What is Lucid Dreaming and How To Lucid Dream…


Lucid Dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming during a dream.

That gives you control over your own reality which can be crystal clear.
You can travel or go everywhere you want during lucid dreaming. Instead of watching your dream you are in control.
Sky is the limit!
Lucid dreaming is a very powerful and can be a beautiful and useful experience.


How to Lucid Dream:
1. In order to lucid dream you can keep a journal and write immediately in it upon waking up. If that happens during the night and you are serious about remembering your dreams that do yourself a favour and write in your journal. 🙂
2. Before you go to bed meditate on lucid dreaming and remembering your dreams.
3. Before you go to bed Keep repeating and tell your subconscious mind phrases like: “I am relaxed and I will lucid dream tonight” “I will remember my dream tomorrow morning” or whatever feels true to you.
4. Stay in the vibration of “lucid dreaming” during the day, in other words where you put your awareness and attention during the day will reflect in your dream state. Read, educate yourself in this subject, practice meditation techniques stay in that lucid dreaming vibration.
5. Also a very important step is to “KNOW” that you can do it. Tell your subconscious mind that over and over until it gets it.
6. Go to bed on time. The more you sleep the better the opportunity to dream.
7. Keep your emotions a little over neutral state. Do not get overly excited and in a high expecting mode or the opposite don’t be in a total passive state. Be happy and excited but not extremely excited. Accept whatever experience come your way.
7. Whatever method you use stay with it for 21 days. Like everything you want to achieve, it takes practice, patience and energy.
Happy Lucid Dreaming,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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