Earthquakes, Stars and Labyrinths: Spiritual Work to release tension in the world

Dear Earth Angels, Light and Miracle Workers,

We are called during these intense yet miraculous times to do work with the Earth and the Stars.
By now you know that Earth is shifting and we have to shift and align with her.
She is proving more and more everyday that she is a living being. Awww!

This is what I have received from Spirit and wanted to share with you.
We are called to do sacred work with the star people/nations and Mother Earth via labyrinths and star symbols.
For the past months I keep getting messages about number 5, STAR sacred geometry and lately about labyrinths.
The information from our star brothers and sisters is about anchoring the knowledge from the stars into the Earth via labyrinths.
Labyrinths are portals between heaven and earth and have unique transformative powers. Here the veil is very thin and energy which is trapped inside the Earth needs to be released.
While I was in the middle of the labyrinth in Nevada offering a STAR orgone pendant and a crystal to the portal, a strong wind started to blow and rain started pouring heavily from the sky.
This was one of the magical confirmations that the work was successful, true and real.
I immediately saw clairvoyantly a massive ray of energy coming to the surface from deep within the Earth.
There is much trapped dark energy inside the earth and it is ready to explode. That’s why the earth unrest (Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Floods, – Earth Becoming Unstable).
A lot of sensitives feel shaky, dizzy, spiraling upwards and so on lately. We need grounding, we need centering, we need to do sacred work.
The dark energy is a mix of collective fear, anger, fracking, weather manipulation and so on.
Some might ask why do we need to let the energy out?
Well if we don’t release the tension, when it explodes it can create havoc.
Now mind you, this is work in the cosmic/ethereal/invisible realms, but it needs to be accompanied by physical work such as walking the labyrinth with grace and humility, praying and encouraging the healing of earth. Healing the EARTH is healing our humanity.

Now when the energy that is trapped inside the earth is released via labyrinths, the earth releases the buildup tension.
Ask the star people and angels for assistance and be in the heart space when you do the work.
If we manage to connect more labyrinths that are freeing this trapped energy we can help the shift become more stable and grounded in Love.
If you are close by a labyrinth go work with it.
If not just visualize doing the work and connect portals around the world together. They are release valves that help ease up the buildup tension in the world.
Offer crystals, orgone and star sacred geometry in the middle of the labyrinth or just use whatever your intuition guides you. The most important thing is to do the work.
When I was called to do the work I felt a little resistance but Spirit was way more powerful then my comfort zone mood and managed to go out and do the work.
The conformation was really mind blowing: a strong wind and rain followed by sunny sky after only 5 minutes. Was Fascinating and the energy of this opening really shook my body so beautifully.
Hope this info helps and you go out and do the work.
Walk the Sacred Labyrinths and encourage others to do the same. Lets activate the hearts of Humanity.
We are in this together and it is TIME!
Spread this wide and share the LOVE!
Peace and Much Love,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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Why more evolved spiritually people suffer or have some kind of illness or disorder?

I saw this question today:
“I’ve noticed that most of the people that are more evolved spiritually have some kind of illness or disorder, or as well, suffered more in life. They also are the ones who understand others better and are kinder than average. Why so much suffering?” from a group on facebook, so I decided to answer.

I see suffering and illnesses more and more everyday amongst spiritual evolved people.
I am also a living testimonial as well.
I have gone through 4 major near death experiences and I learned quite a lot and at the same time I feel like I know nothing. My first close to death experience was early in my twenties, when I was diagnosed with meningitis and sent home to basically die. An energy healer helped me with chakra alignment, high positive vibrations and removal of negative stuff from my energy field. I was perfectly healed in about 40 minutes.
As Spiritual suffering, pain and illnesses are the result of more than one reasons, I will share a few.
Chakra Misalignment (favoring upper chakras over lower chakras)
You would ask: How in the world this could be true, as Spiritual people know about chakras balancing and alignment.
Well Yes and No.
Intellectually we know it but when it’s time to put this into practice we lack awareness for some reason.
Most of the suffering spiritually evolved people operate mostly from the upper chakras (crown, third eye) and that can overpower the lower chakras, that leading to chakra misalignment.
People who function from upper chakras are usually suffering from depression. There is too much energy in the head area, upper chakras working way harder and not letting the lower chakras balance the entire chakra system.
It is a matter of misalignment.
We are spiritual beings who experience human form but also humans who experience spirituality. We need to be aware of both concepts as I see only one being favored.
We need the great marriage of all our chakras. We need to stay connected with the Earth as well as the Heaven. We need both energies in our awareness feminine/masculine.

During my suffering, Spirit gave me the answer that I was looking for.
Grounding/Earthing, working with the feet chakras, root chakra and working on aligning all the chakras.
That’s when the feet chakra balancers (orgone) extremely powerful healing tools came to me and since then I shared them with the world with amazing results.
Challenges – opportunities to grow and evolve
The more we grow the more we are presented with the challenges, specially as healers.
Shamanism is the oldest form of human spirituality.
In the shamanic tradition, shamans suffer with from strong illnesses before they become shamans.
These are challenges in life and without them we cannot really evolve.
But if don’t learn from the challenges we are hit with the same lesson over and over again until we get it.
After 4 close to death experiences, I learned a tremendous lesson each and every time and gained wisdom to heal self and share with others.
But 4 were quite a lot!!!
So I asked Spirit to lessen my evolution or better yet to open myself more spirituality and psychically so I can get the message without so much pain and suffering.
Asking Spirit, Angels and Guides is a very powerful thing to do. Trusting Spirit is such a powerful healing tool.
Light Vs Darkness

Spiritual people tend to work with the light only and darkness shadow aspect is being overlooked.
That again creates an imbalance in the entire energetic system that leads to depletion of resources.
During my awakening working with shamans in Peru, I was just staying in the love and light vibes.
And when the “wounded healer “syndrome hit me I was in so much pain and hated the entire healing process.
Then the shamans told me: “the more you heighten your vibrations of light the more the dark side tries to compensate”.
More astral entity psychic attacks and also physical parasites become more and more present sucking not only the life force out of us but also the nutrients in the body.
The more we acknowledge the darkness/shadow aspect of self and the world the more understating and appreciation towards the light we gain. And No I am not saying to worship darkness, no way. But understand it and be aware so it can be transmuted.
Open your heart but never give it away
Spiritually evolved people give their selves and their hearts to others unconditionally forgetting about their own love and own heart.
Native Americans say to open our heart but never give it away as it takes life times to get it back.
~ Hmmmm…

The energy of healing and love that we channel need to continuously flow freely, so we won’t get depleted.
If one cannot stay in the flow, he/she becomes sick. Then it is time to retract from the spiritual practice and live a human life for a while until the batteries are recharged. Unless one is a saint or a Ghandi with a high level of understating and wisdom who can continually keep the vibration of high love flowing it is almost impossible to not get depleted.
That’s when the concept of SELF LOVE comes into awareness. We need self love in order to love others. We need self healing in order to help others heal.
The bad part here is that there is an ancestral program, mostly religious, that says that self love is all about selfishness. And I am not talking about narcissistic type of love, but the true love.

That detrimental program needs to stop in order to heal and become a true spiritual being in a healthy body.
Only when you experience SELF LOVE you become ONE with all in the Existence.
Then happiness takes over, joy takes over and these are high vibrations that overcome illnesses and suffering. Joy is who we are. We just forgot how to tap into the power of the joyful child.
Wishing Health, Joy, Happy Chakras and Happy Life to ALL!
Post your comments and questions below. Let’s solve this “spiritual evolution problem” together.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Heal the Past, Heal Your Life

Healing the present moment requires going back into
the past and heal it there.
A lot of emotional wounds come from the past.

The interesting thing is that we don’t even know this,
or better said our subconscious mind keeps this fact hidden.

The good news is that if you have any issues you need to heal,
whether is health, relationships, love life, finances, etc
then you need to go into the past to acknowledge the issue
and take action to solve it.
Heal the Past Heal Your Life

How do You go in the past to heal?

These are the steps I follow during my healing sessions
which I am happy to share with you:

1. Remember situation/event from the past which was
not pleasant, perhaps very hurtful.

2. Spend time with it, go into details, feel the feelings

3. Forgive everyone involved in that circumstance or event

4. Forgive yourself for being part of that circumstance/event

5. Send healing and loving thoughts to everyone involved
in that past event

6. Let it go

7. Do some deep breathing
What is in the past remains in the past.

We cannot change the past, but we can change
the way we feel about the past.

In this video I use a powerful Prayer with Positive Affirmations to help you
heal the past.

Use headsets as it is designed to work on deep levels to impress upon
your subconscious mind and bring into balance right and left hemispheres of the brain.

The audio is infused with strong healing and empowering high vibrational energies.
You should be able to feel it.

You can get the COMPLETE Version of this Audio. CLICK HERE to get it.

Let me know how it works.
Sharing is carrying 🙂 Share with someone who needs healing.
Hope it makes a difference in your life.



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Spiritual Technique: 68 seconds to shift from negative thinking to High vibrations


This Technique is TRUE Spiritual Therapy.

It is a Spiritual Technique inspired from Abraham Hicks ‘Law of Attraction’ and it is filled with yumminess, helps raise your frequencies and UPLIFT the Spirit.


I will explain shortly what this technique is all about and what does to your psyche.. and then I will take you to a 68 seconds powerful high positive journey while we are listening to my podcast
Sounds GOOD?
The technique involves focusing for 68 seconds on pure thoughts. In fact saying your thoughts out loud and writing them down is more powerful then focusing on them mentally. The goal is that you keep the high frequency of good thoughts for 68 seconds which is enough to shift yourself.
So let me Guide you if I may 🙂
Step 1:
Take a deep breath in and exhale out.. ahaaa..
What this does?
It releases tension and cleanses your system while oxygenating your blood and brain. POWERFUL!
Step 2:
Close your eyes:
If you drive of operate heavy machinery DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES.
Step 3:
Take a few deep calming breathes, centering, grounding, aligning with your higher self.
Step 4:
Saying your thoughts out loud or writing them down.
The goal is that you keep the high frequency of good thoughts for 68 seconds
which is enough to shift yourself.
For 68 seconds use ONLY POWERFUL inspirational, motivational affirmations, declarations.
Make sure for this short period of time you keep your energy high and PASSION to the fullest.
Give it ALL you got!!!
See beautiful passionate fireworks coming out of your heart!!!
Listen to the  FREE podcast  where I am sharing this POWERFUL spiritual technique and guide you through the 68 seconds.


ah wow Lilly, you are an awesome, beautiful , incredible soul! a true blessing not just in words!
thank you so much for this technique, i could actually dance even with physical pain
thank you so much for your beautiful energy! love and light
Best Wishes and blessings

Few Examples of Affirmations/Declarations to use:
I am such a wonderful human being!
My life is full of goodness, passion, joy and abundance!
I love and appreciate who I am. I am a blessing to the world.
Life is great. Life is full of wonderful surprises. Life is a great adventure!


I feel Good!!!

Let me know if you have great experiences using the “68 seconds” and please SHARE with the world!
Blessings and Good Vibes,
Lilly Natures Blessings


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Heal Past Life Trauma: Podcast


How do you know you have past life issues? ONE powerful question to ask in order to heal past lives…
Past lives issues could affect this very present life by caring from the past lives emotional, mental or even physical energy that it is unresolved.
The issues reside in the subconscious. Find out what issues might be carried from past lives and how to heal them by asking one meaningful question.


Lilly Natures Blessings

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Energy Vampires and How to Deal with Them


EnergyVampireA person that drains your energy is considered an energy vampire.

They are also called psychic vampires or energy suckers. Be mindful and responsible. Do not drain others people energy either.

There are many type of energy vampires, from unconscious to conscious ones.

The unconscious ones are not aware they are energy drainers (vampires). They are not necessarily bad, as they are usually emotionally unstable or ill. They are in need to draw life force from others who have a strong healthy energy field. People who are highly energy sensitive (empaths) will immediately feel drained or dizzy when their energy is being “sucked” by the energy vampires.

Believe it or not there are actually conscious energy vampires. They are trained usually in some sort of dark magic. Why dark? Because it is simple not of light. They do this on purpose to suck the energy of others for various reasons: to gain power, recognition, boost ego and self esteem, get healthier or younger.

Protection is necessary
Practice protection on a regular basis, but do not be obsessed with that as it causes to attract more energy vampirism. Do whatever it takes to practice this skill.  Yes it is a skill, once mastered it comes easy by default. At the beginning you might need to practice some techniques, meditations, prayers and carry amulets of protection or tools that will strengthen your auric field. I have used mine (protection orgone pendant) for many years and saved me from many draining situations.  Many people who have used this amulet of protection reported great results as well.

Solar plexus chakra usually gets drained when the energy is being drained out of your body. Visualize a golden ball radiating solar energy above your solar plexus, or place the amulet of protection or even better a solar plexus chakra  pendant above you navel.


Be aware of giving too much
Giving is a good way of increasing your spiritual growth, psychic awareness and help with your personal evolution.  However be aware of giving without replenishing. There is need of a balance: giving- receiving. When someone gifts you or even pays a compliment be in the RECEIVING mode.  Receive with an open heart and thank gracefully. You don’t have to respond to the compliment immediately. A ‘thank you’ will suffice.

Don’t be a people’s pleaser
It is impossible to please everyone. Don’t even try that. We all vibrate at different frequencies. Similar frequencies attract, others deflect. Understand that.

Be aware of Egotistical people
It is all about them and never about you. In a conversation they will never ask “How are you?”. After you finish a conversation with them you will feel drained. Limit or eliminate contact with these people.

Be aware of needy people
They will do what it takes to get your attention. Even if you want to help and listen to their complains they will never take your advice. If you allow their will waste your time and your energy will be drained. Limit contact with them.

Be aware of drama queens
It is not hard to spot these people. They will always complain about others and everything negative happens to them. They will call you, send you endless text messages, emails and talk to you until you have very little energy left. Just recognize this type and don’t reply, respond to their complains. The faster you remove yourself from their drama the stronger and healthier your energy field.

From my experience, I noticed the clearer and straight to the point I am with people, the less I allowed to be drained of my energy. Clarity and being sharp in communication is very important.

Stand your ground
Learn to say NO to these people. The stronger the NO, the better for you, for them and the environment. That doesn’t have to be rude. Be firm instead. Own your feeling and be honest. Trust me, people will respect you for being firm, even at the beginning they will try to put you down.

Grounding is very helpful to stand your ground. Anything that helps you connects with the Earth and be in the Earth frequencies: walk barefoot, grounding techniques, foot massage.  Feet chakra balancers helped me and hundreds of people reclaim own powers.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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Plants teaching about cold, coughing, lung congestion: Eucalyptus

eucalyptusHow many times you have learnt something valuable after dealing with a challenge in your life?
The beginning of the year the quality of air was terrible. For the ones who know what chemtrails are you know what I am talking about. If not just google the word “chemtrails”.
I heard many people reporting cold, flu, pneumonia, lung congestion and related “dis-eases”. My immune system was low due to once a month sacred feminine cleansing and lack of sleep, so I got hit by the poison.
Cannot stress enough how important sleep is. (for a good nite sleep strongly suggest the feet chakra balancers-orgone – they are real WOW.
So when you are hit by the virus/poison your guard is down. Now while in the poison/virus zone question emotional past issues. Really question them.
Also it’s time for more introspection, meditation, just sitting quietly. This is how I solved my issues fast by first accepting it and then working with the wisdom of plants. There is no pharma medicine in our house, as we believe in plants and natural remedies.
We get our plant elixirs from my dear soul sister Yasmine: her talent of connecting with the plants in a sacred way allows her to extract and combine one of the best natural plant medicine that help people. Her j12 would have helped me probably get faster over this cold, unfortunately we didn’t have it.
Day one
Getting weak, very tired, frustrated, sore throat. Recognizing the poison toxins, as there is no fever involved. Just sipping some ginger tea and use ujai breathing method before bedtime. This type of yogic breath and feet chakra balancers (orgone) helped me sleep good. Healing happens much faster when we rest well.
Day two
Still weak, coughing, irritated, losing my voice. There was a scheduled hike with friends and I didn’t want to back off, so I went on this hike. Really? Hmmm… Although being in the nature, the pace was fast for my condition, very hard breathing, it helped with oxygenating my lungs and brain, but by the end of it I was terrible weak. More ujai breathing and feet chakra balancers helped me sleep.
Day three
Weak, still sore throat… more introspection, hard to tune into my psychic awareness when system is down. Suddenly I ask the kingdom of plants what’s best for this condition and miraculously I got the word “aborigine”. First image that came up was eucalyptus plant.
Have I known about this plant helping with cold issues? Of course I have and my mind went to Peru journey where we encountered eucalyptus trees in one of our plant ceremonies. This was a certain conformation that made me take action fast!
So I created a sanctuary in our bathroom: soft candlelit, hot water with plenty of salt and baking soda and eucalyptus essential oil. My psychic awareness came back as I started to perspire the toxins out of my body. I saw parasitic type of toxins leaving my body thru sweating while inhaling the essence of plant, exhaling its healing to my body After you finish the bath make sure you shower all the toxins of your body. Next day was a new healthy day for me.

Try this: place a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in your palms and rub palms then immediately bring hands together in prayer mudra (seal). Open them slightly, inhale the essence of the plant fully into your breathing system bring hands together again while holding your breath (if you have high blood pressure or heart issues do not hold breath) then exhale all the air into your inner body.
If you connect deeply with the plant and ask for help you will feel the plant working on your system, opening your heart up, decongesting your lungs and sinuses…
If you try listening to them with linear mind, they won’t talk to you. They don’t speak that language; they speak the sacred language of the heart. Plants have amazing “secrets” to teach us if we listen to them with our heart. They have a nervous system very similar to ours and hold an electromagnetic field like ours. Once we get in synch with them, and approach with sacredness, they teach their secrets, by entering our heart with love and awareness.


Lilly Natures Blessings

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Bees and Orgone (Life force)


Yesterday as I was working on a unique healing creation for someone with a higher consciousness, I was visited by a bee.

The bee was checking out the orgone healing pendant for quite some time and let it bless the pendant with its energy.

Then the bee left.

At the completion of the pendant while I was infusing the pendant with the last prayers and blessings the bee showed up again for its final pendant blessings.

That was super amazing!
Bees are master healers and messengers from Spirit.  They represent good luck, abundance and wisdom.

Bee medicine like orgone is life force energy. They remind us of our gifts of healing and rebirth.

Bees, birds and animals are very attracted to orgone, as is great life force.


Lilly Natures Blessings

Check out our unique customized orgone healing pendants

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Pain in your feet when clearing root chakra?

feetGrounding“Is it normal to get pain in my feet when clearing root chakra?”

Root chakra (located at the base of the spine) is closely related to feet chakras. Root chakra and feet chakras are about grounding.

Lack of grounding causes adrenalin imbalance, stress, fatigue, insomnia, losing our center/balance.



Also if there are a lot of toxins in the body, feet might slightly hurt during clearing the root or feet chakras. This is how body reacts to toxin removal.
One time a friend of mine asked to lend him my feet chakra balancers (orgone).
These are my favorite detoxing and good nite sleep toys. They were given to me in an extremely powerful channeled meditation by Spirit.
My friend’s body was very toxic due to heavy metals from his amalgam fillings.
While using the feet chakra balancers he noticed at first a buzzing sensation in his feet, then a slight discomfort which emerged into pain. It was funny to watch him as while reporting pain he was also laughing. He couldn’t believe and kept saying ‘OMG’!!!
I suggested not removing the balancers and see if he can stay with the pain for a while. It wasn’t excruciating pain; he described it more like mild electric shocks and discomfort. After about 10-15 minutes the pain subsided and he started to feel sleepy and very relaxed.

His root chakra was getting cleared along with the feet chakras while the entire system was getting a full detox. The next day he felt very good. He ended up getting a set and he is very happy with them.
I also noticed if my root chakra is not so clear and my feet not grounded, I experience a slightly discomfort in my feet and my root during clearing my root and feet chakras while using my feet chakra balancers.
Our root chakra is mostly getting blocked by pollution (any kind) and lack of grounding. We wear shoes most of the time, we sleep away from the earth and we pretty much lost contact with the Earth. There are so many toxins in our food, water and air.
Earthing is what charges and cleanses our root chakra. Feet are our roots into the earth. Root chakra which is the base, is connecting us with our very existence. When root chakra is blocked the entire chakra system is out of balance.
Grounding by walking barefoot helps connect with Earth and establish the grounding connection.

This is feedback from someone who is wearing the feet chakra balancers orgone

Dear Constantin and Lilly,
I had ordered the Foot Chakra balancers around Christmas time and it has brought a strong measure of relief
from pain that I did not experience with other products
I was using. I have
been suffering from severe foot and leg pain, circulation problems in legs
and regular walking had become very painful for the past few months. I was
using a flower essence—aromatherapy spray for the Foot Chakra and using
crystals for grounding but with no relief. Because of the inability to walk
without suffering a lot of pain, I also felt very stressed out and
vulnerable. I want to thank you for making these foot chakra Balancers. I use them
regularly and walking is so much less painful now. Although my symptoms
haven’t all gone away (it hasn’t been a month yet) my sense of confidence in my body’s ability to deal with
sudden, painful ascension symptoms has returned with the use of this
product. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNIQUE PRODUCT!!! I place it in my socks at
night, but even during the day, I carry it in my pocket always. Makes it
easier to handle Foot Chakra related issues. I also want to thank Lilly for the
article on the Foot Chakra on your web site. I learnt a lot from it.
Another area in which I have been experiencing problems is in the complete
disruption of my Circadian rhythms as a result of the rapid changes
brought about by Ascension. This disruption has greatly affected the quality of
my daily life. Although I have tried flower essences, essential oils, herbs,
energy healing etc. to deal with this problem, nothing helped. I have
noticed slight changes in balancing these rhythms when I started using the foot
Chakra Balancers. I hope that very soon normal Circadian rhythms will be
I look forward very much to receiving the Protection Orgone Pendant and
the Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant and deriving great Benefits from
their Use!!!
Thanks also for putting together the Cancel Man-Made
files which I just ordered. I really need them at this point in my
Ascension Journey.

Thanks once again and Blessings of Love, Joy and Peace to both of you at
Nature’s Blessings!!!


Lilly Natures Blessings

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