An Empath Dream: How to Deal with Empathy


I had a funny yet very powerful dream last night.
In my dream I was with a group of emapths/sensitive people doing some powerful work as light workers. I could feel their sadness as we were working together.
Funny enough I was explaining ‘empathy and crying’ to them while I was crying.
Empaths feel EVERYTHING specially other people sadness and negativity.
It can be a blessings or a curse, depends what you make of it.
If you perceive it as a blessing it will help you and your immediate environment, if we think it’s a curse it will be detrimental to our health and life in general.
This is a good trait to be explored and developed in order to assist us.
Empaths help cleanse the Earth of negativity by feeling and crying.
Yes crying is good as long as it brings relief and releases emotions that are trapped in the energetic field. However an out of control cry for long periods of time without being grounded can lead to detrimental health.

Taking too much of ‘feeling others feelings’ personally without grounding can also lead to detrimental health.
So in my dream I was explaining that “pain might be inevitable but suffering is optional”.
Then all the emapths started to laugh and we all had a great time afterwards.
Remember to take care of yourself first.
Detach form others feelings but not by shutting down emotionally but by understanding others pain and sending love to their pain.
We all have our own paths to follow and lessons to learn.
Remember to ground yourself on a daily basis. This is crucial for emapths.
Remember to ask yourself if the feelings you are feeling are yours.
Remember to cleanse and balance your chakras daily.
Remember to cleanse your aura.
Remember to sweat out toxins and cleanse your physical body.
Remember to strengthen your physical body by exercising.
Remember to breathe deeply.
Remember to take time and quiet your mind.
Remember to snap out of negativity by trusting the Higher Power.
Remember to love and accept yourself fully and completely in order to love others.
Remember to release emotions. Let go!
Have a great day, share this with other empaths and please take care of yourself.
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Dark Forces attacks on the free will and how to counteract them



Free Will, some call it Karma is “the ability to make choices without external coercion”.
Dark side can manipulate our free will, but it is extremely rare or almost impossible to crush the free will.

Even dark forces know there are Universal Laws that cannot be broken and as a consequence free will is respected.

However the only way to break ones free will is through manipulation.
We allow to be manipulated when we are complacent, when we are in fear, when we lose faith, when we operate in low vibrations of guilt, fear, jealousy, victimhood, greed, etc.
The Universe is built in such a way that Light and Truth prevails. But before we reach the light we go through darkness so we can “earn” the light.
Darkness attacks through different forms: manipulation, programming, amnesia, distortion of truth, hypnosis through mainstream media, chemicals in our food, water and environment to keep us submissive and asleep, alcohol, drugs, psychedelics, any form of addiction etc. The main goal is to keep us asleep so manipulation of the free will is achieved easily.
Being awakened breaks the spell of manipulation and illusion.
Being Aware
Awareness breaks us free from karmic manipulation. The more we go through challenges and learn from them our awareness increases.
True Knowledge prevents manipulation. Knowledge teaches us how to operate from our highest awareness to keep us protected.
Being responsible
We are programmed to criticize, judge and blame others for our own misfortune. That is extremely disempowering.
When you take responsibility for your own action, thoughts and energy you operate from your highest self, and higher self cannot be manipulated by dark forces.
Conscious/unconscious contracts and choices
Our life is the result of choices and decisions we made up to the present moment.
Nobody chose for you but you, whether you want it or not.
Along the years we have signed contracts both beneficial and non beneficial to our free will.
Some contracts we signed being unaware or unconscious, some we signed consciously.
The non beneficial ones we signed allow for crushing of the free will.
The cancellation of evil non beneficial contracts is such a great method to use so you can free the damage done to our karma.
When you sign to cancel detrimental contracts, there is a release happening in the karma and the destiny path as well as cleansing of aura and space around you. Here you can find the contract cancellation.

Fear is such a powerful enemy of the free will and the dark side uses all the possible weapons and methods to make us slaves of fear.
Fear of death is the most powerful of all fears. Once we understand that our spirit never dies and body only goes through transition/transformation we change the entire perception about death.
Fear of death can have many disguises. For example fear of not being accepted by society is another form of fear of death, which in fact is the death of ego.
Fear blocks our navel (sacral chakra)and that interferes with the ability to make right decisions. Conscious work and breathing through the second chakra helps to reawaken and balance this powerful energy life force center.
In conclusion:
Free will is our birthright. By continuous work on the self, increasing awareness, knowledge, operating from higher consciousness we can prevent attacks of the dark entities and forces and we can create a life of beauty and magic that we deserve.
Keep heads up, hearts open and free will alive.


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Overly Sensitive People this is for you!


My lovely Overly Sensitive People, Empaths, Earth Angels stop being victims of psychic energy, instead empower yourself by using the energy correctly.
I am writing this because I know way too many people with sensitivities.
Most are beautiful souls, givers, psychics, healers, very empathic and sweet.
I was there years ago and although I still have my sensitivities, I am now using them to my benefit.
When we come to the realization of how powerful we are, we stop misusing our energies.
Oversensitivity is the result of misusing our psychic powers. Instead of tuning into our powers we chose mostly unconsciously to be affected in a dis-empowered way.
I used to have migraines, headaches mostly in my left temple when there was something negative happening around me or in the world. I used to feel weak, had flu symptoms, felt nauseated and at times even vomited.
It is good to know what your psychic radar is.
Left temple is one of my main psychic radars. This is how I feel when something is not right. But before when I was dealing with negative emotions my left temple was hurting sometimes for days. Not fun. So I had to do something about it as it was unbearable.

Spirit and Angels suggested to work continuously on clearing my chakras with 3 lights method, which btw I talk about on my free ebook. And if you want to go deeper into cleansing with this potent technique I offer the recording with special effects. (long and short version).
My headaches are gone and sensitivities only come to warn me of danger ahead, but they disappear very fast, without me suffering.
Turn your sensitivities around: make them your allies.
Think of them as a blessings instead of curses.
Raise consciousness by raising your energy vibration.
So below I am sharing ways to raise your energy vibrations that work in your advantage as a sensitive being.
Check in with your body and see what foods your body agrees with and what your body rejects.
Some people might be sensitive to gluten. A lot of grains are genetically modified and I feel that even some of the organic ones might be affected.
Be aware of sugar. Most of sensitive people miss sweetness in their life. That’s why the crave for sweets. But once you start decreasing sugar in your diet, you start tuning into your own sweetness/joy/passion and you don’t need outside sweetness. The love comes from within.
Strengthen your Aura
Yes symptoms of Spiritual Awakening can be intense but that doesn’t mean you are weak. Weakness is not power. Reclaim your chakras, reclaim your aura, your blood, your immune system, your mind, your spirit.
Manage your energy field. Radiate strength and vitality from your aura.
When you exercise your strengthen not only your body but your aura.
Do what you can to move your body daily.

Clear, Align and Empower your chakras (check out my free ebook)
Go in nature. Hike, exercise.

Unplug from matrix once in a while, refrain from using technology all the time.
Technology as much as we like it and cannot live without can be extremely detrimental to sensitives when overly used. Nature counteracts the effects of technology specially WI-FI.
Everytime i travel in nature specially in remote places my aura radiates so much health, I can feel the vibrancy.
Manage your energy field. Radiate strength and vitality from your aura.
Chose words wisely
Words are extremely powerful. They are energy, they can be empowering or disempowering.
Take responsibility over the words you speak. They have the power to heal or harm. Chose wisely.
Negative vs Positive
A lot of people chose to stay away from negative people. Extraordinary! But you have to ask yourself if you are running away from others negativity because you are running away from your own? Do some thinking here.
It is more powerful to know how to deal with negativity, rather than running away from negativity. Life happens and negative situations are presented to us, we cannot be on the run for all our life. Instead strengthen yourself to the point you become bigger than any negativity thrown at you.
Boost your immune system
The main enemy of immune system is stress.
Deep Sleep
Dim the lights at night before you go to sleep. Deep sleep is essential.
Greens will reboot your immune system.
Rotate greens: kale, spinach, chard. Add spirulina and chlorella to green smoothies.
Relax: life doesn’t have to be rushing all the time. You don’t need to be busy every single second; you don’t need to answer every single phone call, text or email immediately.
That is stress; it weakens your immune system.
Go to a spa, meditate, take a nice long bath, do yoga.
Vacations, Explore, Travel
Take vacations and if you cannot go on long trips go for a day or two. Make priorities in something fun like visiting new places in nature instead of spending money on “things”.
Some are worshiping the word sensitive because it might be perceived as “cool” in the psychic/spiritual world. Just be aware.
Exercise as you are able. You need to sweat out the toxins of the mind and body.
Use essential oils like lavender, geranium and supplements like passion flower, valerian, ashvaganda.
Use Gem elixirs to calm or uplift your spirit.
Life is fast. Be aware of “the News”. They can enhance the stress factor immensely.
Drink plenty of water and add lemon often to detox.
Relax when you eat.
Breathe deeply and slowly before you eat. Never eat under stress.
Say a prayer to increase the vibration of the food you eat.
REMEMBER to take Long and slow deep breaths in the lower belly often during the day. It takes about 8 deep long deep breaths to change your brain chemistry.
Prayer puts us in a relaxation mode.
Meditation does so much good for the immune system.
Smile Often, make it a habit. It helps to increase your energy.
Laughter increases your vibrations. Socialize, be around people who are fun.
Listen to Music: both uplifting as well as calming.
Gratitude is real medicine for stress.
There is so much to be grateful for. Do it more often.
Grounding is extremely important for oversensitive people. Many oversensitive people spend most of their time in the upper energy centers. That can create disconnection from this world and Mama Earth. Not fun.
Don’t feed fears based on others propaganda.
When you live in fear you can be easily manipulated.
Rise your energy vibrations by creating art, music, making love, eat organic food, work with spirit guides, angels .
Let go and live life
You are powerful, you are a creator, you are an awesome spirit that knows how to use its powers to the benefit of own and the entire world. Just search within.
Wishing you strength and May the Power be with you.

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Cords: to cut or not to cut? Cord Cutting Guide


There’s a lot of talk about psychic or etheric cords, and most of people are in favor of cutting these cords. Some people however are not!!
I hear this a lot : “How can I cut the cord with mom, whom I love so dearly?” Or
“I cannot cut the cord with my daughter; she is my baby, even if she can be a spoiled brat.”
So what would you do?
Would you keep a cord? Or would you just get rid of it?
It can be confusing, right?
What is a psychic cord?
Everything is energy.

The web of life is filled with cords also known as energetic or psychic cords, wispy etheric threads or attachments.
A cord is an energetic exchange between two or more people.
When two people interact an energy cord between them is being formed.
Cords happen in the subtle bodies: mental, emotional, astral and so on.
But they affect the physical body and your life.
Imagine the cord being like a tube.
Inside the tube energy travels.
Now the energy inside the tube might be good, beneficial, healthy or bad destructive, detrimental energy.

We tend to label things as good or bad.
I see a lot of people taking sides and defending one or the other.
The truth is that it all depends on the circumstance.
Let me say it again! It all depends on the circumstance.
And this is Powerful!!!
The detrimental cords are causing damage to both parties involved and also the environment.
The beneficial cords keep both parties in a high vibrational state and add positive energy to the environment.
A cord which is detrimental can be released or cut if one of the parties decides to end the detrimental energy. Once the cord has been removed the good healthy energies are starting to flow and replenish the damages created by detrimental cord and it can happen fast.
Let me give you an example:
the other day I met with a friend and she asked for my help.
She woke up with a headache and was in a bad mood for two days.
She had a strange dream. In her dream her mother who passed away came to visit her. My friend was sort of tormented by the dream.
She had her issues with her mother in the past but when her mother passed away she forgave her and since then her mom was one of her spiritual guardians.
Beautiful!!! We all have heard of similar stories.
when we heal, we heal in layers and until we heal fully the old stuff keeps popping up.
My friend had some remaining issues with her mom that needed healing. Her mother suffered heavily from being abused. My friend picked on her mother’s energy and took her abuse onto her shoulders.
This pattern is very common among sensitive people, earth angels. We cannot stand others’ suffering so we try to lessen their pain by taking onto others energy . And most of the times we don’t even realize we are doing this.
We feel other people’s emotions and we mistakenly think it’s our emotion.
So what do we do?
We continue the vicious cycle.
In my friends case she was so trapped in her mother’s painful energy that she became an abused woman herself. She did a lot of work on this, with great results. However there were still bits and pieces of detrimental energy hidden in the cracks and crevices of this detrimental cord.
It came to the surface via her dream.
Her mother came to her in the dream to remind her to do the work and release the cord. Now that’s when the “ahaaaaa” moment came in!
My friend was OMG that makes so much sense and when things makes sense healing starts because we know what needs to be resolved.
By taking on others energy, specially of suffering or pain we become pain or suffering.
With a little bit of awareness and willingness to heal we can change this.
And this is part of our inner work that all of us need to do.
We need to reflect on what is not beneficial and release it, cut the cord and also find out what is beneficial and healthy and keep it, nurture it.
Inside that energy tube we want peace, joy, love, compassion and all of the good stuff in relation to others.

This way we raise our vibrations, we help others raise theirs, and also the environment. It’s such a powerful thing to do.
Is it possible to have detrimental cords and beneficial ones at the same time?
In my friends case she had a detrimental cord (from her ancestors including her mother) attached to her throat chakra. She had thyroid problems and that is related to the throat chakra and ability to voice the truth.
At the same time she had a beneficial cord in her heart chakra which was the love for her mother.
So in this case cutting the throat chakra cord would make sense while keeping and nurturing the love memory for her mother in the heart chakra.
Negative cords are just pieces of information recorded in the ether, in the memory and our bodies, even in the skin and they stay there. That affects our health, our sanity and our life.
Life is so precious.
Cut the bad cords and nourish the good ones!
Decision is yours…
Where are the detrimental cords located?

Cords are usually located in the chakras. This is where they get rooted.
A detrimental cord that might be in the throat chakra can lead to thyroid imbalance and weak throat, not being able to express your voice, not having enough confidence to stand up for yourself and so on…
A detrimental cord in the heart caused by pain, loss, sadness and suffering can lead to heart problems.
Apart from chakras, there can be cords in other areas of the body.
There might be more than one detrimental cord in different locations or chakras, but there is usually a main predominant cord.
How to cut the cord ~ Cut the cord Guideline
I am going to share with you very simple technique that I teach my clients/friends to do when they cut cords in the video below:


It is a good practice to take an etheric shower after completing cutting the cord.

A good way to establish a strong protection around your energetic field is to sign the cancellation of evil contracts created by man.
Remember this: It only takes one person to remove or clear the cord and it’s such a big deal because we clear the unhealthy energies of both parties and the same time our environment.
We cannot be responsible for others actions or take on others energies as we rub them of opportunities to learn and grow in this life time.
By cutting a detrimental cords we free our loved ones allowing them to reach new stages on their evolution. We can send love and blessings and pray that they will understand their mission in this physical dimension. This way we set ourselves and others free from detrimental bonds while nurturing the healthy bonds.

If you need help in finding those detrimental cords and heal them I am happy to help.
You can schedule a session with me.

If you believe in good karma, share this article and lets all do good, this way we create good healthy connections.
Peace, Love and Good Vibes,


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All Seeing Eye is now getting back in the hands of humanity

It is a day of revelations as I write this, and I don’t even know where to start.
My dear Psychic Sister Yasmine and I have been working together in the astral and physical realms for a long time, but lately we have been getting to the root of the puzzle, really. We are guided to solve clues and bring together pieces of the puzzles.
So last night I had this vision right before falling asleep, I like to call this powerful time the “sweet spot”. Do you know what I am talking about? That’s when we receive the most accurate information.
We have been working with the 5 pointed star, number 5 and 5 elements since our last sacred journey in Thailand and Cambodia. I was guided to create the 5 star orgone pendant and 2 powerful meditations/activations.
In one of the meditations there is an extremely powerful activation:- the activation of the “bindu”!!!!
Now this gets really exciting because…
This information has been hidden by the secret societies/illuminati.
The bindu is a triangle between the tree main energy points in the middle of the brain.
The third eye is the projection of the bindu, like its child if you will.
Third eye is not the bindu, but is the 6th chakra, a powerful tool for psychic vision.
The bindu however is extremely special because it’s the long kept secret of the “secret societies”. The sages, mystics and advanced yogis know about the bindu and work continuously with it.
But now the information feels safe to be opened to the ones who are resonating with this as we are moving officially in the 5th frequency resonance (5th dimension). No wonder so many of us are seeing number 5, 555, and 5 pointed stars, sand dollars, 5 elements everywhere!
The bindu is the main point of energy. It is also the first point in the 5 Star formations which is the Spirit element.
It is situated in the triangle formation and it pulsates gold color, the color of infinity. Here the pineal (feminine), pituitary (masculine) and the thalamus the neutral point, union of opposites unite.
These three united form a sparkle of golden light in the middle of brain.
This is an extreme powerful point of energy, the illuminati call it “All seeing eye”. (if you want to go deeper into this activation get the Star Activation and work with it as needed).
The symbol was hijacked and corrupted by the illuminati and used for malefic, selfish purposes.
I am using this word illuminati for a lack of a better term. You figure it out: secret societies, powers that be etc…
In truth the all Seeing Eye is the eye of God and it belongs to humanity and not just to a small class the “elite”.
It is time now to be united with all.
The 5 pointed star formation leads us to the bindu (triangle) which leads us to the ONE… all seeing eye, the Law of One, the Oneness.
The illuminati use the bindu to see into the future, past and even present. It is use to control and manipulate time and timelines.
Once they have hijacked the bindu they are the ones in power and they can do whatever they want. (we see so much negative happening: greed, fear, earthquakes, floods, wars, chemtrails, poison of the food, Monsanto, fake and illusion). Right?
But …
There is a problem here that they cannot control any longer.
The bindu/all seeing eye works with the power of the heart.
Illuminati don’t and cannot use the power of the heart as they operate out of greed, control, manipulation and fear. Now the power of all Seeing Eye is being transferred into the hands of humanity for Goodness, Peace and Harmony.
The bindu is such a powerful tool!!!
Can’t you feel it?
I am high over heels in love with this information!
The information that we both got during these past months is getting to solve one of the most powerful mysteries.
Yasmine and I kept getting that on this day: May 28, 2015 there will be a big major shift. We searched to see what others were getting and we found out that someone posted about a major earthquake on this day. Earthquakes are just shift in consciousness.
Working out the numerology: the 28 reduces to number 1 which is the all seeing eye, the bindu which is being recovered. However we need more people to activate and work with the power of the bindu.
Then the entire day 5/28/2015 reduces to 14 which reduces further to number 5.
The Star nations have been sending us all the 5 star information for a long time. Now it is making sense. We need to stay in the heart, be aware and conscious about the bindu and do Sacred Work.
Of course some of us are called to do sacred work, some not.
If you are called to do sacred work with the 5 pointed STAR keep reading.
While on a beach in Thailand I received a message to look for the children of the ocean stars. I look down and there were sand dollars everywhere. I first saw one and was OMG!!!
I Need to work with the 5 star formation, then I saw the second one, and was like OMG I need to send one to Yasmine, then the third one for my other psychic friend, then another one, and then they were everywhere. Then I understood that a lot of us need to work with the 5 pointed star formation and children of the stars. The Law of One is in fact all about the children of the stars.
Now the sand dollars were telling us that stars are everywhere, even in the oceans, in fact we are all stars.
It is fascinating.
I was then guided to create a 5 pointed STAR orgone Pendant.
So I did: I sent it out to friends and others who were interested. I was wearing one day and night and was getting clues.
Then I lost my head so to speak duh! and lost my orgone pendant. I never lose my pedants, I usually gift them. Arghh: I felt for a few moments…
Then I realized how attached I was to my pendants specially the new STAR one!!!!
Okay practicing non attachment I thought… which is true btw if we lose something dear to us…
So the entire thing happens at a festival ShaktiFest in Joshua Tree which is a bhakti (devotion) yoga and chanting festival, extremely cool!
Hmm… I have a story about this place.
In 2009 I went to the very first BhaktiFest festival in Joshua Tree.
Here something magic happened.
A few powerful women were called by Mother Earth to form a circle and open a portal of Divine Feminine Energy in this powerful location. We were supposed to be 12-13 women (the 13 being the Goddess Shakti Energy in her purest form). All women started to appear out of blue and we were forming the sacred circle to open the Maha Shakti – Divine Feminine. We were about 6 or 7 women that showed up all doing unique yet sacred work in unity until a man showed up and broke the entire charm. BANG! No more women, no more magic!

At the time I was upset as I thought our work was in vain.
But 6 years later (2015) I went back to Joshua Tree at the same festival and walked the sacred labyrinth.
Now my pendant was lost and wanted it back so bad so I can activate the labyrinth.
Inside the labyrinth I was getting clear messages from the Star nations.
In 2009 only 6 women showed up in the physical realm, to work on completing the circle of 12 (13 being the Goddess). Now the Star nations mentioned that the rest of other 6 women were present in the STAR form and we completed the mission. No wonder we see so much divine feminine being open everywhere.
More divine feminine portals are being activated via labyrinths by conscious women. Since 2009 I heard of quite a few women circles going on around the world activating divine feminine portals. It is fascinating!!!
Anyway my lost pendant appeared in the labyrinth opening the portal and although was invisible to the human eye was opening more clues, bringing more information to the surface.
Now I know this might sound crazy, insane to the human ears, but in the world of Spirit it all makes sense.
Then I was guided to go to a next labyrinth next to where I live in Las Vegas and walk another labyrinth.
When I arrived in the middle, the heart of the labyrinth, the moment I placed another STAR orgone pendant right in the middle along with a crystal something magical happened: wind started to blow intensely and a massive rain came from the sky, all in a few seconds of placing the pendant in the heart. Fascinating!
Then I got the information that we need to place these keys (STAR pendants) right in the middle of the labyrinths for a minute or two. You can take it back after and wear it. The energy of the stars will open the labyrinths which are portals between dimensions allowing the information from the stars to surface and to anchor them in the earth and humanity.
Since then we have received so many messages like the Bindu and All seeing eye and such!!! POWERFUL STUFF… it is time to take control back, not the type of egotistical control, but the kind that grandmothers will take when everything is in harmony and based on heart.
Woah! I am pleasantly overwhelmed and excited!
More women are gifting the Labyrinths with star pendants or star symbols and this is just so awesome!!! YAY!

Some people have the STAR Orgone Pendant and the 2 activations (Star Activation and the balance of 5 elements activation).
If you have the pendant please go out find a labyrinth and do the work. Make sure you use the activations first. If you don’t have the pendant but decide to get one, email me after you got it to send you the 2 activations free so you can work with the bindu and the balance of the elements.
Now even if you don’t have the pendant just use 5 star sacred geometry and walk the labyrinthS.
When enough of us do this kind of work we get the power of the all seeing eye in our hands, we open portals so the energy flows freely and we take control back in our hands. Now when I say control I mean balance of the elements, of the heart, of dark and light, feminine, masculine, and so on… we need harmony in the world.
What is happening right now in the world is the chaos before order has been reinstalled. And this is the right kind of peaceful order and not the new world order the illuminati want so bad for such a long time.
Power to the Bindu, Power to the truth, Power to the People,
Much Love,
Lilly from the Stars
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Why more evolved spiritually people suffer or have some kind of illness or disorder?

I saw this question today:
“I’ve noticed that most of the people that are more evolved spiritually have some kind of illness or disorder, or as well, suffered more in life. They also are the ones who understand others better and are kinder than average. Why so much suffering?” from a group on facebook, so I decided to answer.

I see suffering and illnesses more and more everyday amongst spiritual evolved people.
I am also a living testimonial as well.
I have gone through 4 major near death experiences and I learned quite a lot and at the same time I feel like I know nothing. My first close to death experience was early in my twenties, when I was diagnosed with meningitis and sent home to basically die. An energy healer helped me with chakra alignment, high positive vibrations and removal of negative stuff from my energy field. I was perfectly healed in about 40 minutes.
As Spiritual suffering, pain and illnesses are the result of more than one reasons, I will share a few.
Chakra Misalignment (favoring upper chakras over lower chakras)
You would ask: How in the world this could be true, as Spiritual people know about chakras balancing and alignment.
Well Yes and No.
Intellectually we know it but when it’s time to put this into practice we lack awareness for some reason.
Most of the suffering spiritually evolved people operate mostly from the upper chakras (crown, third eye) and that can overpower the lower chakras, that leading to chakra misalignment.
People who function from upper chakras are usually suffering from depression. There is too much energy in the head area, upper chakras working way harder and not letting the lower chakras balance the entire chakra system.
It is a matter of misalignment.
We are spiritual beings who experience human form but also humans who experience spirituality. We need to be aware of both concepts as I see only one being favored.
We need the great marriage of all our chakras. We need to stay connected with the Earth as well as the Heaven. We need both energies in our awareness feminine/masculine.

During my suffering, Spirit gave me the answer that I was looking for.
Grounding/Earthing, working with the feet chakras, root chakra and working on aligning all the chakras.
That’s when the feet chakra balancers (orgone) extremely powerful healing tools came to me and since then I shared them with the world with amazing results.
Challenges – opportunities to grow and evolve
The more we grow the more we are presented with the challenges, specially as healers.
Shamanism is the oldest form of human spirituality.
In the shamanic tradition, shamans suffer with from strong illnesses before they become shamans.
These are challenges in life and without them we cannot really evolve.
But if don’t learn from the challenges we are hit with the same lesson over and over again until we get it.
After 4 close to death experiences, I learned a tremendous lesson each and every time and gained wisdom to heal self and share with others.
But 4 were quite a lot!!!
So I asked Spirit to lessen my evolution or better yet to open myself more spirituality and psychically so I can get the message without so much pain and suffering.
Asking Spirit, Angels and Guides is a very powerful thing to do. Trusting Spirit is such a powerful healing tool.
Light Vs Darkness

Spiritual people tend to work with the light only and darkness shadow aspect is being overlooked.
That again creates an imbalance in the entire energetic system that leads to depletion of resources.
During my awakening working with shamans in Peru, I was just staying in the love and light vibes.
And when the “wounded healer “syndrome hit me I was in so much pain and hated the entire healing process.
Then the shamans told me: “the more you heighten your vibrations of light the more the dark side tries to compensate”.
More astral entity psychic attacks and also physical parasites become more and more present sucking not only the life force out of us but also the nutrients in the body.
The more we acknowledge the darkness/shadow aspect of self and the world the more understating and appreciation towards the light we gain. And No I am not saying to worship darkness, no way. But understand it and be aware so it can be transmuted.
Open your heart but never give it away
Spiritually evolved people give their selves and their hearts to others unconditionally forgetting about their own love and own heart.
Native Americans say to open our heart but never give it away as it takes life times to get it back.
~ Hmmmm…

The energy of healing and love that we channel need to continuously flow freely, so we won’t get depleted.
If one cannot stay in the flow, he/she becomes sick. Then it is time to retract from the spiritual practice and live a human life for a while until the batteries are recharged. Unless one is a saint or a Ghandi with a high level of understating and wisdom who can continually keep the vibration of high love flowing it is almost impossible to not get depleted.
That’s when the concept of SELF LOVE comes into awareness. We need self love in order to love others. We need self healing in order to help others heal.
The bad part here is that there is an ancestral program, mostly religious, that says that self love is all about selfishness. And I am not talking about narcissistic type of love, but the true love.

That detrimental program needs to stop in order to heal and become a true spiritual being in a healthy body.
Only when you experience SELF LOVE you become ONE with all in the Existence.
Then happiness takes over, joy takes over and these are high vibrations that overcome illnesses and suffering. Joy is who we are. We just forgot how to tap into the power of the joyful child.
Wishing Health, Joy, Happy Chakras and Happy Life to ALL!
Post your comments and questions below. Let’s solve this “spiritual evolution problem” together.

Lilly Natures Blessings


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Aura Cleansing: How to Cleanse Your Aura with the Trees


Trees there are so “alive” even if they look dry; they have so many spirits in them and
beautiful sophisticated and wise characters.
I always have such a great time exchanging energy with them.
Trees are true gifts of Mother Nature.
If you pay attention they talk to you, give you messages
they even connect you with your spirit guides and ancestors.
My favorite tree is over 3000 years old which lives, outside Las Vegas, at Mt Charleston.
Every time I approach this tree, I feel chills in my body, because its aura radiates so big and its impossible not to feel humble and gratitude.
Imagine the wisdom that this tree holds. It has been here longer than us.
Trees have the ability to cleanse negativity in the emotional and mental bodies that reflect as tension or pain in the physical body.
They are well known to detoxify negative thinking.
That’s probably why we feel so good in the nature, specially around trees.

To protect your aura grounding is necessary, and trees are extremely grounding, they teach us to be stable and have a solid foundation. That’s why we feel so grounded when we are around trees.
There are many ways and one of the most popular methods is to imagine that you are growing roots from your feet deep into the earth, like a tree.
I love this method because feet are the main points of connection with the Earth.

When you feel heavy, dull, tired and need aura protection imagine that you are merging with a tree.

A lot of us healers or energy sensitive people can easily pick up negative energy from around us.
When people awaken, they face negative issues first and most of the time is not pretty. This is part of the Spiritual Awakening. We need to learn how to keep our aura clean without picking up on others energies, instead allow them to experience their own awakening. This is crucial.

If you start being around the trees and connect with them via your awareness you can find and learn the truth.
Trees are sacred.
Treat them with respect.
Trees and humans have a very deep and special connection.
In fact Native Americans refer to the trees as “standing brothers and sisters.”
Set an intention before approaching a tree.
Here I am sharing 6 steps to connect with trees so you can cleanse your aura, heal and receive messages.
Step 1. Intuition
Let your intuition pick a tree.
If there are many trees around or if you are in a forest, just feel what tree is calling you.
Step 2. Ask for Permission
Once you have felt a deep connection within, approach the tree with respect and high awareness… In other words ask permission to enter their energy field. They will always give you permission, but by asking you establish a high connection with them. Be humble in your approach. Trees have told me that when you enter their energy field with a high awareness they will help you not only clean your aura or heal but also teach you and reveal sacred knowledge and give you psychic insight.
Step 3. Talk to the Tree
Ask for healing, cleansing your aura, or anything you need to know. Don’t be afraid to talk to the tree even if might sound weird. I had my round of ridicule comments and laughter about me hugging or talking to the trees but I continued talking and hugging to the trees anyway. Like Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” So don’t be shy to communicate with the trees.
Step 4. Physical Connection

Touch the tree, hug the tree, sit under the tree. Make that physical connection.
Personally I like to place my forehead on the tree to receive information from the tree,
and I like to hug the tree for aura cleanse and just show the tree my love and joy.
Step 5. Presence and Let go of negative thoughts
Just be present with the energy of the tree, try to feel its vibrations and allow any information from the tree come to you, be in the receiving, healing and cleansing mode. See if you can let go of negative thoughts and try to see if you can become one with the Tree, merging both energy fields: yours and the tree
Step 5. Gratitude
Say a thank you prayer before you leave the tree’s space and smile at the tree.
Step 6. Tree Connection Aftermath
After you leave tree’s space, look at the tree from the distance and see if you can see, feel or hear any fairies, or spirits of the tree.
There is another chance that you might get a message from the spirit of the tree.

Al trees are cleansing.
They all have spiritual essence and hold different energies and different spirits.
I remember one time I came back from a hike and I counted 100 trees I have hugged on the way down.

Each and every tree had a different energy.
For example some of them reminded me of a dear auntie who passed away and shared with me some beautiful truth and lessons, another one had an energy of a dear teacher, another one the energy of my father that had to share some insight with me… It was such an empowering experience.
My aura was not only extremely clean but I felt so good and joyful…
So go out and Experiment with different trees.
Share this information with others who need a good tree connection and aura cleanse.
Let me know how this works for you.
Tree Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings
Listen to the Audio Version in my Free Podcast below:

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Block in the Solar Plexus Chakra vs. Low Frequency Entities

The other day I had a client who asked me if she had entities in her belly as she was feeling like something inside her wanted to come out.
Although negative entities are real this was not the case.
Although this lady has had a history with entities, I strongly got a “NO” to entities.
There was no entity residing in her solar plexus.
So I asked Spirit to guide us and find what was bothering her.


Usually low vibrational entities speak to people in a very mean and disturbing way using words like: “You are not good enough”, you are ugly, fat, not worthy, looser” etc.
This woman didn’t have the nasty entity speaking to her while the activity was happening in the solar plexus.
This was a different thing: a dense block in her solar plexus that was preventing her from enjoying life.
Her solar plexus was saturated with negative emotional stuff that needed to be untangled and unblocked. As I was scanning her solar plexus I could feel tremendous tension like my stomach became a ‘concrete block’.
She told me she has been through so much in her life…
We all have stories to share… Life happens to ALL of us.
How do we deal with it?
There is a Massive Shift happening in the world, also known as Spiritual Awakening and the cosmic alignments push us to do internal work.
If we don’t do the work we suffer: pure and simple.
I have witnessed many people experiencing ‘the solar plexus tightness’.
When solar plexus chakra wants to tell you to do internal work it will give you some signs like: tingling, buzzing, moving energy inside the stomach, etc.
The solar plexus chakra accumulates negative emotions, trauma and fear from the past. If the solar plexus is weak, this accumulated energy gets stuck in the solar chakra. Then the body naturally wants to get rid of it.
Also what I have noticed is that the belly feels bloated and big.
The more stagnant and negative energy the more discomfort in the belly.

This is a symptom of Spiritual Awakening.
Spiritual Awakening says: ‘hey there is something that needs to be released and solved, so I am showing you where the problem is, so you can take care of it and move on with your life’.
All we have to do is acknowledge the issue and take action to solve it.
In this case I have asked and guided the lady to release this energy through her feet chakras into the earth.
It worked beautifully.
Although the tension was not fully released, she felt immediate relief, as this takes time to heal.
Deep breathing helps with the release…

Solar plexus chakra is the center of will power and if it’s not balanced and strengthened we allow fear, insecurities and low self esteem.
A psychic spiritual tool to help awaken and balance the solar plexus chakra is the solar plexus chakra orgone pendant.

In my Ebook How to Balance your 7 Chakras for Spiritual Awakening, I share techniques and guidelines on how to clean, balance and activate the chakra system.
You can get a FREE copy of my Ebook Here.


May you have a happy and balanced solar plexus chakra 🙂
Share this article with someone who is on the Spiritual Path and needs this information.
Have any comments? Share them below.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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Shakti: The Fire of Passionate Feminine Creation


Have you heard of Shakti?

I am personally mesmerized and magnetized by this force!


Shakti is nothing else but the Goddess energy – that fiery energy, that passion, that Life Force which creates, that Sacred Sexuality, that Divine Goddess within.



There is shakti in every man and woman. However in some people the passion is hidden or even lost. That leads to depression and illness.


When this powerful force is unleashed we become Wild beyond pure bliss, we feel empowered and ready to Create instead of compete.


I like the way Deepak Chopra describes Shakti Energy

Shakti is cosmic passion, and whenever you feel passion for anything you are expressing Shakti through yourself.




Don’t let anyone steal your shakti!
Don’t let anyone to tell you how is to be done.
I say Step into your Power and let that light shine magnificently for the entire world to see who you are.
Say YES to expressing yourself freely and beautifully.


Listen to that fire within.
The fire of creation and destruction of stagnant and detrimental believes.


Yes it requires TONS of courage to remove the masks of fear and say YES to Passion.


Spirit sent you here, not only to read this, but also to get Empowered with the Magnificent Energy of Shakti.

Now that’s the heart passion my friend…

Close your eyes for a moment and focus on your heart.
Feel that fire igniting. Feel it burning within.
See the fire, feel the fire.
Connect with the fire.
Become the fire.

Stay in the “FIRE energy” for a few minutes…


When we have this fire going in our lives, we allow the heart to take lead and invite the soul to dance.


Fire is very healing. Yes it destroys. But it destroys the negatives in our bodies, minds and spirit.
When we lose our passion we stop leaving.


Nature takes us back where we belong. Go into the nature and celebrate your passion!


This passionate fire makes one move forward in spiritual evolution.


What I am about to share is interestingly funny.


I have a martial arts background and my passionate warrioress / shakti energy can be perceived as ‘quite strong’ by some people.


This happened while I was teaching a workshop on Psychic Awareness.

So during the workshop I shared a little bit about my martial arts background and how this great art helped me increase my Psychic Energy.


The very last part of the workshop I was doing some healing work on a few people while they were in a deep relaxing state. After the workshop some people came to me to share their experiences saying they loved the healing transmission at the end.


There was also a blushing woman who came to me very excited saying that not only she loved it but she was absolutely puzzled.

At first she said she imagined me approaching her with a very strong fiery shakti /warrior energy waiting for a “martial arts energetic kick” but when I touched her feet she melted in an instant.
She said the touch was incredible soft, Angels’ feathers softness, ‘melting butter’ soft.


We laughed and gave credit and honored the Shakti Energy that run through both of us during the transmission.



Shakti Energy is the creative life passionate force that when it is cultivated it can touch ones heart with such gentleness that it ‘melts like butter’ 🙂



Listen to Snatam Kaur – chanting the beautiful mantra ‘Aadi Shakti’



Everyone channels Spirit when insanely connected with Inner Passion…


So what is your Shakti whispering to you?

Leave a comment.
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