet chakras are about grounding.

Lack of grounding causes adrenalin imbalance, stress, fatigue, insomnia, losing our center/balance.



Also if there are a lot of toxins in the body, feet might slightly hurt during clearing the root or feet chakras. This is how body reacts to toxin removal.
One time a friend of mine asked to lend him my feet chakra balancers (orgone).
These are my favorite detoxing and good nite sleep toys. They were given to me in an extremely powerful channeled meditation by Spirit.
My friend’s body was very toxic due to heavy metals from his amalgam fillings.
While using the feet chakra balancers he noticed at first a buzzing sensation in his feet, then a slight discomfort which emerged into pain. It was funny to watch him as while reporting pain he was also laughing. He couldn’t believe and kept saying ‘OMG’!!!
I suggested not removing the balancers and see if he can stay with the pain for a while. It wasn’t excruciating pain; he described it more like mild electric shocks and discomfort. After about 10-15 minutes the pain subsided and he started to feel sleepy and very relaxed.

His root chakra was getting cleared along with the feet chakras while the entire system was getting a full detox. The next day he felt very good. He ended up getting a set and he is very happy with them.
I also noticed if my root chakra is not so clear and my feet not grounded, I experience a slightly discomfort in my feet and my root during clearing my root and feet chakras while using my feet chakra balancers.
Our root chakra is mostly getting blocked by pollution (any kind) and lack of grounding. We wear shoes most of the time, we sleep away from the earth and we pretty much lost contact with the Earth. There are so many toxins in our food, water and air.
Earthing is what charges and cleanses our root chakra. Feet are our roots into the earth. Root chakra which is the base, is connecting us with our very existence. When root chakra is blocked the entire chakra system is out of balance.
Grounding by walking barefoot helps connect with Earth and establish the grounding connection.

This is feedback from someone who is wearing the feet chakra balancers orgone

Dear Constantin and Lilly,
I had ordered the Foot Chakra balancers around Christmas time and it has brought a strong measure of relief
from pain that I did not experience with other products
I was using. I have
been suffering from severe foot and leg pain, circulation problems in legs
and regular walking had become very painful for the past few months. I was
using a flower essence—aromatherapy spray for the Foot Chakra and using
crystals for grounding but with no relief. Because of the inability to walk
without suffering a lot of pain, I also felt very stressed out and
vulnerable. I want to thank you for making these foot chakra Balancers. I use them
regularly and walking is so much less painful now. Although my symptoms
haven’t all gone away (it hasn’t been a month yet) my sense of confidence in my body’s ability to deal with
sudden, painful ascension symptoms has returned with the use of this
product. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNIQUE PRODUCT!!! I place it in my socks at
night, but even during the day, I carry it in my pocket always. Makes it
easier to handle Foot Chakra related issues. I also want to thank Lilly for the
article on the Foot Chakra on your web site. I learnt a lot from it.
Another area in which I have been experiencing problems is in the complete
disruption of my Circadian rhythms as a result of the rapid changes
brought about by Ascension. This disruption has greatly affected the quality of
my daily life. Although I have tried flower essences, essential oils, herbs,
energy healing etc. to deal with this problem, nothing helped. I have
noticed slight changes in balancing these rhythms when I started using the foot
Chakra Balancers. I hope that very soon normal Circadian rhythms will be
I look forward very much to receiving the Protection Orgone Pendant and
the Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant and deriving great Benefits from
their Use!!!
Thanks also for putting together the Cancel Man-Made
files which I just ordered. I really need them at this point in my
Ascension Journey.

Thanks once again and Blessings of Love, Joy and Peace to both of you at
Nature’s Blessings!!!


Lilly Natures Blessings

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Healing Animals with Energy Healing

Animals, birds and children are the most receptive to energy healing.
Their channels are wide open as there is not so much programming, screwed up belief systems and emotional blocks going on.
Before starting on my energy spiritual healing path I was amazed how animals would come into my space to seek my presence. At the time I didn’t have a clue why. After I started my healing journey path I realized that our furry and winged friends were not only tremendously intelligent but also very receptive to energy.
My first healing sessions were on dogs and I have noticed that when I started to run energy into them they would just lay down relaxed and go into a very meditative state. They knew exactly what healing energy is and surrender to it totally. Cats, dogs, birds, dolphins, fish; even reptiles would go into this altered state, complete motionless in order to absorb healing energies.
One day after returning from a hike around Area 51 (Tikaboo Mountain) I noticed a little bird inside our parked truck.
This little guy looked pretty tired and he didn’t seem to be scared of us at all.
When we started the truck, he jumped on the side mirror and from there he barely landed on the ground. That’s when we noticed he was injured and couldn’t fly.
I started to send energy to him from a few feet away and then I had to leave and follow the truck that was slowly moving. When I turned my head back, I saw the little bird following me. When I stopped, he stopped.
I carried on walking; he carried on hopping as he couldn’t fly. That was my first surprise.
Eventually I stopped and assumed a squat position.
He immediately made his way right under me surrendering to the healing energy I was running. As it was getting late we had to move so I decided to leave so I did. Little bird continued to follow me. I realized he needed more energy work, so this time I took more time and run some more healing energy until his energetic field seemed saturated. Then I gently stood up and walked away from him slowly. Interestingly enough he flew away quite happy and energized! I was not only very happy I could help the little guy but also was amazed by his trust and the ability to open so amazingly to healing energy. Wow!


There is this myth that energy healing is a placebo effect… Well the healing encounter with the wild bird was definitely not a placebo effect so skeptics can argue forever. Energy healing works and is available to everyone, as simple as might sound. Our brain wants to make it complicated and our egos want scientific proof for everything. So just trust yourself and heal away!

If you are just starting on the healing path my advice is not only to do whatever it takes to trust your powers but also start practicing running energy into pets and children of course with parent or owner consent. This way the rate of increasing confidence in your healing powers is way higher.

Blessings and Health,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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What is Healing Energy? How to raise healing vibes…


Everything is Energy.
There is vibration in everything.

Animals, birds, plants talk to each other through vibrations.
Healing energy (light) is God’s universal loving energy is one of the most ancient healing techniques. It is extremely subtle and gentle energy. Energy Healing is not done on the physical body, instead is intended to the spirit. When used with purest intention, results are magic.
You are not using your own energy to send healing energy. Your job is to tap into the Universal Source of Energy that is infinite. This way you will never become depleted or tired. Also you are not taking on anyone’s pain, suffering, emotional trauma or illnesses. You are the facilitator and not the one responsible for healing. In fact no one can heal anyone. Doctors don’t heal. The same healers don’t heal. The body heals itself. The “healer’ is just the facilitator.
Listen to Healing Energy and WAYS to raise healing vibrations podcast


Lilly Natures Blessings


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“Hey Lilly,
I listened to your podcast this morning; it was really awesome. You’ve got such a perfect soothing radio voice. It really set me off on the right foot for the day, and I’ve been able to carry that energy to work, which is good, because the vibes can be pretty low here, thanks to crazy boss. So Thanks for that.” Mike S


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Remove Negative Energy – Chakra Clearing


As many of us I struggled removing negative detrimental energies from my aura and chakras.
So after some work on myself I figured it out.
Here I share Simple and efficient methods for chakra healing, chakra balancing and clearing to remove energy blocks from your physical body and heal your energy filed – (aura) for self or others.

So here 3 main reasons that create energy blocks that lead to illness

– toxins
– belief system
– “negatives” (sadness, anger, hatred, resentment, anger etc)
Check out this podcast here

Enjoyed the podcast?
If it helped you, let others know.
Share and share some more 🙂


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Grounding: root chakra meditation


Lack of grounding causes adrenalin imbalance, stress, fatigue, insomnia, loose our center, our balance…

Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

Earthing or Grounding is very helpful for intuitive, sensitives, empath people and for most women. Feet chakras are portals of communication with the Earth’s energy.


Feet Chakra Balancers are great tools for Grounding. They create a protective field around feet that will block intrusion of unwanted energy. Once feet chakras are unblocked the root chakra (where kundalini lies dormant) that is associated with grounding, instinct, security, manifestation, abundance becomes balanced and stable.


The folowing is a good grounding meditation that uses brainwave entrainment, the best way to experience this meditation is to use headphones along with the full length.



This meditation uses the earths natural frequency of 7.83hz combined with other grounding tones. Producing an experience of wholeness and oneness with the earth and all living things around you.


Master your Feet if you want to go into the Right Direction!!!



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Ho’o pono pono to clear subconscious of negative memories


Ho’o pono pono is an ancient Hawaiian method that helps clear subconscious of negativity by using these simple words:
“Please Forgive Me”
“Thank You”
“I Am Sorry”
“I Love you”
This video is created to clear your subconscious of negative memories.
While you are watching this video you will be erasing negative memories from your subconscious by using Sound, Images and Ho’o pono pono.

I have used it myself and with my clients.. It works MIRACLES!!!

Try it… Let me know how it works for you… 🙂


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Spiritual Counseling ~ Intuitive Healing


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What is Psychic Healing?


Psychic Spiritual Healing
Psychic healing has many aspects, but all lead to the training of the psyche to make it stronger. It has many beneficial aspects when it comes to the treatment of terminal and incurable diseases from which it is virtually impossible to recover. Miraculous recovery from such terminal diseases have been observed in certain patients after extensive session of psychic or pranic healing. The methods are different in each process of healing, and all the processes a have differences in the various methods of healing that are followed. Generally meditation, prayer and talk sessions are the main methods that are used in the process of psychic healing. These have been shown to yield significant results in people who are weighed down by the burdens of life, and also among people who are basically trying to survive or recover from a terminal medical condition like cancer.


Psychic healing methods have often been confused with religious methods when it fact the two processes have no relation whatsoever. But, on the other hand, this healing has been equated to spiritual healing. Whether this type of healing actually yields any results or not, is the subject of much debate, discussion and deliberation. Some critics of psychic medicine are of the opinion that the healing is actually due to natural causes, and does not have anything to do with ‘psychic healing mumbo jumbo’. But the advocates of this type of healing and in fact all the people who have benefited from the process of psychic healing swear by it.


A number of people have recovered from terminal and incurable disorders as a result of healing and psychic medicine therapy, and this is a well known fact. Psychic healing does have healing powers, and this is a proven fact. The scientific basis of this type of healing is the subject of much debate. A number of people all over the world swear by the powers of this type of healing.

Article Source:

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