Shifting Energies are Amplifying and How to stay Safe.

Sisters and brothers in light I feel you…
The Shift (Ascension) happens in layers, gradually, sometimes at a faster pace.
We are going through a really strong Shift and it will intensify even more.
We are cleansing in layers.
We experience extreme emotions that cause expansion in the body (in particular heart). Then it is followed by contraction and squeeze.

This phenomenon keeps repeating until it clears all the old stuff from our cellular levels.

At times it feels so intense that you feel like you want to go home. It might cause confusion in the mind and also you might doubt yourself about your spirituality and light.
We need a physical body in order to grow our soul, that’s why all the symptoms of spiritual awakening are felt in the body.

The matrix is disintegrating at a rapid pace and we feel it deeply.

Truth is being revealed and with it a lot of anger surfaces as the matrix disintegrate. That can bring a lot of pain and suffering in the world.

Light workers, empaths, healers feel it the most.
That’s why is important to release these energies by moving energy.
There is a great amount of stagnant energy to be cleared out and we are required to amp up our work.
When we sleep we awaken, we clear, we work.
However we need to do this work on a more conscious way.
We have to use intention more often specially before sleep and before waking up.
At times it feels like you are suffocating, experience short of breath. Our bodies are changing, our DNA is changing, and because the energies of light are merging with the old energies so fast, the body capacity cannot comprehend the increasing light and our minds can go into shock causing all kind of awakening symptoms.
Detach with wisdom.
If you take on others pain, suffering emotions, make sure you acknowledge there are not yours and release with wisdom, while being stable and centered in your own core.
Dark side has gone extremely insane.
Do not react to the insanity, instead act from a place of heart and wisdom. Remember that. Don’t let the madness escalate, breathe through it and allow kindness and compassion to take lead. Some who are still triggered and react with anger and frustration are releasing lower states of consciousness… Have compassion, have understanding, send light, send love.
Be observant.
Observe yourself on all levels.
How to move energy?
We have to move our bodies to release old stagnant energies of the matrix.
DANCE, yoga, thai chi, stretching and graceful movement. During this great time of shifting stay away from dangerous activities.
These shifting energies are so abundant that we need to stretch a lot to welcome them.
Have you ever seen new born babies stretching?
It is a sign of growing, adjusting with the world.
We experience very similar.
Our bodies need to stretch in order to welcome in the new energies of light while releasing the stagnant ones. We are experiencing a rebirth of consciousness into the new light energies.
Our aura is expanding; our energy field is getting bigger and stronger.
We are being helped by our star brothers and sisters who we are in continuous telepathic communication even if we are not aware of it.
Work with colors/lights, bring your chakras into alignment on a daily basis. Chakra work is very important during intense times.
Sisters and brothers in light I feel you…
We are making HUGE progress; we hold the sacred power while holding sacred space for others.
Sacredness is returning.
Remember by keeping ourselves in balance we help maintain the balance of our beloved Gaia.

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4 Responses to Shifting Energies are Amplifying and How to stay Safe.

  1. Evelyn T.Woodson says:

    It feel as if the eight of the entire World is on me , My Sing is Aquarius. I feel the energy of those who are abused falsely accused and scapegoated ,Often the outpouring of internalized suppressed personal energies of endured pin and suffering, is triggered by current events that unfold in accelerated volumes. In such shifts ,energy are forced to release what is dammed up , with such force pain and suffering is the results as a defense , But preserverence is rewarding , because after the roaring Tides rolls in and out there is a peaceful calm on the shore, weeping may endure for a season but joy comes in the morning .Alwsy know no matter the circumstances no matter what mans laws dictate there ia a hogher law that alwsy had the last word ,and is always present clearing the old energies that have served their purpose , when they are cleared generally by layers the ego reacts in panic mode. So when the tides rush in with bellowing waves so high and dark and powerful, simply be silent and be still turn within for shelter form the storms of this present world.

  2. Dhara says:

    Lilly: Thank you for helping us understand what is happening to us. Your insight and encouragements are very needed. Spirit gave me a green stone – jade – that I have been placing on my solar plexus. I tried placing it over my heart, but it was took much for the chakra. We are given what we need.

  3. Nikki Bevan says:

    Thank You Lilly ..In Lak’ech Ala K’in xx

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