Can psychics, intuitive people be meat eaters?

I get this question a lot.

SpiritualFoodWell a lot of psychics and intuitive people I know eat meat.

Let me be very clear from the start.
I am not here to tell you what to eat and not eat. It is a personal choice, also do not let anyone tell you what to eat or not to eat.


Either way it’s where you have to be right now.

Your truth is yours and yours only.

I grew up in a country where meat was one of the main ingredients for main meals. My psychic visions and feelings were present since childhood.

My body and intuition told me to stop eating red meat so I did many years ago. I have noticed a lighter body and more increased positive visions. When I gave up meat for good I have started being even lighter in my body and had more clear visions.

Our ancestors ate meat. Native Americans, elders and spiritual people still eat meat. However they do pray over it, bless it and give thanks.

What I personally noticed after I gave up meat was that my heart opened even more and the level of compassion and forgiveness I have experienced was even stronger.

No matter what your preference is make sure that you give thanks for the food you have on your plate, honor it, take time to chew it and make sure it is natural, organic. Cook more from the scratch and put love in your food. Food is spirit.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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