Never Ending Fire, Earthquakes and our Fears


The place where Mama Earth shakes first

Just got back from a journey of fire where we visited a few power spots in Romania in Vrancea Mountains: the ‘Living Fire’ and Nereju.
Sacred spots (power spots) on earth are packed with tremendous spiritual energy and life force. These places lend knowledge and wisdom to the awakened ones.
This trip took place just before a Super New Moon.
During Super Moons energies and emotions are usually amplified.
It felt emotional because this place, Nereju is the main epicenter of the most Earthquakes in Romania.
Also around this area there is a mysterious place called “Focul Viu” – Living Fire where there are natural emanations of gas coming from the Earth.
When flames get as high as 6 feet they indicate an earthquake is ready to happen.
Locals say that Nereju is the place where Mama Earth shakes first.

The flames burn eternally here. If the fire is put off by heavy rains or by man, it starts again.
The flames are considered by locals the protectors of animals.
Fire and the balance of all elements
The elements of fire and earth are very powerful here.
There is also a small river nearby and the element of water is present.
Doing some sacred prayer at the spot, the wind started to pick up.
The perfect balance of 4 elements. Nature is the perfect balance.
Fire spells out the word TRANSFORMATION.
Fire is the element of leadership.
It is masculine in nature, and signifies change, motivation, passion, creativity, will power, drive and sensuality.
It is also associated with faith, inner wisdom, intuition, psychic awareness.
Fire is necessary for digestion to keep us alive.
Fire element can be used to destroy and burn negative thoughts that are not serving us.
Too much fire however can be destructive: too much sex, too much passion, abuse of power, control and so on.

When all the 4 elements are in balance we create harmony, healing and peace in our life, and we can connect easily with the realm of Spirit.
When we have a great individual balance we can help harmonize the worlds’ balance.
The balance of the 4 elements opens you up to new infinite possibilities because it leads to wisdom, understanding and mastery of your own energies.

When we bring just one element into balance, the rest of the elements will come organically into balance.
Use this meditation to bring in balance the 4 elements.
On my way to Nereju I had butterflies in my stomach.
Seismic movements are born here. It’s where the Earth shakes first.
If you are familiar with my work, I use orgone energy for harmony and peace. So I usually make offerings in the form of orgone to many power spots on Earth.
Making an orgone offering was very emotional here. This time it felt like I was releasing not only my own fears and sadness but worlds fears and sadness.
I prayed that Mama Earth forgives us for all the wrong doings, our ignorance, greed, anger and all the negatives.
Earthquakes: the Spiritual Meaning
Sometimes our lives need to be shaken up in order to stop living a life of complacency and start living our truth.
Spiritual earthquakes are coming in our lives often.
If we refuse to go to the root of our own issues and face our fears we either get sick or we lose our happiness.
All fears are just testing our faith in the Higher Intelligence, All that Is.
We are here on Earth to serve, to experience life, and serve others and the Divine Will.
The Earth is evolving, we are evolving.
The Earth is shaking because it is moving into a higher vibration.
We also shake with her.
The shaking is nothing but a wake up call to evolve and transform.
We are put through tests.
Pass them.
Balance of the 4 Elements Meditation

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