Overly Sensitive People this is for you!


My lovely Overly Sensitive People, Empaths, Earth Angels stop being victims of psychic energy, instead empower yourself by using the energy correctly.
I am writing this because I know way too many people with sensitivities.
Most are beautiful souls, givers, psychics, healers, very empathic and sweet.
I was there years ago and although I still have my sensitivities, I am now using them to my benefit.
When we come to the realization of how powerful we are, we stop misusing our energies.
Oversensitivity is the result of misusing our psychic powers. Instead of tuning into our powers we chose mostly unconsciously to be affected in a dis-empowered way.
I used to have migraines, headaches mostly in my left temple when there was something negative happening around me or in the world. I used to feel weak, had flu symptoms, felt nauseated and at times even vomited.
It is good to know what your psychic radar is.
Left temple is one of my main psychic radars. This is how I feel when something is not right. But before when I was dealing with negative emotions my left temple was hurting sometimes for days. Not fun. So I had to do something about it as it was unbearable.

Spirit and Angels suggested to work continuously on clearing my chakras with 3 lights method, which btw I talk about on my free ebook. And if you want to go deeper into cleansing with this potent technique I offer the recording with special effects. (long and short version).
My headaches are gone and sensitivities only come to warn me of danger ahead, but they disappear very fast, without me suffering.
Turn your sensitivities around: make them your allies.
Think of them as a blessings instead of curses.
Raise consciousness by raising your energy vibration.
So below I am sharing ways to raise your energy vibrations that work in your advantage as a sensitive being.
Check in with your body and see what foods your body agrees with and what your body rejects.
Some people might be sensitive to gluten. A lot of grains are genetically modified and I feel that even some of the organic ones might be affected.
Be aware of sugar. Most of sensitive people miss sweetness in their life. That’s why the crave for sweets. But once you start decreasing sugar in your diet, you start tuning into your own sweetness/joy/passion and you don’t need outside sweetness. The love comes from within.
Strengthen your Aura
Yes symptoms of Spiritual Awakening can be intense but that doesn’t mean you are weak. Weakness is not power. Reclaim your chakras, reclaim your aura, your blood, your immune system, your mind, your spirit.
Manage your energy field. Radiate strength and vitality from your aura.
When you exercise your strengthen not only your body but your aura.
Do what you can to move your body daily.

Clear, Align and Empower your chakras (check out my free ebook)
Go in nature. Hike, exercise.

Unplug from matrix once in a while, refrain from using technology all the time.
Technology as much as we like it and cannot live without can be extremely detrimental to sensitives when overly used. Nature counteracts the effects of technology specially WI-FI.
Everytime i travel in nature specially in remote places my aura radiates so much health, I can feel the vibrancy.
Manage your energy field. Radiate strength and vitality from your aura.
Chose words wisely
Words are extremely powerful. They are energy, they can be empowering or disempowering.
Take responsibility over the words you speak. They have the power to heal or harm. Chose wisely.
Negative vs Positive
A lot of people chose to stay away from negative people. Extraordinary! But you have to ask yourself if you are running away from others negativity because you are running away from your own? Do some thinking here.
It is more powerful to know how to deal with negativity, rather than running away from negativity. Life happens and negative situations are presented to us, we cannot be on the run for all our life. Instead strengthen yourself to the point you become bigger than any negativity thrown at you.
Boost your immune system
The main enemy of immune system is stress.
Deep Sleep
Dim the lights at night before you go to sleep. Deep sleep is essential.
Greens will reboot your immune system.
Rotate greens: kale, spinach, chard. Add spirulina and chlorella to green smoothies.
Relax: life doesn’t have to be rushing all the time. You don’t need to be busy every single second; you don’t need to answer every single phone call, text or email immediately.
That is stress; it weakens your immune system.
Go to a spa, meditate, take a nice long bath, do yoga.
Vacations, Explore, Travel
Take vacations and if you cannot go on long trips go for a day or two. Make priorities in something fun like visiting new places in nature instead of spending money on “things”.
Some are worshiping the word sensitive because it might be perceived as “cool” in the psychic/spiritual world. Just be aware.
Exercise as you are able. You need to sweat out the toxins of the mind and body.
Use essential oils like lavender, geranium and supplements like passion flower, valerian, ashvaganda.
Use Gem elixirs to calm or uplift your spirit.
Life is fast. Be aware of “the News”. They can enhance the stress factor immensely.
Drink plenty of water and add lemon often to detox.
Relax when you eat.
Breathe deeply and slowly before you eat. Never eat under stress.
Say a prayer to increase the vibration of the food you eat.
REMEMBER to take Long and slow deep breaths in the lower belly often during the day. It takes about 8 deep long deep breaths to change your brain chemistry.
Prayer puts us in a relaxation mode.
Meditation does so much good for the immune system.
Smile Often, make it a habit. It helps to increase your energy.
Laughter increases your vibrations. Socialize, be around people who are fun.
Listen to Music: both uplifting as well as calming.
Gratitude is real medicine for stress.
There is so much to be grateful for. Do it more often.
Grounding is extremely important for oversensitive people. Many oversensitive people spend most of their time in the upper energy centers. That can create disconnection from this world and Mama Earth. Not fun.
Don’t feed fears based on others propaganda.
When you live in fear you can be easily manipulated.
Rise your energy vibrations by creating art, music, making love, eat organic food, work with spirit guides, angels .
Let go and live life
You are powerful, you are a creator, you are an awesome spirit that knows how to use its powers to the benefit of own and the entire world. Just search within.
Wishing you strength and May the Power be with you.

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