Archangels: Special Forces of the Angelic Realms


Light Beings,
Nov 8th is a Day of Power: Spiritual Power!
On November 8th, the Orthodox Church in Romania celebrates the Synaxis of the Supreme Celestial Commanders: Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
Archangels are known as the “Special Forces” of the Angelic Realms.
They work constantly to help humanity awaken its spiritual powers to improve life.
Archangel Michael – The Warrior inspires us to be courageous, to stay grounded in strength and truth. Ask Michael to cut unhealthy cords with people, situations, events that don’t serve your highest levels of goodness…

Archangel Gabriel – the Messenger of Awakening.
Ask Archangel Gabriel to show your spiritual path, to amplify your mystical powers, psychic abilities, prophetic dreams, clarity.
Raphael – the Messenger of Divine Healing
Ask Archangel Raphael to bring harmony in your life, healing
vision, knowledge and protection.
The entire world awakens to Archangels’ qualities.
Invoke these qualities today so you help create a better world, a better future based on truth, integrity, value, spiritual powers, love, prosperity and most important peace.
Invite Archangels today to assist you and help with the transition that is happening in the world.
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