Ancient Civilizations and Whales

whaleFullMoonOne of the reasons I LOVE Moon Transmissions is the heart base connection with others in the astral realm. Energy can become POWER HOUSE! If you don’t know what Moon Transmissions are check them out.
So this is a report of what happened during Solar Eclipse/ Taurus New Moon Transmission…

At the beginning of Transmission we were greeted by the Spirit of Whales, Eagle Power Totem, Angels, Mother Earth and Nautilus. Some powerful team of High Spirit Allies!!!

There is absolutely no coincidence as less than an hour before starting the Moon Transmission Ceremony, I received a package from a customer and dear friend, Lara.

Lara knew my birthday was coming up and she wanted to send me a gift. It is a mind blowing story of synchronicity that happened perfectly according to Cosmic orchestration. It is about whales. You can read it here: Song of the Whale: The Power of Spirit Synchronicities

WhaleCivilizationsDuring this Moon transmission we received messages of wisdom, blessings and healing from Whales and the magical Nautilus Golden Mean Spiral.

“Peace is around the corner, although it seems almost impossible. Be in the state of awareness… Achieve a within peace state by being in stillness. Only in stillness you receive profound insight and wisdom from Spirit.”

Previous civilizations collapsed due to greed and detrimental ego.   We were reminded not to repeat the same mistake again.

My husband and I returned from Mexico where we were on a sacred journey. There we received some powerful insight regarding ancient civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayan).

Whales and the Nautilus witnessed the big fall of previous Empires. Humans who were heart centered and not blinded by greed, corruption and ego made it. They knew before hand about the downfall.

Some of them decided to go underground and others underwater. The underwater people are the dolphins of today. They promised to help the Whales to keep and maintain peace on Earth. Whales promised solemnly that they will do whatever it takes to keep peace on Planet Earth.

The Whales have very advanced wisdom, knowledge and high psychic abilities. They could see into the future and read the Library of the Universe.   If they see war or disasters they work on neutralizing the destruction.

You are reading this for a reason.


Whales are present with you and ask to close your eyes, feel them in your heart and connect with them. Make them your friends. They communicate with humans via Love.

NautilusSpiralNautilus shell has chambers. Whales ask you to go into the Nautilus chamber of “Relationships and LoVE” and spend some time there working on yourself, specially on self love, not the narcissistic type but deep understanding love and compassion for self and humanity.

Whales ask us to send love to ALL relationships regularly. This will help them maintain peace on our planet.
They need your help, they need human help. Peace can be maintained by being LOVE.
Sometimes is hard to love someone who wronged to you, love them anyway so this way you make room for loving yourself more.

Whales also teach that if you are happy with yourself and happy in your relationships with yourself you will be and are successfully happy in any relationships because YOU are the element of power.

Self LOVE and self work are the most important things one can do to help the planet be at peace.

Just picture this baby (calf) whale swimming joyfully around you:
He is saying:
“I am always present next to you, even if you don’t see me. I am always present in your heart and I want you to know that I am always in your heart. I love you”


Peace and Blessings,

Lilly as Nature’s Blessings


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