Solar Energies: part of the shift and How to deal with them

goldenMandalaEverything is shifting and changing to an accelerate speed. We become more sensitive to what is happening in the Cosmos. We have to learn how to tap into these cosmic forces, how to recognize them and work with them.

Eclipses, full moons, solstices, planets retrogrades, all affect our energetic field.
Summer time can be intense for some sensitive, empathic people. The energy of the Sun is a strong great energy but combined with environment pollution as well as psychic pollution can have a negative effect on our energetic field.
It is very important to know that you are not alone and many of us were experiencing similar things at the same time, and it is very comforting to know and share with each other how to better serve us as well as other souls who are suffering.
Old habits, patterns, realities fall away. We are transforming, our structure become more crystalline, we get upgraded. The whole planet is changing and we should go with the flow organically, instead of resisting.
People that come into our lives to annoy, irritate, aggravate us are sent to us to show our true self. How do we react to them? We sometimes need to be provoked in order to understand what dwells deep inside us.
How to deal with SOLAR shifting energies
If you are caught in an argument, feel depressed or in bad mood:

Take long deep breaths, keep your tongue against the upper palate, do pranayama- (the yogic science of breath): close the right nostril and breath through your left, this way the yin (feminine/moon channel) activates and keeps you calm.
Water!!! drink lots of water, the body has a tendency to get dehydrated during these intense times. 

Avoid spicy foods
during those times as they aggravate the “fire within” (fire is good for digestion, balance and keeps the heart warm but if it gets out of balance, it can become destructive)

Many people use Orgone Energy for Relaxation to help with being balanced and centered. It helps to keep one stress free, uplifts the spirit, allowing to stay in the Now!).  

Essential oils like spearmint or peppermint help keeping the Heart chakra centered.
Meditation and deep relaxation help to get your mind to be still, away from the “HOT ENERGY” or destructive thinking. Try this powerful deep relaxation meditation.
A powerful yogic technique

Make a small “O” with your mouth, (slightly opened) and inhale – you should hear a whistle sound and then exhale forcefully through your mouth. Keep doing this for a few good minutes and notice the fast results. If you want to add a mudra (hands gesture) hands should be shoulder level facing each other with thumb and index touching.
May you have a pleasant solar shift,

Lilly Natures Blessings
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