Battle between masculine and feminine must stop…

Regardless of our gender we all carry both energies: masculine and feminine.

When they are in balance our minds and hearts are in balance so our entire being is at peace.

If not there is a continuous battle between the two that creates a lot of tension in our lives.


Feminine powers are subtle and can create things beyond this reality.
Feminine energies hold important keys to our personal and planetary evolution. The calling to reclaim the feminine powers is increasing exponentially in many people. Also our planet is flooded with a lot of divine feminine energies as the entire collective consciousness is rebirthing.


The planet has had enough of the low masculine energies. Divine masculine is a higher form of masculinity. Divine Masculine is not aggressive, jealous, controlling, distant, detached male. Those attributes are of the low masculine energy. Instead Divine Masculine qualities are clarity, focus, humility, courage, strength. No need to battle the masculine. All we need to do as human species acknowledge the differences between lower masculine and high masculine and do the internal work to awaken the divinity in us. Similar with the feminine energies.

The internal work is about awakening the divine feminine powers of compassion, love, intuition while maintaining or developing the power of the masculine- strength, focus, courage. It is very simple. It is BALANCE.

Developing both qualities can be challenging but when they are both awakened we become whole and complete…


It is important to contemplate and meditate deeply and fully on these two qualities and the harmonious relationship between the two. Focus on these qualities how they show up in your life, what qualities are already present and where do you need to do internal work. This is a universal requirement for our evolution as well as spiritual advancement in these powerful times.


Lilly Natures Blessings


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