Avoid being implanted during sleep

People ask me what to do to avoid getting implanted by dark forces during sleep.
Feet chakra balancers work great in keeping one protected during night. My husband and I use them often, not only for protection but also for connection with the Earth (grounding) – very important in our modern world to be earthed.
I strongly suggest going to bed sober. If you are not sober you let your guard down and it is easy to be attacked or implanted.
For example marijuana is great tool if used as medicine and can be a great teacher but using it for entertainment and to get high might open your crown chakra without being grounded allowing all sort of entities to penetrate your auric field. I personally have a great connection with this amazing plant without smoking it, but connecting with it telepathically.
Same thing with alcohol. Sobriety is a must if you are dealing with dark entities, implants or psychic attacks.
Heavy drugs and pharmaceutical drugs specially antidepressants weaken ones protection field. Use exercise to get rid of depression. Do it, don’t think about doing it.
‘Sweat’ all the negative thinking out of your body, mind and spirit.
Being grounded is super important if you deal with psychic attacks.
Fear lowers vibration. It is easy to penetrate the auric (energy field) while in a state of fear.
Do not go to bed upset. Never. Use this technique ( 68 seconds ) to change your mood. It helps to raise your vibrations.
Surround your bed with crystals, gemstones and orgone (which has such a powerful impact on protecting aura).
Trust your helpers, guides, angels and ask them to keep you safe during sleep.
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