About Lilly

Who I Am

Namaste… I am Lilly :-)
Since I was a child I have used my psychic gifts to find ways to heal grow, expand, empower myself and learn.

I have worked and studied with different energy healers and shamans. Together with my husband, I’ve traveled to mystical, spiritual and sacred places meeting, learning and receiving empowerments from holy people, spiritual teachers, lamas, shamans,medicine men and women, energy healers, tantric priests.


What I Do

For many years I helped empower thousands of people to get in touch with their inner psychic spirit in order to heal, grow, play, expand, succeed, open their true psychic spiritual nature.

I use different intuitive approaches and techniques like Quantum Touch™ techniques, polarity touch, cranio sacral approaches, spiritual, psychic and intuitive healing, spirit of the plant healing, shamanic healing, sound and chanting healing. Using my abilities to sense or “see” where the problems are in the physical and subtle bodies, I work on balancing the chakras, cleaning and energizing the aura, removing negative entities, curses, implants, negative believe systems and patterns.


Why I do It

I am very passionate to see people transform their lives, expanding and learning about their spiritual essence. Helping connect with the “inner psychic” makes life a miracle.

How To Connect With Me

I would love to hear from you!

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