Cutting cords with the help of Spiritual Guides


Before I went to bed one night I got an inspired idea from my spiritual guides to place a spirit quartz crystal under my pillow. I knew it was necessary, but why? I had to find out the next morning.

After my usual “blessing everything in my life” morning “ritual”, I suddenly got it!
I remembered my dream. Yay!!! It’s so great to remember dreams, specially good ones!!! I have a great technique for it.

I traveled astrally all night and this is what happened:
In my dream I was watching a kahuna (ancient Hawaiian shaman woman) teaching young children at a spiritual psychic school how to remove unwanted cords. She got me really interested as cutting cords is one of the techniques that I use in my healing sessions.

I politely asked her to cut a cord as I knew I had one.

She asked me “How do you know you’ve been corded?”

I replied: “I just know it”.

After she scanned me she confirmed that I was having a thick unnecessary cord which needed to be released. As she was removing my thick cord I could feel a little pain in my solar plexus. After she completed removing the cord she said a “telepathic healing prayer” which I totally understood without hearing it with my physical ears to complete the healing process.

Speaking about telepathy, lately I find it so amusing reading people’s thoughts now and then…

Kahunas are a great inspiration to me: I am really grateful for their spiritual teachings and guidance, they my spiritual healers that work with me during healing sessions.

The energy that this spiritual guide was putting in the healing process was very intense.
She had also placed a pouch with wild high vibrational herbs on my solar plexus to speed up the healing process. After she finished her healing I watched her cleaning a very big crystal she worked with removing the cords. She mentioned to me that the cord I had was connected to three women in my life that did not served my higher level of my excellence and now the attachment was removed, setting myself and the three women free.

I gave her money – equal exchange of energy, I thanked and blessed her and interesting enough I woke up. The dream was so vivid that after I woke up my solar plexus felt like I have had psychic surgery done on it. My higher self (aumakua) knew that I needed the cord removal that’s why I placed the spirit quartz under my pillow to get help from my kahuna spiritual healer.

spirit Quartz Crystal

Spirit quartz crystal is one of my favorite crystals, I love their healing energy. I used them in my meditations, healing and spiritual work, moon transmissions and have them next to my bed. They clean and activate other crystals and gemstones. They are used for dreaming and astral projection. They are known to remove fear, they open and activate crown chakra and maintain a field of protection. They stimulate emotional, spiritual and subtle bodies. They are also known as Cactus, Fairies or Angel quartz.

I start working with them after I had a dream about gifting powerful ley lines on a sacred mountain. In my dream I was offering and placing spirit quartz crystals on powerful ley lines on a sacred mountain and in return I was gifted with more spiritual powers. I love my dreams!!!


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