3 Steps to Attract your Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Great Relationships


We humans are designed to fall in love.
But before you fall in love, you have to do one thing:
Love Yourself.
The main reason people keep breaking up and falling out of love
is because they fail to love themselves.
I worked with a lot of people and most of them had this thing in common:
not loving or accepting themselves.
That comes from wounded relationships from the past or
belief systems that are detrimental.
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Steps to Attract Soulmates, Twin Flames, Loving Relationships


Step 1 – Accept and Love Yourself: fully, completely, deeply

This is the very secret in attracting Love and great relationships.
Some people might say: it’s selfish to love yourself.
This comes from an unhealthy belief system that is based on shame or guilt and implies that loving yourself is a bad thing.
To love yourself means to have a healthy self esteem that doesn’t come from arrogance but from confidence. Detrimental belief systems have to be changed to beneficial belief systems.
Example of a detrimental belief system:
“I don’t love myself, I am not worthy”
Example of a beneficial belief system:
“I love myself because I simply Exist”
Think about: your mother and father created you. You are born out of Love. You exist, you made it in this world successfully. This is the very reason why you should love yourself.
When you love yourself you radiate a high frequency.
When you don’t love yourself you radiate energy of fear or insecurity.

Soul mate relationships last if they are based on love, understanding and compassion.
Love is the Higher vibration in Existence and this is LAW that I didn’t make. It is Universal.
In order to love Yourself you have to raise yourself to this High Vibration of Love.
That means love yourself with all the flaws, the dark or shadow side as well as the light aspect of yourself.
This is not the type of narcissistic or selfish love which actually comes from lack of Love. This is the love that comes from within, from your soul, from your heart.
When you reach this high vibration of love, you attract people who are on the same vibration.
People that are on a lower vibration who are willing to shift to a higher vibration might get inspired and motivated by you to rise to the Love vibration. This means that you are not only changing your life, but help other change their life. Cool!
Other people who are not willing to raise their vibration will not match yours, so they will not be part of your reality. Hence you will attract only great successful relationships.

Step 2 – Internal Work

You might ask: If I am perfect why do I need to improve.
A master will always improve him/herself to reaching beyond perfection.
The work starts within – I like to call it the invisible world work.
In other words, work is in your mind, heart and soul.
Meditate on the idea of self love.
Pray and ask Spirit to show you the way.
Do deep thinking on the idea of Love.
Use Spiritual Tools to help you change the false belief system into a true belief system that will change your life.

Step 3 – Letting Go

Let go of the idea that you need to attract the soul mate/loving relationships.
That doesn’t mean giving up on LOVE, No. And this might sound contradictory but when you Love yourself you don’t need anyone to complete you as you are whole.
You feel good and happy in your presence. You feel good in your skin, in your body, in your heart.
When you reach this level you will attract more and more people in your life that are also complete and happy with themselves.
Miracles happen at this level. That’s because we let go of expectations.

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I am vibrating with a high vibration of LOVE that you realize the self love is a powerful energy necessary to be mastered in order to be happy.
If you say YES to Love share this article with someone who wants love but needs a boost to open up to this high frequency.


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