Ancient Civilizations and Whales

whaleFullMoonOne of the reasons I LOVE Moon Transmissions is the heart base connection with others in the astral realm. Energy can become POWER HOUSE! If you don’t know what Moon Transmissions are check them out.
So this is a report of what happened during Solar Eclipse/ Taurus New Moon Transmission…

At the beginning of Transmission we were greeted by the Spirit of Whales, Eagle Power Totem, Angels, Mother Earth and Nautilus. Some powerful team of High Spirit Allies!!!

There is absolutely no coincidence as less than an hour before starting the Moon Transmission Ceremony, I received a package from a customer and dear friend, Lara.

Lara knew my birthday was coming up and she wanted to send me a gift. It is a mind blowing story of synchronicity that happened perfectly according to Cosmic orchestration. It is about whales. You can read it here: Song of the Whale: The Power of Spirit Synchronicities

WhaleCivilizationsDuring this Moon transmission we received messages of wisdom, blessings and healing from Whales and the magical Nautilus Golden Mean Spiral.

“Peace is around the corner, although it seems almost impossible. Be in the state of awareness… Achieve a within peace state by being in stillness. Only in stillness you receive profound insight and wisdom from Spirit.”

Previous civilizations collapsed due to greed and detrimental ego.   We were reminded not to repeat the same mistake again.

My husband and I returned from Mexico where we were on a sacred journey. There we received some powerful insight regarding ancient civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayan).

Whales and the Nautilus witnessed the big fall of previous Empires. Humans who were heart centered and not blinded by greed, corruption and ego made it. They knew before hand about the downfall.

Some of them decided to go underground and others underwater. The underwater people are the dolphins of today. They promised to help the Whales to keep and maintain peace on Earth. Whales promised solemnly that they will do whatever it takes to keep peace on Planet Earth.

The Whales have very advanced wisdom, knowledge and high psychic abilities. They could see into the future and read the Library of the Universe.   If they see war or disasters they work on neutralizing the destruction.

You are reading this for a reason.


Whales are present with you and ask to close your eyes, feel them in your heart and connect with them. Make them your friends. They communicate with humans via Love.

NautilusSpiralNautilus shell has chambers. Whales ask you to go into the Nautilus chamber of “Relationships and LoVE” and spend some time there working on yourself, specially on self love, not the narcissistic type but deep understanding love and compassion for self and humanity.

Whales ask us to send love to ALL relationships regularly. This will help them maintain peace on our planet.
They need your help, they need human help. Peace can be maintained by being LOVE.
Sometimes is hard to love someone who wronged to you, love them anyway so this way you make room for loving yourself more.

Whales also teach that if you are happy with yourself and happy in your relationships with yourself you will be and are successfully happy in any relationships because YOU are the element of power.

Self LOVE and self work are the most important things one can do to help the planet be at peace.

Just picture this baby (calf) whale swimming joyfully around you:
He is saying:
“I am always present next to you, even if you don’t see me. I am always present in your heart and I want you to know that I am always in your heart. I love you”


Peace and Blessings,

Lilly as Nature’s Blessings


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Peacock Totem Spirit Animal

PeacockWhiteTotem animals represent the sub-conscious mind, giving the information about the energy held.
Any living creature (including trees or plants) can serve as a spirit animal.

Each and everyone of these beautiful powerful animals have medicine powers and knowledge to share in order to learn, grow and expand your consciousness.


If you are reading this you are blessed with the magic of the peacock totem.
If you want others to be blessed with this energy, share this article 🙂


Close your eyes and tune into the power of this glowing peacock and feel its vibration attuning you.

The peacock totem came to me in a vision during a full moon transmission. The visual that I had a time was of very beautiful radiating white bird, assisting us on our journey.


Beauty: within and without

The peacock energy like anything else has a positive aspect and negative one.

Be mindful and don’t step into pride and arrogance, but instead step into your wisdom with dignity and honor.

Peacock reminds us of our hidden beauty that wants to surface. Your qualities, gifts and talents are inborn gifts and your imperfections make you unique and beautiful.  Use imperfections to your advantage.

The peahen is not as beautiful as the peacock, but close your eyes for a moment and visualize its inside beauty. Without the hen there will be no beauty of the peacock.  Treat others with respect and see their inner beauty.

In order to look for beauty in your life, look within and you will see beauty in the world.


Self Esteem ~ Love Yourself

Peacock helps to reclaim your powers and rejuvenate your self esteem.

This animal totem teaches us how to love ourselves.  Whenever I help people with spiritual counseling or talk about self love I am surprised to see a large number of people resisting self love. This might come from a hidden belief system rooted perhaps in previous lives.

Self love is NOT being narcissistic.
Narcissism comes from fear of failure, insecurity, inadequacy. The focus is on the self, and although it is perceived as self love it is not.  It is a false idea of self love, it has to do with vanity. It comes from ego, wanting to be the best without caring about anyone or anything.
Self Love is closely related to self esteem.

Self Love is feeling good about yourself without being vain.  It is about understanding of the self with kindness, appreciation, compassion, gratitude.

Trust yourself and be confident. As long as you don’t harm anyone and treat everyone including yourself with kindness, don’t be afraid to shine your gifts and share them with the world.   If you feel a slightly jealousy towards others think about why you feel that way. You might want to change and celebrate others because if you do so you will invite same energies.


Choose to ACT

If you find you don’t want to be involved with others and community, the peacock has a message for you: “shine, instead of shying away from situations and people”. You are not a victim; share your gifts and talents with the world. If you hide and choose not to be part of what’s happening in your life, in your community, in your world, you let others choose for you. This is not empowering. You have a voice, you have a gift. Use it. Use it with grace, passion and wisdom.



Whenever the peacock totem visits, it is an invite to take charge of own life and step into your leadership. Be the leader in your field. Inspire yourself and inspire others. Leaders lead by example, bosses tell you what to do.

Peacock teaches us to be happy in own skin and shed any guilt we have about who we truly are. Remove masks and be authentic.  Don’t be afraid to be YOU, to dance, sing, express yourself and wear nice colors even if others might seem to be intrigued by your behavior.  Raise your vibrations so others will get inspired and do the same.  Get noticed!


As a leader you might take some risks when you speak your mind. Some people will criticize or judge you. Remember if you are in integrity with yourself and others, if you are honoring others then criticisms and judgment is not about you, is about them. All you can do let people be.  Sooner or later they will have to learn their own lessons in their own time.  Don’t take things personally and move on fast, without dwelling in the low energy vibrations as it slows you down from your own journey.
Don’t hold back, let your heart and creativity be known. It is time for you to shine and radiate your powers and beauty in the world. Be yourself.  The fake Hollywood is slowly started to fade and loses fans because people are headed towards authenticity, transparency and truthfulness…


Healer, shamanic gifts

Peacock as a power animal can get insights into the past lives and the karmic connection to this life. It also symbolizes inner wisdom.

In Shamanic rituals peacock feathers are used for healing, in particular removing energetic pollution from aura. They are believed to have protective powers. If you have peacock feathers, use them to cleanse your aura, if not just imagine peacock feathers over your energy field dusting off any psychic pollution in your aura.



Peacock can be a protector and a guardian. Work and ask the peacock to warn you ahead about any troubles or dangers. Ask to lend you powers to find the truth and discern in any situation that needs clarification.


There is a great spirit within you. There is an artist within you, a shaman, a healer, a poet, ready to emerge from within and show the world your gifts and talents so you can inspire others.

Allow the Spirit of Peacock to grow within you.


Lilly Natures Blessings
If you believe this article helped you, it will probably help others you care about.
Please share. Leave a comment.


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When Condor meets the Eagle there will be peace




Before I go to sleep I usually go into a trance where there is
a lot of spiritual insight from the spirit world coming in.

A few years ago, one night before falling asleep I was into this kind
of deep trance where I had a powerful vision.


A big bird came and sat next to my head on the night stand.
I used to be very afraid of birds especially big winged ones:
a phobia that I have carried through past lives.
In spite of my fears I was so calm and very at peace, my spirit recognizing the wisdom of the bird’s spirit.
I asked the bird:
“Are you my animal totem?”

The bird said
“Yes: I am your protection animal totem.  You also have more than one animal totem.”

Then I asked: “What kind of bird are you? You look like a condor.”
“She said: Yes I am a condor.”

Then I asked: “But you also look like an eagle.”
And he replied: “Yes, I am an eagle. “

And then I said:
“What are you then?”
“I am a condor and an eagle.”
I was a little confused at the time as the linear mind wants straight answers.
But I felt at peace knowing that I just have to accept both in my heart as
truth and recognize both birds as one bird or at least a merge, unification between the two.
Next day as I pondered upon my vision and realized this was a protection message
was about recognizing the male (linear world, science, material, physical world)
as well as the female (spiritual, intuition, art, poetry) and their balance.
When we have both we are protected.
When we are off balance, we are not protected.
Since that vision I keep seeing eagles and condors in my life that reminds me
of balance and protection and stay true to my path.
Are you true to your path? Do you resonate?
Today as I was browsing the internet I found this prophecy that made my heart burst
into joyful tears having a huge “A-HA moment”!!!

“When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken.” – Ancient Native American Prophecy


To these days Mother Earth is still abused and trashed and it hurts us all and our beloved Planet.
The message from Mama Earth is that us the awakened ones, the elders, the keepers of peace have to pray continuously for forgiveness and not judge or hate as the condor and eagle have to come and fly together to manifest Peace.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Tiger Totem: Do you we have more that one animal spirit?



We have more than one animal spirit (totem) throughout life depending on what qualities we need to embrace and learn from the spirit of the animal at the time: mine keeps changing from dolphins to hummingbirds, to bighorn sheep to black panther etc.
In one of my psychic visions today I saw of a beautiful tiger that walked elegantly the path of life, one step in front of the other with his gorgeous paws so patiently.


Before having this vision I asked for guidance on a project I am currently working on. The qualities of the tiger totem are not just miraculously reassuring me on the work I do but also give me deep insight on how to approach my work. I tell you I had quite a few “aha” moments” after I pondered upon this vision/though. It seemed like the animal was present in my life for quite some time but only today I was able to see it so clearly because I showed my intentions to the Universe that I am clear in my thoughts and so ready to take action.

Tiger Animal Spirit has to do with inner sight, clairvoyance, healing gifts, generosity, passion, devotion, strength, courage, being in the NOW, elegance, patience, protection, will power, focus, and confidence. They show us how to see into the mystical world.

They also heal very quickly and are great healers. That makes perfect sense as after my hike accident I recovered miraculously fast, thank God. Animal spirits come into our life as an upgrade and update on a current timeline.

Tiger is associated with the lunar energy, in particular New Moon. New Moon is associated with New beginnings, new adventures. It has been said that if a tiger animal shows up in your life, new adventures come your way.

Pay attention to what animal keeps recurring into your life and ask its spirit for guidance.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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Dragon Totem – Power Animal Spirit


“A Dragon totem is one of the most powerful totems, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. When Dragons come to us, it could mean many things.

The most common message a Dragon totem carry to us is a need for strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are also messengers of balance, and magic – encouraging us to tap into our psychic nature and see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder.

More specifically, Dragons are the embodiment of primordial power – the ultimate ruler of all the elements. This is because the Dragon is the master of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

As a totem, the Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide. Encourage communication with your Dragon, and acknowledge your Dragon’s presence as often as possible.

In Chinese culture, the season of the Dragon is mid-spring, its direction is east-southeast, and its fixed element is wood.

There are many ways to strengthen your bond with your Dragon totem. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Meditation upon your Dragon totem.
  • Begin collecting Dragon images that resonate with you. Keep these images close, and easily available to you. Look upon these images whenever you wish to communicate with your Dragon totem.
  • Better yet, begin drawing while communicating with your Dragon. Ask your Dragon to reveal itself to you through your drawing.
  • Begin a Dragon totem journal
  • Read everything you can on Dragons. This will broaden your horizons, and expand your imagination. A warning though: By all means, never be limited by the scope of what you read. Ultimately, it is you and your Dragon that will create the perfect understanding. There is never a limit in matters of spirit – that includes matters concerning our totems (especially strong totems like the Dragon!).

A Dragon totem can be a powerful ally in our daily effort to live our lives. When we call upon the amazing restorative and potent qualities of the Dragon, we are able to effectively live our lives with the honestly, courage, and strength of a peaceful warrior.

Utilizing the symbolic power of the dragon totem is an internal process cultivated by contemplating the attributes of the dragon we admire and meditating upon these.

We can also honor the dragon totem externally by little actions like including dragon imagery in our lives. It solidifies my connection with the magic the dragon offers.

Whether you are an artist who looks to dragons for inspiration, or a business mogul identifying with a solid symbol of strength or luck- it’s clear dragons speak to those special places within us, stoking the fires of our hearts.”



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Dolphin Power Animal — Totem


Dolphin, Power Animal, Symbol of Breath of Life, Love, Balance and Community

By Ina Woolcott

“Dolphin teaches us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature, we learn how to truly be in touch with, resonate and communicate with All That IS and how to share this sagacity with anyone interested. There are those that believe Dolphins are more intelligent than humans. Especially when it comes to love. They have large brains, superior intelligence and are often associated in mythical lore with higher forms of consciousness. Some believe they are far more evolved than we are, especially on a spiritual level. Some believe they are alien beings from a different dimension.
Dolphins are connected with the power of breath and with emotional release, which are also both deeply connected. One of the most important factors in spiritual growth is to give ourselves the freedom of full experiencing our feelings and emotions. Often negative emotions are suppressed as we don’t want to be a part of them, so we try to stay apart from them. Feelings of sadness, pain, anger, grief. We need to stop doing this, as this only lays the foundation for disagreeable outcomes. We need to feel our feelings, by suppressing these feelings, of course they DO NOT go away. They are still there, subconsciously, manifesting blocked energy with-in, and if these blocks aren’t removed, this can go on to physical imbalances, with-out. On top of this, by blocking these so called negative feelings, this can result in losing the quality of being able to feel at all, losing much of life’s joy. Becoming dead to the world.
Simply stated breathing is conversing with the outside world. When people feel that the outside world is a source of pain, they learn, very frequently at a young age, to constrict their breathing. The diaphragm is built to assist us in breathing and to feel deeply, but it becomes suppressed. When we learn to breathe deeply we can learn to feel deeply, in turn letting go of stifled feelings. One way of doing this is to copy the dolphins pattern of breathing, a superb tension reliever!. Dolphin breathes deeply, holds his breath underwater, then breathes out forcefully. Living in water is an important characteristic of Dolphin, as in many belief systems, including astrology, water is related to feeling and emotion.
If Dolphin swims into your life, he is asking you to relish water both physically and mentally, swimming freely and going along with your natural feelings. He is showing you how to enter the waters of life and then with breath and sound call forth what you most need or desire. Dolphins use a variety of whistles, grunts, clicks, and body postures to communicate. They have unique, personal whistles they give out. If they want to get the attention of another Dolphin, they give out their personal whistle. Sound is the creative life force and a big part of dolphins life, therefore this needs to be a part of your life. Communicate. With those around you and All That Is. Creating inner sounds creates outer manifestations. If Dolphin is your power animal, you may do well using your voice for healing or communicating, whether incorporating this into a job or just as a hobby or in day to day life with those nearest and dearest to you..
Dolphins have a wise, innocent, purity of being which reaches out to our inner nature. Follow their lead and open yourself to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth, be true to yourself. follow your inner joy. Dolphin is asking you to go back to your roots, to the depths of your being and rediscover the Love that you truly are.
Dolphins spend most of their day playing. Their life is lived in joyful harmony with each other and their world. Apparently they have learned the lesson that love is the most important factor in life. If dolphin is your power animal he may be there to teach you how to love yourself and your world more. A big part of Dolphins medicine is living in balanced, harmonious communities. They live in big groups of up to 100. Females will give birth to a single offspring, with several dolphins around her, helping with the birth, pulling the newborn out by its tail. They then protect him or her from any imminent danger. If a dolphin is hurt or ill, other dolphins will tend to them, lifting them to the surface to breathe.
Dolphins Wisdom Includes – Knowledge of the sea, change, patron of sailors, harmony, wisdom, balance, Communication skills, freedom, trust, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magic, unselfishness. Dolphin reminds us to get out, play and most importantly, to breathe. “


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Animal Spirit Guides

(excerpted from Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer)

AnimalTotem3Those spirits that are in animal form that teach us, guide us, empower us, and help us heal are called animal spirit guides or spirit animals. In shamanic and indigenous cultures they’re usually called totem animals or power animals. Often these terms are used interchangeably, although there are subtle differences in meaning.
The term totem animal has two meanings. First, a totem animal is typically one that is shared by a family, clan, or group. In indigenous cultures, the family you were born into all have a totem animal in common. In modern societies, various groups also have communal totems, such as sports teams or clubs that identify with a totem animal. A second meaning of totem animal is a representational object of a particular animal, like a small tortoise, owl, raccoon, or hawk figurines. We often give our children totem animals, like teddy bears or bunny rabbits to give them comfort.
The term power animal has its origins in shamanism. This is a specialized animal spirit guide the shaman or shamanic practitioner acquires early in their initiation into their practice. Their power animal travels with them whenever they go on a shamanic journey, which is an altered state of awareness in which the practitioner sends his soul or consciousness into non-ordinary reality—another term for the spirit world—to receive teachings, guidance, and healings. You can, however, have a relationship with a power animal even if you’re not a shaman or shamanic practitioner. They may come to you in meditations, visions, dreams, or shamanic journeys. It’s a highly personal and specialized relationship with an animal spirit guide, one where the personality and characteristics of the particular power animal that you have attracted to you are reflective of your own personality and characteristics.
Although every creature on the planet can be an animal spirit guide, in some traditions domesticated animals can’t be power animals because they’ve lost much of their wildness and are removed from the natural world. Likewise, some traditions believe that insects are to be excluded from being power animals because of their size and nature. I have, however, included both domesticated animals and some insects such as butterfly and dragonfly my book, and even two mythological animals, dragon and unicorn, to account for those who have enough of a special relationship with them to call them power animals.
However to experience the tremendous value of working with animal spirit guides you don’t need to be a shaman, have any interest in shamanism, nor be associated with an indigenous culture. For most purposes you don’t even need to be concerned as to whether an animal spirit guide is a totem or power animal. Instead, consider these wonderful beings as spiritual allies that want to reach out to each and everyone one of us who are open to their guidance and, when called with sincere intent, will respond.
One of the great advantages of working with animal spirit guides is that the actual animal is physically and symbolically present in so many ways throughout every society and culture on earth. Because of their abundant representations in third-dimensional reality, they’re continually in our consciousness. Depending on how and in what way they show up in the material world, whether in the flesh or as a symbol, their appearance can be a representative of the spirit of that animal. When an animal shows up in an uncommon way or repetitively as spirit guide, that animal isn’t just the single animal, but is representing the entire species. The hummingbird that flits about and then hovers for several seconds directly in front of you isn’t just a hummingbird but is carrying with her the essence of all hummingbirds, and is therefore Hummingbird with a capital “H.” That’s also why when we speak of an animal spirit guide, we leave out the “a” or “an” as a way of recognizing and honoring that spirit animal. The hawk that visited me wasn’t only a hawk, but in those instances was representing the essence of all hawks, and was therefore Hawk.
Not only do these spirit animals help us in many ways, but another positive effect is that you’ll deepen your appreciation for the magic and mystery of all animals, whether they are of the air, water, or the land. Every being on this beautiful and majestic planet has its place in the web of life, and as we develop our consciousness and awareness of the unique quality of animal spirit guides, we enhance our relationships with all of our animal brothers and sisters.
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Dolphins and their Healing Energy

Many people experience healing while in the water with dolphins.

528 Hz is the frequency that opens the heart inviting LOVE that is the ultimate healer!


Check out  dolphin adventures on this blog:


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